Is Sear still Honoring Warranties?

Is Sear still Honoring Warranties?

Like Amazon, Sears is like the initial Amazon store in the United States, but they are on the verge of shutting down their business operations. After more than 100 years in retailing, the business and its other subsidiaries are going for good. Based on the report gathered from CNN, a last-minute bailout could help the business survive the hard times. With that in mind, some customers are concerned about their warranties and how their electronics would be fairing after the business shut down. Those who had already bought a few things from their store are all concerned about having their product fixed in case of eventualities. Let’s know the answer to this question- Is Sear still Honoring Warranties?

Unlike many other home appliances sellers, Sears has gained a good reputation for handling their customer’s warranties to help them solve any problems related to the items purchased from their store. However, if they run out of business, how would they fix their appliances? They are more concerned about their warranties. The company has then published news about how they would keep honoring their customer’s warranties, and they have set up a web portal for customers to place an order for the replacement of damaged parts for their appliances gotten from Sears. From there, Sears words said, and I quote, “We are honoring our warranties, protection agreements, and guarantees as normal.” So many shoppers of Sears are even more worried after they had started holding on to their promises and how the process would be effective after the business shuts down.  Is this true or not? Is Sear still Honoring Warranties or Not?

Will Sears keep its promise?

Is Sear still Honoring Warranties? Many legal experts are worried that Sears won’t make up to their promises if the federal ruling eventually dissolves them to liquidate the organization. Besides, the Federal Trade Commission also said that it would be very difficult for the company to keep honoring its warranty holders. More so, after the liquidation process, the shoppers who are hoping to be compensated with the warranty process would have to wait for Sears creditors to be addressed before the extended warranties and their rewards points are honored. Again, this indicates that their warranties can become useless if the process took longer than expected. 

Also, based on FTC recommendations, they inform the customers that “Before you sign a contract, think about the company’s financial situation and consider whether the business is reputable,” this was somewhat protected by Sears as their business is about to crumble. In general, consumers aren’t supposed to worry so much about warranties and, in the light of the business running out. For example, when CompUSA had to file for bankruptcy, insurance companies had stepped up for the business to save their client’s warranties, and they were honored accordingly. This could be the same case for Sear, who knows, although this practice has always been the case in the United States. Most often, the government ensures companies do business with external insurance companies to ensure that when the crises come knocking, there would be enough help for the business to help their customers. 

This means you probably do not have to worry about your warranty and hope Sear has enough insurance coverage to maintain the extended warranties for their customers. But, at the same time, this might also give you an insight on whether to keep getting extended warranties in the future or not. So, Sear still Honoring Warranties.

What should be your move if you have a warranty policy with sears?

One of the interviews granted to local retail experts explained that customers should worry but hold on to see how Sear’s decisions on the extended warranties played out. According to James E Dion, a retail consultant, he believed that Sear did sell many extended warranties, and most of these warranties were held together by third parties, which would still be honored. So at least there is light at the end of the tunnel for the customers who have extended warranties with the business. More so, it was revealed that if you had bought appliances manufactured by reputable brands such as Samsung, Whirlpool, these items warranties are catered for by the manufacturers. This means that the warranties would be honored by the manufacturers. Therefore, the only requirement you would need to fulfill is to prove that you bought the item from Sear. Besides, if you own an appliance from Kenmore, you should rest assured that this arm of the Sear business would help you with any warranty as there is a good chance that they would stay after the Sear folds up. 

However, if you are hoping to buy any appliance from Sear in the nearest future, Dion did not advise you to avoid buying a warranty, nor should you hope to return the product in the future. Besides, you should be aware that all sales made are final at this point and even though you might not be informed otherwise. Certainly, the business still has the famous Sear guarantee; however, after the bank declares bankruptcy, the guarantee and trustworthiness would go along with that. Therefore, you should be vigilant and protect yourself about any business you would be doing soon. 

As the final decision about Sear is being made as a customer of the business, you only need to look out for words from the business on how you can redeem your warranty and extended warranties after the dissolution of the business.


It is unfortunate to see a reputable business shut down after many years of operations and satisfaction from the customers who patronize them. Unfortunately, however, the customers’ major concerns regarding their extended warranties have become a controversy that many of them couldn’t perfectly understand. Although Sears has promised to help the customers as much as possible when it comes to the business, we only hope that promises would turn into real action while the customers enjoy what they had paid for in the long run.


Are all stores closing?

Sear has reported that not all their stores would be closing and that they have factored out a plan to make them come back stronger than they have been in the past.  

What about Shop your way rewards?

Sear has signified that the shop your way remains valid at their Sear and Kmart stores for customers.

Will appliances warranties be honored?

Sear’s goal is to honor the warranties they have with their clients and hope that his extended plans would also be fulfilled. 

Is Sear still Honoring Warranties?

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