What is the cost of 2x4x8?

What is the cost of 2x4x8

When it comes to buying lumber, there are many things you would have to consider as the buyer. Most often, you would want to consider the quality of the wood and how long the wood would serve the purpose of the purchase. Aside from this, you would also want to consider the price at which you would be buying the wood and how the cost would impair your budget. In this piece, you would understand the price of 2x4x8 lumber and how the prices could affect the budget you have set aside. Besides, it would be best to focus on the price difference that might be present based on different state locations. Read further to know what is the cost of 2x4x8.

Your location in the United States determines the cost of a 2x4x8 lumber. However, the prices from state A to state B do not have a huge difference. The estimating cost of a dimensional lumber board 2x4x8 is between $4.10 to $5.17. Also, some other prices of lumber you should keep in mind include 2x3x8, 2x6x8 which are $2.87 and $8.82, respectively. Meanwhile, the cost of wood can greatly influence these prices, and the wood type is also a determinant factor for the price.

The lumber prices and estimating their cost dimensionally

2x Lumber

The 2x lumber can sometimes be referred to as stick or stud by contractors handling projects that require the usage of the wood. It is mostly pronounced as two-by. Based on the significance of the construction project, the 2x stick is believed to be cheap, strong, and a perfect wood for simple projects in construction. Also, most of the wood you would find at home during the construction process are either from fir trees, pine or spruce. Therefore, depending on the type of wood supplied to the seller at the time you are buying the wood, you would be offered. However, the differences from this wood aren’t so obvious, as all three types of wood are similar in strength, quality, color, and performance. This would also give you a better idea and explanation of the famous SPF labels on lumbers, representing S=Spruce, P=, and F=Fir.

Besides, the information you might find very confusing regarding 2x lumber is the length of the board. Some 2x lumber boards are cut based on standard measurement length. Some are cut to 8ft long, which measures 96 inches, while some can be shorter or longer depending on what they are needed for. To you, the difference might mean nothing as you might not be particular about the length of the lumber. However, for a carpenter interested in using the lumber to carry out some building project in the wall of a house, the exact length is required to avoid issues. Besides the excerpt length, the recommended size must be followed. You might need to check out your local store if there are special discounts on the lumber you are purchasing which often they do. 

Here is a price breakdown for 2x lumber prices

Board8 inches10 Inches12 inches14 inches16 inches 

More so, low softwoods such as pine cost from $3 to $6 per square foot if it is expected to be used for the flooring. 

What does a 2x4x8 mean?

Generally, the standard measurement used for lumber is the inches of cutting, including the length, breadth, and width of the lumber. A boar is generally measured by its volume, which is why the entire surface of the lumber is considered when it comes to measurement. By the standard definition, a board is one square foot and one inch thick. To calculate board footage, you can use the following formula, which is the width in inches x length in feet x thickness in inches. 

How much does a 2x4x8 stud weight?

The weight of any lumber is determined by the moisture constituent of the wood and the size. The weight of a 2 inch by 4-inch lumber mood certainly depends on the length of the entire wood and the wood type. For example, green lumber of 2 by 4 with a length of 8 feet averagely weighs about 13 pounds, while the same 2 by 4 lumber with 12 feet weighs around 20 pounds. Aside from this, a 2×4 lumber with a length of 8 feet weighs 17 pounds after being pressure treated and weighs 4 pounds extra from the original weight.

How much pressure does treat 2×4 weights?

Of course, the purposes of pressure treating wood are to elongate its lifespan and increase the durability of the wood. Meanwhile, the eventual weight would vary depending on the length of the lumber; A 2 by 4 by 8 long lumber would certainly weigh 17 pounds. Meanwhile, a 4 by 12-inch board with 16 feet as its length would weigh up to 224 pounds after being pressure treated. 


The importance of wood is very clear when it comes to construction; however, recently, the prices of word/lumber have been going on the high side. Whether you are a seasoned carpenter or you just required the lumber for a personalized project, ensuring that lumbers are cut into the appropriate measure and you buy at the expected market prices. More so, the higher prices of lumber have contributed to the increased cost of homes in the United States.


Does home depot cut the wood that you bring in?

Yes, home depot can easily do one or two cuts while also pressure treating the wood for your convenience and ease of use. 

What is the cheapest wood?

The wood considered to be the cheapest is the pine. Meanwhile, people would usually prefer the cheaper lumber over the expensive ones. 

Does home depot cut the wood for free? 

Cutting your wood can be another major challenge for you; however, whether as a carpenter or a regular wok user, you mustn’t leave without visiting the store wood cutting area. A trained home depot associate can cut your lumber for you into different sizes you desire, such as planks and boards free of charge. 

What is the cost of 2x4x8?

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