Was Bernadette Peters Married to Steve Martin?

Was Bernadette Peters Married to Steve Martin

Both Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin are acclaimed actors who happened to date for four years in 1977. An American singer and actress, Bernadette Peters is a highly celebrated artist who has had several nominations and won many awards. Steve Martin is an American comedian, actor, and musician who has won various awards ranging from Grammys to an Emmy award. Read to know When did Bernadette Peters Married to Steve Martin? Bernadette Peters and Steve Martin were not married to each other.

Their Story Together 

  • Bernadette and Steve first met in 1977 through their agents. Their paths had crossed often since then until they started dating. However, about four years later, by 1982, they had broken up. 
  • They kept their relationship very private and didn’t speak of their relationship publicly often. Nor have they revealed the reason for their separation, even till now. 
  • According to Steve Martin, he liked Bernadette Peters because of her independence and once remarked that it was this that attracted him to her. 
  • Peters described Steve as a ‘comedic genius’ and as a serious guy, even though he could be wild and crazy at times.  
  • While dating they worked on two films together, “The Jerk” and “Pennies from Heaven”. It is said that Martin wrote the character in “The Jerk” keeping Peters in mind.  

More About Bernadette Peters 

Born in 1948, Peters started her career in acting as a child actress, at the tender age of three and a half. She has been a part of the acting industry for over five decades now and has dabbled in film, television, and musical theater.  

Her best-known works include; 

  • Song and Dance (play)
  • Annie Get Your Gun (play) 
  • Dames at Sea (play)
  • Pennies from Heaven (film)
  • The Jerk (film)

Her nominations and awards include; 

  • Seven nominations for the Tony Award. 
  • Won two Tony Awards for Best Leading Actress in a Musical and the third Tony as an honorary award. 
  • Nine nominations for the Drama Desk Award. 
  • Won three Drama Desk awards for Outstanding Actress in a Musical.  
  • Three Grammy Award nominations. 
  • Two Golden Globe Award nominations and won one Golden Globe for Best Actress     Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. 
  • Three Emmy Award nominations. 

Bernadette Peters’ latest role was in the musical comedy Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Who did Bernadette Peters Marry? 

In 1996 she got married to Michael Wittenberg who was an investment adviser. Unfortunately, he passed away due to a helicopter crash in 2005.  

She did not remarry  nor does she have any children. 

More About Steve Martin 

Born in 1945, he entered the show biz as a comedian. He came under public recognition after his work as a writer for “The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour”. He quickly became very successful in comedy and by the 1980s he turned to ‘acting’ as a profession. He became a prolific actor with many successful films to his name like 

  • The Jerk
  • Parenthood
  • All of Me
  • The Pink Panther films
  • Father of the Bride films, etc. 

He has written plays and novels and is also a musician. He plays the banjo too.    

His major awards and nominations include; 

  • The 2013 Academy Award, which was presented as an Honorary Award. 
  • Five nominations at the Golden Globe Awards for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. 
  • Two Grammy nominations and five wins.  
  • Two Tony Award nominations. 
  • Nine Emmy Award nominations and one win for his work in The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. 

Currently, he is starring in the drama-comedy series Only Murders in the Building

Who did Steve Martin Get Married to? 

Steve Martin got married to one of his co-actresses Victoria Tennant in 1986 but they divorced by 1994. Since then, he has dated many other actresses and artists.  

It was only by the mid-2000s that he met his current wife Anne Stringfield who was a fact-checker for one of his plays. By 2007, they got married in a secret ceremony which was a surprise for many of the guests. In 2012, at the age of 67, Steve Martin became a father with the birth of his daughter, Mary Martin

Martin prioritizes spending more time with his family now since the birth of his daughter, with his career becoming a second priority. The couple is incredibly private about their lives and even revealed their child’s name very late.  

The Jerk 

It was in this 1979 comedy film, The Jerk that Steve Martin acted for the first time. He wrote the film along with Carl Gottlieb and Michael Elias and it is said that he wrote the role of Marie envisioning his then-girlfriend Bernadette Peters as his model. Peters plays his love interest in the film. 

Though the couple has long broken up, to date, neither has revealed reasons for their breakup nor have they spoken ill of each other. They moved on to live happy lives separately.  

Was Bernadette Peters Married to Steve Martin?

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