Marvel MBTI Personality Types- Get to Know About Your Favorite Superheroes

MARVEL MBTI PERSONALITY TYPES: Get to Know About Your Favorite Superheroes

Marvel, established in 1939 in New York, is the most successful comic collection among children and adults all over the world. Today Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought the characters into live-action figures through their movies. Stan Lee, the creator of popular superheroes and supervillains like Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-man, Loki, etc has brought in a change in the comics world and has broken records. They have dominated both comics and cinemas over the decades. For the first time in years, people could relate to a fictional character so much. Made up of unique powers, some heroes are exceptional since birth and some of them have been a victim of an accident that made them gain superhuman powers or have worked on making them a superhero. Marvel was previously owned by Martin Goodman until he died in 1992. It is now owned by Marvel Entertainment. Here, let’s know about Marvel MBTI Personality Types.

What is MBTI?

Talking about MBTI, in simple words, it is a personality type test that is trendy these days. MBTI stands for Myers Briggs Type Indicator. It consists of 16 personality types; the test helps you discover more aspects of your personality. 

Marvel MBTI Personality Types

  • ISTJ
  • ISTP
  • ISFJ
  • ISFP
  • INFJ
  • INFP
  • INTJ
  • INTP
  • ESTP
  • ESFP
  • ESTJ
  • ESFP
  • ESFJ
  • ENFP
  • ENFJ
  • ENTP
  • ENTJ

Digging More Into Marvel MBTI Personality and Who Created It?

The ‘I’ stands for introversion, ‘E’ stands for extraversion, ‘S’ stands for Sensing, ‘N’ stands for intuition, ‘T’ stands for thinking, ‘F’ stands for feeling, ‘J’ stands for judging and ‘P’ stands for Perceiving. There are various MBTI personality tests on the internet. You can take the test on your own by answering few questions. You could improve your lifestyle if you want to and get to understand yourself as an individual. MBTI is a game-changer, created by mother and daughter duo Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs; they made it to find out people’s differences. What does MBTI have to do with marvel? You may ask. In this article, we will go through the marvel characters’ MBTI’s for the marvel fans. Keep patience and read the entire article to study their personalities. The best part of MBTI is people usually share the same MBTI. You may find your favorite hero has a similar MBTI, which will give you a reason to boast about. Through the characters’ perspectives, you will get to know yourself. That how a superhero acts and views the world from their perspective will be exciting. 


Peter Parker, aka Spider-man, is a young genius. From scientific experiments to calculus, he can do it all in a blink of an eye. He is immature mostly because of his age; after all, he is just a high school boy; he makes wrong decisions which can get him into trouble. He labels himself as a friendly neighborhood spider-man who doesn’t have ambition. All he wants to do is save the people of New York, make new friends and lead a peaceful life. These characteristics are of a typical ENFP. We find him interacting with the other avengers and bring humor to their pretty much boring and mature lives. He is the source of fun and can win over people using his charisma. He possesses a lot of unique and childish tactics to win over a villain which works. Spider-man sometimes needs human validation which is common among superheroes. He becomes depressed when the public bashes him. As a boy and a superhero he gets confused with his powers and uses them irresponsibly sometimes. A perfect mixture of extroversion, intuition, feeling, and prospecting, he isn’t afraid to protect innocent civilians.


The tech expert of marvel comics, Iron-man is also known as Tony Stark is the owner of Stark Industries. One of the avengers he is the ocean of knowledge. He is headstrong and isn’t afraid to make decisions. Sometimes he can be rude and arrogant, doesn’t focus on feelings that have made his life tougher. His failed experiments sometimes had brought trouble to the entire world, but don’t want to admit that he was the reason. We witness him sometimes picking up a fight because he believes he is always right. There are major drawbacks to his personality, but we have to admit that he is the reason today we have avengers and without him, the world will be in bits and pieces. The part-time CEO full-time avenger has made his iron suits from scratch on his own. Not only did he make his suits, but Tony Stark has also provided the avengers’ weapons and machinery with better technologies to fight the villains of the world. Iron-man is sassy and loves to play with his words, putting people in utter confusion. His next-level humor and wisdom are what make his character interesting. 

His knowledge is beyond human understanding. He is an ENTP, one of the rarest types of personalities in the world. ENTP makes about 3% of the world’s population making Tony Stark unique. Even though there are major drawbacks to his personality, he tries hard to care about others. He is often misunderstood, but he has emotions in him; he has expressed them before; he feels sad, disappointed. He treated Spider-man as his child and gave him life lessons like a real dad. He hates to be defeated and underestimated. He is always thinking about new ideas or planning something to get his work done.

Captain America

Captain America is the perfect definition of a leader. The ISFJ of the Avengers, Captain America, is responsible, warm-hearted, and intelligent. Captain America has been assigned the role of a leader by his fellow teammates. He never fails to fulfill his duties and commitments. Compassion is the key feature of his personality. ISFJs are protectors; they will go to any extent to protect you. He is reserved and doesn’t like to joke around. He may have a hard time trying to cope up with the modern time, but he with his intellectual skills and understanding manages to prove that time can’t stop Captain America. Steve Rogers might have been the victim of fate in the past; his willpower is what made him come so far. Excellent negotiation skills, accompanied by his leadership qualities, make him the perfect character in Marvel, with no flaws. Also, we can’t forget that Captain America never makes a wrong decision.

