What Is The Best Sandwich at Ike’s?

What Is The Best Sandwich at Ike’s?

Ike’s place is an amazing sandwich shop that most people in the city adore! What makes them unique is the fact that they have a secret menu with over 800 sandwiches! Ike aims to make sure that all his customers have something to drool over. His menu has something for vegans, omnivores, and vegetarians. Read more to know about the best sandwich at Ike’s.

Ike’s Love and sandwiches started in 2007 on Halloween and it’s named after the owner who goes by Ike Shehadeh. It was originally opened in San Francisco Castro district.  Currently, Ike has over 73 branches in the States. What makes Ike’s place even more interesting is the fact that each branch has a few sandwiches unique to them.

The Award-Winning Sandwich at Ike’s!

So, which sandwich takes the price from a massive variety of sandwiches?

Of course, everyone’s experience and taste buds are different, but this winner was by far the most popular sandwich!

And the award goes to:


The sandwich is made of Halal chicken, BBQ sauce, pepper jack, real honey, Swiss, and Cheddar. It is additionally covered in dirty sauce, lettuce, and tomato. The dirty sauce is made of secret ingredients on Dutch crunchy bread. They have a variety of bread to choose from as well.

It derives its name from chicken that has been bathed in three sauces; honey, mustard, and honey and barbecue, and three kinds of cheese- pepper jack, Swiss, and cheddar.

It was voted “100 things to eat before you die” by a San Francisco Bay area Magazine known as 7×7. To crown it all, The Menage A Trios is Ike’s favorite too!

The Menage sandwich is pretty huge and it’s loaded with condiments that can fall out anytime you are eating your sumptuous sandwich. It is quite a mess to handle, but it is worth every bite. Most of the best sandwiches are the ones that are not easy to handle. But if you are lucky, the Dutch bread will hold everything together without spilling.

It is a pretty sweet sandwich made of two sauces, the honey, and the honey mustard. Despite this sandwich being quite sweet, you can enjoy the taste of the rest of the ingredients. The cheese makes it pretty rich and full of flavor and the chicken makes it pretty spicy and gives the sandwich the perfect taste.

It has 1050 calories. As much as you may be watching your calorie intake, you will not stop eating your menage till everything is in your tummy. It is because with every bite you get a taste of all the different flavors that are revealed with every bite that you take.

For the vegans, the award goes to:

70. Meatless Mike!

This sandwich is made of Marinara, Vegan Meatballs, and Pepper Jack cheese. It is additionally covered with dirty sauce, lettuce and tomato, and a bread of your choice.

It was awarded the “Best Vegan Meatballs in America” on PETA’S list.

Customers of Ike’s from a billion had a lot to say about this vegan sandwich.

Hugemittons: “Epic vegan sandwich-saucy, cheesy, hearty, and herby. He went for the vegan option and Dutch crunch bread and did not regret it.” (Rated a four-star)

Anistravou: “vegans don’t miss out! So awesome to go to a local sandwich shop and pick up a meatball sub.” She loved the place and they offered a variety of unique and tasty vegan subs. Anistravou live’s at Walnut Creek and as a vegan and the meatless mike saved her on a few occasions. “Worth checking out! Check out their website, they have many locations and different offerings at each.” (Rated a five star)

From the above reviews, it is very clear why Ike’s Meatless Mike grabbed the best vegan meatballs in America. Keep in mind that it tastes great with gluten-free bread.

Other award-winning sandwiches include:

18. The Matt Cain

It’s made of Roast Beef, Salami, Turkey, Godfather Sauce, and Provolone.

It is additionally covered with dirty sauce, lettuce and tomato, and a bread of your choice.

It received the Fanwich Award of “The Best Sports Sandwich” ESPN, additionally, it’s also one of Ike’s favorites.

30. The Backstabber

It’s made of Halal Chicken, Creamy Caesar, Provolone, and Marinated Artichoke Hearts. It is additionally covered with dirty sauce, lettuce and tomato, and a bread of your choice.

The Backstabber was awarded “The best thing I ever ate” by Duff Goldman.

240. The Madison Bumgarner

This burger garnered the World Food Championships 2012.

It’s made of Steak, Ike’s Yellow Barbecue Sauce, Light Habanero, American, and Pepper Jack. It is additionally covered with dirty sauce, lettuce and tomato, and bread of your choice.

Tips On Placing an Order at Ike’s

Booking your order in advance before going to Ike’s is advised, make sure you keep time. This is mainly because it’s always packed with limited space and some branches lack sitting space and therefore most customers order their sandwiches. Luckily, Ike’s has efficient staff that ensures the orders are just right, and on time. On busy days they can serve over 1400 sandwiches to their customers.

The station posts also have some pretty interesting names that match the sandwich menu. For instance, the QB will take the customer’s order and ensure the day-to-day operations run smoothly.  The “Sexy Boy” delivers the sandwich to the customer on the line, looking all sexy as the name hints.


Ike’s Love and sandwiches are quite a sophisticated sandwich shop. It’s a simple sandwich shop and its services are quick, but the sandwiches are very rich and full of flavor.

Ike’s Sandwiches has been crowned twice as the best Sandwich shop in the Bay area. This was conducted in a survey known as the Best of Davis by California Aggie. The survey takes place all over the UC Davis community. 

Ike’s shop is a force to be reckoned with. Whoever wants to be better than Ike’s will have to be super tough to beat the record that Ike’s Love and Sandwiches have set for the past 13 years!

What Is The Best Sandwich at Ike’s?

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