Do you have to return to the same Redbox?

Do you have to return to the same Redbox?

Redbox machines are generally found in convenient stores (previously grocery and drugstores) for renting movies and game discs. Once you have rented a disc, return it to any Redbox within your community. 

Redbox kiosks offer 2-day rentals for $1. If you have paid a low rate to get your discs from Redbox without even coming in, you may instead get a $10 credit (10$) from Redbox which you can use at a later date. 

To get your $10 back, you should just rent another movie or game and return it for a full refund (and a 20% rebate from Redbox). Movie rentals & purchases are always available on your phone. You can use it to reserve, order, and return discs, as well as check and track future rentals.

What is Redbox?

Redbox is a company that rents DVDs and video games to the public. The company is based in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois, and was founded in 2002 by two entrepreneurs. Its name was originally “MovieStop” but it later became Redbox.

The first Redbox kiosk opened in 2005, and it contained four DVD rental slots and one game rental slot. It rented movies for $1.00 and video games for $2.00 each, which made it cheaper than other movie rental stores like blockbuster video or Hollywood video at the time. 

In 2007, the company became a publicly-traded company on NASDAQ with an IPO price of $13 per share. In 2008, Redbox surpassed 1 million subscribers.

How does Redbox work?

The renting services of the rented discs will come in three types. In the first type, the disc will be borrowed in standard optical disc size. You can use the second type of disc in either Blu-ray or DVD or both. 

You can also rent DVDs in standard or deluxe formats. Redbox rental discs are powered by RCx technology, which allows the discs to transfer at a high speed, to ensure that the disc gets replayed. As a result, you will be able to watch the same movie on multiple occasions. 

Redbox not only works with rented discs, but it also offers the option to lease game consoles. If you plan to borrow a console, just go to the rented disc kiosk and pay for the rental time. It’s going to take a week for the rental time to go into effect.

The return process

The Redbox process is simple, effortless, and successful. Put the DVD or Blu-Ray in the machine, scan the barcode with your Redbox card, and open the transaction box to pay. If you put in a debit card (which is the cashless channel for your store card at most major retailers), you can use the Redbox interactive box to find your account and debit the funds. 

Your card will be charged (and you can use it to get your next Redbox rental) within a couple of days. When you’re ready to return your DVD or Blu-Ray, simply remove it from the machine, load it into your pocket, or purse, and carry it out. You can leave it anywhere you would like, including outside for pickup.

Rent and buy anywhere

By renting and buying on Redbox, you can now rent DVD or Blu-ray discs from anywhere, at any time. You can rent or buy from the typical big-box discount stores, grocery stores, and gas stations, or even your local Chinese, Indian, Korean, Pakistani, or Yemeni restaurant. 

Simply visit the Redbox kiosk, select the title you want, and punch in the code. The machine will automatically make a copy of the DVD for you, and you can take it home. Unlike similar services, Redbox can give you an immediate mailing label if you don’t have the original disc. 

Redbox allows both new and returned discs (the latter that was returned), so you can rent and buy from the same Redbox machine. You can even rent the same rental from multiple kiosks.

Return to anyplace within the world

Blockbuster had Redbox making disc returns for rental players for a blockbuster. In essence, this meant that rental film discs had to be rented at a place within the world to rent a copy back. Some blockbuster stores also allowed blockbuster rentals to be returned in stores, either in person or from the home location.

 Some also allowed the return of one rental DVD per rental game system or per box of discs. Blockbuster’s business model relied primarily on many people wanting the Blu-Ray movies. The difference in efficiency for rentals vs purchases was major. Redbox, on the other hand, could deliver most discs by mail to any place.

Redbox policies

Redbox policies mentioned below-

  1.  Rent DVDs for a short period – Redbox allows for up to three DVD rentals for a single visit at about $1. The renters can access these movies and television programs by using their credit cards for 30 days.
  2. Rent DVDs for a long period – The DVDs rent can be rented for three months at a rental fee of $2. 
  3. Rent DVDs for a one-night stay – The DVD rentals can be rented for 24 hours at a rental fee of $4. 
  4.  Pick-up DVDs that are on hold – For customers who return their rented DVD on earlier dates, there is no extra charge. 
  5.  If a DVD is rented, customers are asked to watch it at a location in the same city. The Redbox kiosks are designed very differently from those in the retail stores, therefore a customer is not informed about these details.

Ultimately, from renting to returning, Redbox is probably the best kiosk DVD and game rental option available for consumers. From the 3,000 movies and 10,000 games available in their collection, it is time to pick the best one that suits your requirements. 

One needs to visit the store before entering the video rental facility to have a thorough understanding of how Redbox works. Moreover, to obtain the best and hassle-free entertainment, one can hire this company to have the rental DVD movie at their home.


In conclusion, Redbox DVD/Blu-ray rental discs are a wonderful new rental service that is emerging at the moment. People get convenience and value for the cost in which they pay and they can rent, return and re-rent discs anytime they want. 

Redbox makes the rental process so easy that you may try a Redbox rental for several hours before you get the discs you want to return. The number of titles available to rent is expanding at an impressive rate and Redbox should continue to enhance the DVD and Blu-ray selection so you will be supplied with choices in this area. 

I highly recommend this service for all video and film buffs who want the convenience of renting all the movies and games they wish, in the same or similar formats and quality to rent them at blockbuster or Hollywood video.

Frequently asked questions

Question 1.) How does Redbox work? 

Answer- You can use it to reserve, order, and return discs, as well as check and track future rentals.

Question 2.) Do you have to return to the same Redbox?

Answer- No.

Question 3.) When was Redbox founded?

Answer- In 2002. 

Question 4.) Who is the owner of Redbox?

Answer- Apollo Global Management.

Do you have to return to the same Redbox?

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