Black Widow

Black Widow is the most badass character of marvel. Natasha Romanoff had to come a long way to become who she is today. Marvel has paved its way towards a change by creating black widow’s character. The female figure with her high fighting skills and the ability to use the gun so perfectly is truly an inspiration for the girls in today’s generation. First, as a spy and an assassin for Hydra life was tough for her. Even in her initial years, she carried out her job perfectly. Today she has successfully placed herself in the avengers and she is the only female avenger which is an achievement. She regrets her past deeds and now works on making the world a better place for the people.

 She is an ISTP who loves to explore the world. The character of Black Widow isn’t what society expects her to be. Characterized as a dangerous woman, she will kill someone without giving it a second thought. It is hard to predict what she is thinking. ISTPs are full of surprises. If now she is serious, the next moment she can be flirty. The important part of her personality is she needs friends. She can get lonely. The avengers have made her who she is today. She has learned to love and has got a family – the avengers.


Thor, prince of Asgard, son of Odin, and the god of thunder, is a man of significant power. He is an ESTP. He often acts impulsively and wants the deed to be done at the moment. Thor lacks patience, which mostly creates problems instead of solving them. He has lost chances to prevent Loki from causing damages to the earth. If he had been wittier and given second thoughts on a matter, he could have prevented some of the terrible occurrences. Sometimes he can be dumb. He is outgoing; we can often see him enjoy drinking with the people of Asgard. There is humor in his personality, but we don’t get to see that often. Overall, he likes to fight and take action. Also, he is an avenger.


Loki, the second prince of Asgard, younger son of Odin, god of mischief, and the younger brother of Thor, is an INFJ. Yes, he is an introvert. Quite a surprise, often INFJs are hard to perceive. He has a fixed mission planned ahead of everyone so that he can become a ruler. He slowly and steadily progresses towards his goal. He doesn’t give up after his failures, instead works even harder. Loki is always dragged by his emotions. When he learns he is the part of the race that his father has taught him to hate, feelings of rage and revenge stir in him for the betrayal. 

The villain just wanted to be loved by others but because of the unfairness he faces, he wants to change the world and make it a different place, just like a typical INFJ. The unbearable pain of his mother’s death somehow puts more stress upon him and changes him into someone he didn’t to become. He was misunderstood throughout the comics and the movies, but we can see his deep love and appreciation for his brother, Thor. The god of mischief is an advocate. He can easily manipulate others and is extremely cunning with the special power to fool others easily.


Thanos had his entry into Marvel with greater and deadlier intentions. To restore nature’s balance, he had taken the step to wipe out half of the world’s population, to which many superheroes fell victim. ENTJ are the best leaders, but they can misuse power just how he did to earth and the other planets. His idea of restoring nature to normal and balancing earth took a lot of lives which is unjustified. He, along with his daughters, Gamora and Nebula, was together in this common goal, which was executed perfectly. This is another personality trait of ENTJs. He is a commander; he has patience and determination.

Bruce Banner

As we all know, Bruce can be awkward sometimes. But he is scientific, he spends most of his time analyzing and thinking alone, which has led him to become an introvert. He hates facing people and finds it hard to socialize. His struggles are real, though it may seem like nothing to others, only he knows what’s going on inside his brain. His MBTI is INTP; this trait is commonly found among professors, logicians, and philosophers. Bruce works his way through with the help of logic. From guiding the team to analyze scientific stuff, Bruce Banner is the spinal cord of the team.


Hulk is an ESFP. Unlike Bruce, Hulk is full of anger. He is spontaneous and doesn’t know how to think. Bruce Banner and Hulk are the same people, but with different personalities. Hulk isn’t afraid to face anyone, and when he faces someone, he smashes them. He is a perfect fit for the team of the Avengers.


Even though the marvel characters are fictional, their personalities are completely real. They deliver emotions just like any other human being. But the most important message that marvel gives us is that you don’t need superpowers to be a superhero. You can become one by saving the world or by helping humanity. Marvel wanted to convey the message of peace. Children believed they don’t need to be born with powers but can become one by making the world a better place. Hope this article has been a source of knowledge and fun for you. The MBTIs are real and this article has gone through a detailed description of them based on their MBTI personalities. If you don’t know about Marvel, go have a quick look at them and if you know about Marvel, we bet you must have related to some characters.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I have the same MBTI personality as a superhero?

Ans: Yes, there are 16 such personalities so there is a high chance you may share the same personality with a superhero.

  1. Is MBTI a valid personality test?

Ans: MBTI tests are based upon questions. Nowadays many psychological centers use this test to identify the psychological test of a person. The MBTI has been proved effective and efficient.

Marvel MBTI Personality Types- Get to Know About Your Favorite Superheroes

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