Is Palmetto Cheese the Same as Pimento Cheese?

Cheese is a dairy product that is enjoyed by people around the world. It is made from milk and comes in various forms. Nowadays, in the 21st century, cheese has become very common, and hence because of its huge demand, it is mass-produced. Wherever our eyes go these days, cheese is everywhere, from your breakfast to your fancy Italian pasta, from houses to Michelin-rated restaurants. Why is cheese so popular? If you have ever consumed cheese, you must know that cheese comes in various flavors. If you add cheese to your food, it makes it ten times tastier. Cheese can kick in flavors in your mouth and because of its creaminess when it melts; it never fails to impress you. Read further to know is Palmetto Cheese the Same as Pimento Cheese or not.

Today we are going to learn about palmetto cheese and pimento cheese and try to clear the confusion about them. They are the same thing, with different names. Palmetto Cheese is the name of the brand of pimento cheese. It mostly works as the trademark for pimento cheese. If you look up the internet, you will be able to find that both palmetto and pimento cheese have the same composition. The common composition is the pimento peppers where the name of the cheese comes from. These peppers are not at all spicy and are delicious. They are widely available in grocery stores everywhere in the U.S.

Are They The Same Thing?

Yes, to make things clear, Palmetto Cheese and Pimento Cheese are the same cheese. Palmetto Cheese, the brand produces different kinds of Pimento Cheese by adapting unique recipes. So in simple words, Palmetto is the name of the company which makes Pimento Cheese. The origin of this Palmetto Cheese is from Pawleys Island, South Carolina. There is a unique story behind the name of Palmetto Cheese. Someone misspelled Pimento as Palmetto and here it is today one of the biggest brands of cheese in the U.S. The company is owned by a married couple, Brian Buck Henry and his wife Sassy, Brian being the founder and CEO of the company. The Pimento Cheese has three primary ingredients, Cheddar Cheese, pimento peppers, and mayonnaise. Cheddar cheese, the tastiest variant of cheese, completes pimento cheese. Even though pimento peppers make pimento cheese pimento, without cheddar cheese it won’t be cheese. They have egg and cream cheese to add to the extra creaminess. With some extra spices like pepper, cayenne, and garlic powder they add an extra kick to the flavor.

How Does Palmetto Cheese Produce Pimento Cheese and Why is it Favored By So Many?

The Pimento Cheese that Palmetto Cheese produces is in the form of cheese spread. Their cheese spread is gluten-free and comes in various flavors. It was claimed by the owner of Palmetto cheese that they make home-made style pimento cheese with no added extra chemicals. The cheese is simple yet tasty, healthy yet creamy. The recipe is simple. Sassy, the wife of Brian, was the one who invented it. Their Palmetto cheese became so popular that they have been able to grow it into a vast business and made it popular in the U.S. It is so simple to use that your children can even grab it and use it in their food. The homemade recipe uses natural ingredients to make this delicacy. Palmetto Cheese today produce various flavors of Pimento, they are:

  • The original Palmetto Cheese
  • The Jalapenos Palmetto Cheese
  • The Palmetto Cheese with Bacon
  • The Pepper Jack Palmetto Cheese
  • The Palmetto Chicken Salad with Pulled White Chicken
  • The Onion Made Goodness with Caramelized Onions
  • The Buffalo Style Chicken Dip

They come in different sizes and are almost available at every store. They also ship nationwide, so no worry if you aren’t able to step out of your house but are craving pimento cheese.

How to Eat the Palmetto Cheese’s Cheese Spread?

Palmetto Cheese’s pimento cheese is sold in air-tight containers. People are advised to heat it before consuming it so that it can melt. Melted pimento cheese tastes the best. You can add it into quesadillas, hamburgers, hot dogs, or use it as a nacho dip, or as a vegetable dip. You can also spread it over crackers and bread. If you are feeling lazy, you can directly eat it with a spoon. Take it for your lunch, eat it with pizzas or add it to your pasta. No hassle and no muscle work are needed. You can enjoy your food with no worries.


If you have never tried Palmetto’s pimento cheese, you should try it, it is highly recommended. We hope this article was able to clear the fog regarding Palmetto and Pimento. They are the same thing and are delicious. An excellent creation by a couple, they are thriving hard and working towards bringing such delicious cheese spread to the US citizens. The spreads are healthy, help you have an evening snack, and light up your mood. Head to your nearest grocery store and grab yours now.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Palmetto Cheese have in it?

Ans: Palmetto Cheese has pimento peppers, cheddar cheese, cream cheese, mayonnaise, spices, chicken, egg, etc.

2. Are you supposed to heat Palmetto Cheese?

Ans: Yes, you are supposed to heat it so that you can melt it. The cheese spread is supposed to be consumed in its melted form. It comes in frozen and solid form so it would be better to heat it.

3. Can I eat Palmetto Cheese for my breakfast?

Ans: Yes you can. You can eat it any way you want it to.

4. Does Palmetto Cheese have preservatives in them?

Ans: No, you can rest assured that Palmetto Cheese has no added preservatives or chemicals that can harm your health.

5. Is pimento cheese spicy?

Ans: You will be surprised to hear that pimento cheese is not at all spicy. The pimento is milder than common peppers and bell peppers, too. They add flavor to the cheese.

Is Palmetto Cheese the Same as Pimento Cheese?

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