When did Too Cute end?

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Too Cute will be your first reaction after watching the poster of the famous series. After watching the posters, you would obviously want to watch the series and might come here to search for the series. Read to know when did Too Cute end.

We understand you, and that’s why we came up with this article to feed your curiosity about TOO CUTE.

Too Cute

The series was first just a series of four special episodes, broadcasted between April 2011 and December 2011. Then in 2015, the production decided to make it a series and released its second season with seven episodes.

In each episode, theatre veteran Henry Strozier narrates the developing stories of animals. The show featured cats and dogs in its many episodes. The episodes showcased how the journey of these animals starts as small kittens and puppies and how they grow, etc. 

The show also has the “TOO CUTE QUIZ” at the end of each episode. In this quiz, questions were asked about a specific breed before the commercial, and the answers or facts were disclosed to the audience after returning from the commercial. 

Too Cute broadcast

Too Cute was broadcasted on two channels. Those were Discovery Family and Animal Planet.

Right down is the table containing the number of episodes in each season and their telecast dates, i.e., from the start to the end of the episodes.

Season Number of episodesThe first episode aired onThe last episode aired on 
14April 30, 2011 December 18,2011
27February 25,2012April 7,2012
316October 13, 2012March 30, 2013
427August 3, 2013June 21, 2014
514august 16,2014December 27, 2014
64December 15, 2016January 2, 2017

‘The End’ of Too Cute

The last season, which is the sixth season of Too Cute broadcasted between 2016 and 2017. The first episode of this season was aired on 15 December 2016. The last episode of this season, which is also the end of this cute series, was on 2 January 2017.

Other shows like Too Cute


It is a show available on Netflix. The show showcases stories of dogs around the globe. Its first season shows stories about a dog helping a girl with epilepsy and two other stories, one where a refugee tries to escape his dog from Syria and the other episode is about a dog grooming competition. 

Dogs with a job

Released between 2000 and 2009. I found the dog on its poster very cool in that outfit. The show presents dogs doing various jobs such as acting, herding, etc. The show is rated 7/10 stars.

72 cutest animals

The show is available on Netflix. The show inspects the nature of cuteness and adorability and how these features help some animals to survive. Despite the unique concept of the show, it couldn’t gain much popularity, and it is rated as 5.8 stars.

Too Cute Kitten Cam

After Too Cute, Animal Planet partnered with the Washington Animal Rescue League and launched Too Cute Kitten Cam for online viewers. This show is available on the AnimalPlanet.com website.

Now you can advocate watching these cute animals.

There’s a Japanese study that proves watching cute animals is good for us. Researchers say that watching cute animals (as their large eyes and big heads resemble babies) stir the caregiving and friendliness in humans. 

The particular that we are focusing on is from Hiroshima University, published in the online journal PLoS ONE. This study proves that watching these cute pictures can also help in tasks where we need to focus and concentrate.

Who can watch this show?

Anyone who wants a dose of cuteness can watch this show. Especially small children as they love animals, and love playing with them. Or this show is also perfect for pet lovers as they can spend the weekend watching ‘Too Cute’ with their pets or if they miss their pets.


An animal lover can’t resist watching the show since it features too cute animals. Some of the studies also show that loving and adoring animals can also help in improving focus. If watching animal shows is your hobby, then there are shows like Dogs, Dogs with Jobs, and Too Cute Kitten Cam for you, and if you love to know more about animals, then 72 Cutest Animals is the informational show for you. We hope the article has helped you find useful information about Too Cute. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q.1 Who is the narrator of the show Too Cute?

Veteran theatre actor Henry Strozier narrates the show Too Cute.

Q.2 IMDb rating of Too Cute?

Too Cute is rated 8.6 stars on IMDb.

Q.3: Who produced Too Cute?

True production house produced Too Cute.

Q.4 When was the last episode of Too Cute released?

The last episode of the series was released on 2 January 2017.

Q.5: Can I watch Too Cute on Netflix?

No, the show is a television series available on Animal Planet and Discovery Family channels.

Q.6: How many seasons does the Too Cute series have?

The Too Cute series has 6 seasons released between 2011 and 2017.

When did Too Cute end?

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