Adam Sandler Sing In The Wedding Singer- What Songs Did He Sing?

What Songs Did Adam Sandler Sing In The Wedding Singer

We’ve seen an era of romantic comedies since the 1990s. some of the best movies by the best of the playwrights and directors have evolved through the early 1990s. the reason that the general population goes gaga over romantic comedies is in its satirical nature and the ability to showcase wholesome emotions along with the idea of escapism and wit at the very same time. Today’s topic-What Songs Did Adam Sandler Sing In The Wedding Singer?

When we talk about rom coms, the first name that comes to thought is our very own Adam Sandler. There is not enough praise that I can put into words when it comes to the work and art of this amazing artist. He is the perfect entity to a wholesome and hearty romantic comedy, a master of the comedic arts for he is a force that cannot be reckoned with. And thus, is his one very early masterpiece ‘The Wedding Singer’.

Straight from the classic bunch of romantic comedies, The Wedding Singer is a movie that soothes all the tinges of a rom-com fanatic. What’s noteworthy about this movie is its very cumulative soundtrack and paired with the brilliant performance given by Adam Sandler it’s everything a heart desire.

Talking about the soundtrack of this movie is not enough though, one needs to experience why and how the tracks in this movie give weightage to the nostalgic plot plowed within its characters.

Adam Sandler Sing In The Wedding Singer

Let us take a look at each song that Adam Sandler excellently performs through this classic rom-com of the 1990s:

  1. You Spin Me Round 

The movie starts with Adam Sandler starring Robbie, the wedding singer. This classic track is originally sung by ‘Dead or alive’ is performed by Robbie aka Adam Sandler right at the start rolling along with the opening credits of the movie.

This song sets the perfect vibe right at the beginning of the movie. We can see Robbie performing as the wedding singer, while all the wedding guests have a good time dancing to the beat of this classic punk rock piece. 

  1. Holiday

Robbie performs this astounding number ‘Holiday’ originally sung by Madonna at the wedding reception of Cindy and Scott. Through this scene, we can see that Robbie is not really into the performance and that something is bothering him. He seems annoyed at everything that is happening around him. 

The scene lays ground on the way Robbie feels around couples and the sura of love that revolves around a wedding. He is seen as cringing away from anything that has to do with showing affection to another human or their significant other for that very matter.

  1. Love Stinks

After Cindy’s father interrupts Robbie while he is addressing the wedding party, he loses all calm and stature. The scene then starts off with Robbie rambling about how not everyone will find love and rain over the entire wedding parade of Cindy and Scott. He goes on and about everything that is wrong with love, he says this with an envious bitterness of the events happening around him. 

He then performs ‘love stinks’ originally sung by The J. Geils Band. He starts off the song in a raw manner while he strolls around the floor moving from person to person and getting his bit done.

  1. That’s All

Robbie is asked to perform at Bar mitzvah of a kid. He performs this classic number by Michael Buble in a beautiful yet quirky manner. The scene depicts the wholesome nature of Robbie and Julia as they dance along with the kids at the party. 

The entire scene brings out the best in both the protagonists and gives depth to their characters in a way that feels both innocent yet humorous at the very same time.

  1. Somebody Kill Me

Written and sung by the star of this masterpiece Adam Sandler, ‘somebody kill me’ is a classic tune that describes everything Robbie feels at that moment, Robbie performs this song in front of Julia at the practice arena. This song lands somewhere between the lines of punk rock and Adam Sandler’s vocals give the perfect weightage to the humorous yet brutally honest lyrics.

  1. Grow Old With You

The perfect song for a beautifully directed climax scene, Grow Old With You is a love ballad originally sung by Adam Sandler both in the movie and the studio. The scene starts off in a plane where Julia is seated reading a rolling stone magazine while George talks into the airplane intercom. The song then starts off with Robbie singing into the same intercom until he appears from behind the airplane screen to reveal to Julia his true feelings in the form of this song. 

It adds to the perfect ending to a classic Adam Sandler rom-com, while the two protagonists get their inevitable happy ending. The two lovers reunite and the scene concludes with a quirky kiss at the very end.

A flawless Musical Depicted In The Form Of A Classic Romantic Comedy 

The wedding singer has outgrown time and trends while it still remains to be one of the finest and movies to be ever made. Both Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore portray excellent craftsmanship and undeniably synchronized onscreen chemistry. 

Robbie and Julia add a certain spark and meaning to the movie altogether and their character development throughout the movie is paced at a constant rate to show the beauty of love and friendship all together.

We cannot conclude this movie without acknowledging the music and the soundtrack that impeccably depicts the 80s era and its eccentric yet humorous storyline. All the songs performed or played over the span of this movie. It pairs well with the chirpy and happy characters that play around with witty references in the context of their plot and add to a certain bit of crazy to the movie.

All together The Wedding Singer is a must-watch for all those who seek a wholesome yet light plotline in a rom-com. You are certainly guaranteed a good time right from the start until the very end. Make sure to enjoy the soundtracks as they are the highlight of the plot and its characters.

Adam Sandler Sing In The Wedding Singer- What Songs Did He Sing?

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