Are Maggie Lawson and James Roday back together?

Are Maggie Lawson and James Roday back together?

The psych actress Maggie Lawson and her long-term partner James Roday Rodriguez, the leader of the same show parted ways in 2014 after 8 years of being together. These two met on the sets of the show Psych and were dating throughout the show. It didn’t take long for these two actors to carry their on-screen romance off-screen as they started seeing each other the same year the first season of the show aired i.e., in 2006. The topic of this article- Are Maggie Lawson and James Roday back together?

The American comedy TV actors decided to part ways in 2014 following an 8-year long relationship, leaving the psych fans quite bewildered. Unfortunately, the two actors have not been back together since their breakup in 2014 and chances are that they will never get back together. None of the actors have looked back since their significantly secret estrangement. Looks like it’s finally time for their fans to make peace with the fact that the beautiful couple has moved on with their lives. Unlike most other celebrity relationships, this couple kept their relationship extraordinarily private and hence their breakup was discreet as well.

Even after 7 years of their very closeted split up, the reason has not been revealed, the couple has kept it hidden ever since. The extreme secrecy of their relationship kept their fans wondering as to why the perfect on-screen romance turned off-screen romance came to an end and seems like this question will always remain unanswered. Nevertheless, both extremely talented individuals have been onto better things since their breakup. Both Maggie Lawson and James Roday Rodriguez have been focusing on their careers with the former working in shows such as Lethal Weapon, Outmatched, Spivak to name a few, and the latter as the lead of the series A Million Little Things, Pushing Dead, and many more.

The Lawson-Roday dating timeline

Maggie Lawson, an American actress well known for her role in the immensely well-received  American comedy-drama TV series Psych, and her co-actor, James Roday Rodrigeuz a director and screenwriter in addition to being a tremendous actor who also was a director, producer for the same show and co-wrote it as well started dating each other the same year the TV series aired. The two remarkably skilled and alluring individuals were playing love interests on the show and their on-screen romance seemed to rather captivate the fans of the show, to say the least. The fans were left completely delighted when the news broke out about the on-screen couple being a couple off-screen as well. 

Even though fans wanted to know all about the personal life of their favorite detectives, the couple did a pretty good job of keeping their relationship from the public eye and it would be an understatement to say that they succeeded in doing so.

Unfortunately, to our dismay, their relationship lasted just as long as the show. The actors split up in the year 2014 which is also the year in which the final season of the TV series aired. 

The details of their breakup are just as much of a secret to the fans as their almost 8-year long relationship. These two didn’t give anyone any drama to prey on. 

The secrecy of their life could be attributed to the fact that Lawson gets a lot of anxiety talking about herself as she stated during a podcast. In the podcast Inside of you with Michael Rosenbaum, she described herself as “painfully private”, she also went on to say that she was working on this trait of hers. Perhaps, this trait of being “painfully private” was reciprocated by her boyfriend James as well which caused them to keep their relationship “painfully private” for so long. 

Since their breakup in 2014, the couple has not been back together and they have not looked back at their history with each other even once, or at least not that we are aware of.

Personal lives after the break-up

No matter how much the fans wanted for the two to get back together, the actors have moved on with their lives. Maggie Lawson became engaged to actor Ben Koldyke, her co-star and famously known for playing Don Frank on How I met Your Mother in the same year that Psych ended, also the year that Lawson and Roday broke up. Maggie tied the knot with Koldyke in New Mexico on a ranch that his family-owned on August 8, 2015. Over a year later, Lawson filed for a divorce in early 2017 and it is not a surprise that the reasons for their divorce remain unknown.

Since she split up with Ben, there has been no news of Lawson going out with anyone else.

As for James, since his very private breakup with Lawson, Roday is known to be single. Some rumors did pop up in 2014, but James himself never confirmed any of it. So, I guess that it can be assumed that both James and his ex-girlfriend Lawson are currently single.


As of now, both the actors seem to be focused on their careers. Actress Maggie Lawson since her departure from the show Psych has appeared in the golden globes nominated show Two and a Half Men, Angel from Hell, Spivak.

While her ex-boyfriend James Roday went on to not only act but also produce and co-write a comedy horror film, Gravy. Roday has acted in movies such as The Buddy Games, Berserk since then among a lot of other projects.

The Psych reunion

The makers of the show didn’t completely disappoint the followers and Roday-Lawson enthusiasts. In 2017 Psych: The Movie came out where fans were able to witness their favorite couple together once again. Wait, there is more to it, the directors of the show did not stop there. They decided to release another Psych movie in 2020 titled Psych: Lassie Come Home where the fans once again had the chance to witness this ever-beautiful on-screen couple. The fans hoped that the two would reconcile after their reunion but I guess that chapter was over for those two. 

Now, we can only hope that both Lawson and Roday are happy with or without each other and so are their fans.

Are Maggie Lawson and James Roday back together?

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