American Spirit Light

American Spirit Light


The natural American spirit light is (often referred to) the American spirit. This brand produces naturally flavored cigarettes free from any preservatives, additives, and is made from whole leaves. Bill Drake founded Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company which produces the American spirit, and Reynolds American owned this company.

Production of the American Spirit 

Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company (SFNTC) produces American spirit cigarettes. It’s an American-based company founded 39 years ago in 1982 in Oxford, NC. This company is best known for the production of primer natural American spirit cigarette brand.  

What color is American spirit light? 

American spirit light is in different colors. 

  • Yellow – Mellow Original Flavor
  • Blue – Full-bodied Original Flavor
  • Turquoise – Organic Full-Bodied Flavor
  • Light Green – Organic Mellow Menthol
  • Dark Green – Organic Full-Bodied Menthol
  • Orange – Ultra-Mellow Original Flavor
  • Gold – Organic Mellow Flavor
  • Black – Full-Bodied Perique Blend
  1. Yellow American Spirit – The yellow pack offers a 100% additive-free natural American Spirit Blend and has a mellow tobacco taste which is the lighter alternative to the blue American spirit. The yellow American spirit has 25% more tobacco in it than the king-sized cigarettes. 
  2. Blue American Spirit – American Blue spirit is pure natural tobacco with no preservatives, stems, addictive, and made from 100% whole leaves. Blue American spirit is fuller in flavor than any other spirit.
  3. Orange American Spirit – The orange pack contains smooth, mellow flavored tobacco that is 100% addictive-free natural American spirit Blended. This pack has 25% more tobacco packed in it. 
  4. Light Green American Spirit – This Light green pack delivers a refreshing mellow method flavor. The ingredients in this pack are organic tobacco and organic methanol. This pack is also 100% free from stems and preservatives. 
  5. American Spirit Dark Green – The dark green pack contains the same ingredient as the light green contains organic tobacco and organic methanol. This pack gives a full-bodied methanol-style taste and is 100% additive-free natural tobacco. 
  6. American Spirit Black – This pack offers dark and rich flavored perique tobacco. These are Strong flavored tobacco aged in an oak whisky barrel. American spirit black is 100% preservative and additive-free tobacco. 
  7. Turquoise American Spirit – The tobacco used in the American spirit Turquoise is grown under the strict watch of USDA’s National Organic Program. This pack contains full-bodied organic flavor with 100% additive-free tobacco. 
  8. American Spirit Gold – The gold pack is from a premium quality natural tobacco that is preservative and additive-free. Gold American spirit uses porous paper and a denser filter to create a light mellow taste. 

Which American spirit is the strongest among all? 

The black pack i.e, Parque tobacco is the strong-flavored tobacco among any other flavored tobacco. Tobacco used in this pack is only grown in one place – Saint James parish – Louisiana, United States. This tobacco is the one that blends in Oak whiskey barrels.

Which American spirit is the lightest one? 

The orange pack of America spirit is the lightest cigarette among all. This pack is the only ultra-light, which has white filters. 

Strength of America Spirit (Color Based) 

Natural American Spirit cigarettes contain different strengths based on different colors. Let us see and evaluate the strength rate of the various spirits. 


  • Narcotine: 0.4 mg 
  • CO: 4 mg
  • Tar: 3 mg


  • Narcotine: 1 mg
  • CO: 10 mg 
  • Tar: 1 mg

Light Green

  • Narcotine: 0.8 mg
  • CO: 8 mg
  • Tar: 7 mg 

Dark green

  • Narcotine: 0.8 mg
  • CO: 8 mg
  • Tar: 7 mg


  • Narcotine: 0.6 mg
  • CO: 6 mg
  • Tar: 5 mg 


  • Narcotine: 1.5 mg
  • Tar: 12 mg


  • Narcotine: 1.87 mg 
  • Tar: 18.4 mg

The American spirit light was analyzed and compared with 3R4F standard tobacco they have:

  • Narcotine content of 0.726 mg
  • CO content of 11.9 mg 
  • Tar yield content of 9.4 mg

Price of American Spirit Light

American spirit prices depend on the state. The average retail price of American Spirit Light in the United States is per pack $06.65.

What affects cigarette price?

Factors that affect the price of cigarettes in their states are- 

  1. Federal Cigarette Tax – The federal tax on cigarettes has been per pack $1.01.
  2. State Tax – State tax is the highest tax paid which majorly affects the cigarette price. In D.C, the highest cigarette tax is per pack. $4.50.  
  3. Neighborhood Tax – According to public health reports, high-income areas have more expensive cigarettes.
  4. Brands Tax – Cigarettes costs are varied and depend upon their brand. 

How much time does it take to burn? 

American spirits are naturally higher than those of 3R4F. American spirit probably causes a longer time of combustion. 07minutes 30 seconds, making 13 puffs. 

Is American spirit light healthy? 

A cigarette – organic, natural, no addictive 

Sounds odd? 

Listening to Organic, natural, and free from the addictive product you can think of it to be on the healthier side

But are these American spirit cigarettes safe for our health, or is it just the same as any other brand of cigarettes? 

The truth is that they are the same as any other cigarette. People only have a misconception about this brand. People think that this brand is less harmful and, so they encourage other people to switch to this brand rather than telling them to quit smoking. 

American spirit with Natural, no addictive, organic written on the back of the package has created more problems for the people’s lives. Instead of quitting, they are switching brands. On the backside of the package of American spirit cigarette, it’s written “No addictive in our tobacco does not mean a safe cigarette” But people won’t see that. So Food and Drug Administration (FDA) decided to take enforcement action against the manufacturing company and the owner of America’s spirit for marketing the brand with reduced harm claims without approval. 

Researching on various American spirits, researchers found that:

  • The level of toxic and cancer-causing chemicals are similar in both brands. 
  • The Tobacco fillers are more in American spirits. 
  • American spirit smokers also have higher exposer to Nicotine per cigarette smoked.
  • The terms natural, original, addition free, preservative-free creates misconceptions among people. 
  • The level of Nicotine is more in the American spirit in comparison to any other brand of cigarette. 
American Spirit Light

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