How Much Does a Driveway Culvert’s Cost?

How Much Does a Driveway Culverts Cost

Most people looking to install the driveway culvert in their home prefer to hire experts in installing their driveway culvert. Driveway culverts are very important for homes that have accessibility issues. In this piece, you would understand the overall cost of the driveway installation and what is expected of the professional installing it. Besides, depending on the driveway’s complexity, the area’s terrain, and many other factors are used by the professional to charge the recommended Driveway Culvert’s Cost. Let’s see How Much Does a Driveway Culvert’s Cost?

The cost of installing the driveway culvert can be between $800 to $8000, depending on the complexity of the installation and the driveway terrain. Moreover, you might want to confirm how much it does cost to replace the driveway culvert. However, a project of this scale requires that you have enough experience and technical knowledge to pull it off. In addition, you must operate the heavy equipment that will be used to carry out the project. 

What is a driveway culvert?

Generally, driveway culverts create access to areas where vehicles find it difficult to access. Each trench installed is designed based on the traffic flowing through that area, and the heavier the traffic, the larger and stronger the culver base pipe is. However, regardless of the amount of traffic expected to use the trench, the main purpose of the driveway culvert is to provide access for the water flow, which will then help the water channeled underneath the vehicles passing. When the culvert pipes are installed appropriately, the running water flows through the pipe, providing dry land for the vehicles to the driveway easily without being affected. As a result, traffic flow is no longer restricted, and vehicles can swiftly pass without considering the water flowing. 

How is the driveway culvert installed?

The driveway culvert is designed to support heavy load and traffic that passes through the area daily. Besides, the materials to be used are decided based on the design expected to be implemented. More so, most driveways are made from heavy-duty steel that can withstand pressure or corrugated plastic, while reinforced concrete is used to support it. Therefore, when you have decided to install the driveway culvert, the next step is to call on a skilled professional with the installation process. 

Driveway Culvert’s Cost

There are so many factors that contribute to the cost of installing a driveway culvert, which could include your location, the price of the professional service hired, and other factors. To install the driveway culvert, you should be looking at an installation cost of about $1500 to about $5000, depending on the job’s complexity. More so, the Driveway Culvert’s Cost can be way more than $5000, depending on how complex the job is and the equipment available for the job. Furthermore, using a concrete culvert for your driveway installation can add to the cost, typically around $2500 to $25,000 depending on the size and location you are buying from. 

With this in mind, you might also be considering the cost of obtaining a government culvert driveway installation permit. This could vary depending on the permit type and the governmental agency issuing the permit. The larger sum of the cost is the survey and the engineering cost. In total, you should be looking at a price range of $3000 upwards to install a driveway culvert. 

The step by step guide on how the driveway culvert is installed

Check with your local municipal building administration office: this type of construction is a major project that must be brought to the attention of the authorities. You should check with the administrator if any specific rules or regulations govern the culvert installation area. Regulations such as culvert length, diameter, type of pipe to be used, and many more must be observed in the letter to avoid sanctions from the authority. Besides, you must obtain the necessary permit that will enable you to perform the construction undisturbed. 

Contact the utility office for detailed information on utility lines: at this point, you must be very careful of where you dig and the depth you are willing to dig into. It would be best to ask utility representatives to come and mark off locations where utility lines such as power cables, gas lines, and many more are passed through. To avoid damages to the utility cable, you should note where the representative has marked it off. Failure to follow these steps might result in safety risks, health challenges, and other environmental disasters.

Make your culvert purchase: The next line of action is to buy the culvert used to carry necessary traffic in the area. You must first assess the volume of traffic coming through to the area and how large the traffic could grow in the following years to come. You must ensure that you follow the diameter that is recommended by the state. 

Rent a skid-steer loader: Depending on the size of the project, you might want to rent the skid-steer to help you with the digging and laying of the pipe. It is essential for installing the pipe, and you will also need stakes and safety cones. Other tools like tape measure line, marking paint, saw are also needed, while rakes and shovels too would be very useful. 

Dig out the ditch and fatten the areas: You must ensure a balanced dug trench where the culver pipe would be laid. Ensure that the flattened area slopes to the lower end, and you might need to backfill the leftover space after placing the culvert. 

Place the culvert in the desired position: After you are done with the necessary digging, it is time to place the pipe into the trench and check to ensure that the slope would allow the water to pass through to the culvert easily. Next, cover the pipe’s upper part with gravel on either side of the pipe to make it compact and firm. After that, spread some gravel on the side of the pipe where erosion can occur and damage your culvert project. 

Moreover, if you are using erodible sand, you must have the cover well done to avoid the wash off of the job and ensure the pipe base is properly covered at both ends.


The culvert project can be very tasking and expensive as the activities involved in the project are quite enormous. However, if you employ the right individual or company, you can easily scale through the thought process and keep your expenditure to the best cost.


Who can install the driveway culvert?

Now that you have an idea of the process that is involved in the driveway culvert installation. You should consult with a professional that would help you carry out the job easily. 

How much does a concrete culvert cost?

The cost of the concrete culvert is generally dependent on your location. However, the average cost is between $250 and $450 per ton.

How Much Does a Driveway Culvert’s Cost?

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