What is Divisive Behavior?

What is Divisive Behavior

Have you ever sat alone and imagined how people behave differently? What makes them act the way they act in that particular situation? Why do we all do the same work or task but in different ways? Have you ever thought about the job of understanding your behavior or the behavior of others around you? If yes, then it is a good article you are going through. Know about the Divisive Behavior.

Each human on this earth is a composition of different characteristics. Different people show different behavior due to various reasons. For instance, some people might become more introverted in certain situations, while some might be extroverted in others.

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Different people also show different behaviors ( divisive behavior nowadays most common) because of their upbringing, environment, and education; these factors shape how they behave in certain situations. People also exhibit different behaviors when they are in group activities than when they are alone or when interacting with strangers than when they interact with friends.

What is Divisive Behavior?

Divisive behavior is a type of behavior that drives people apart from each other. It is defined as how people can exhibit feelings of contempt, disdain, and anger. This act also includes the actions that are used to cause others to feel inferior or hostile.

Reasons Behind Being Divisive

The main reason for this type of behavior is a person’s lack of self-confidence. People with low self-esteem might view themselves as being better than other people who have less power or status in society. In addition, they might have a distorted perception of reality and believe that their opinion is more valuable than that of others. These feelings get amplified when they feel threatened by someone who may pose a threat to them psychologically or socially.

Some people will not be happy with the choices that they have. They may feel that there is no choice. They may resent those who are different from them. So many things could make people divisive.

Guide to Identity The People Of Divisive Behavior – 

Divisive people are people who can drive a wedge between people or groups of people.

Here is an example:

If someone is gossiping, spreading rumors, and making inappropriate remarks about others in the office, this person needs to be identified and dealt with accordingly. There are ways to identify these divisive people:

1) Check for unprofessional behavior. Please pay attention to what they do when they’re not working and keep notes of anything that might be inappropriate.

2) Watch for gossip and look out for any patterns of rudeness towards others on social media.

3) Watch for their interactions with other employees. If you notice a pattern of exclusion or bullying from one person on the team, it might be time to intervene.

4) Some people are divisive. They will find ways to make any situation about them and their beliefs. That can be frustrating for other people, and it can even cause arguments.

 5) These people will not want to hear what others have to say and instead feel like they need to make their voice heard.

So if you wish to identify divisive people, you should watch for certain behaviors. For example, if someone is continually speaking over others in a conversation, if they try to make the conversation only about themselves, or if they refuse to listen, then you should suspect that person may be divisive.

Some Common Traits/ Characteristics Of a Divisive Person- 

  • Showing off fake concern about how things will brother others
  • Initiating Argument
  • Spreading and creating fear
  • Defining rules to develop social barriers
  • Lying on even pity things
  • Carrying grudges for long
  • Giving orders and expecting obedience in return every time
  • Developing Cliques
  • Knowingly undermining people in authority
  • Bitching about one person in front of other
  • Talking the aid of principles as an excuse to discontinue the connect
  • Personalizing any random political dispute
  • Raising stakes in disputes
  • Spreading gossips
  • Being an illicit, racist or sexist
  • Backstabbing
  • Having an attitude of being always right and the other person wrong
  • “I win you lose” perspective.

Role of Social Media In Divisive Behavior Among People-

Social media have fueled the recent rise in online hate speech. The internet has given people a platform to express their views without being accountable for their actions.

Many people believe that social media is a place where they can share their opinions and thoughts about some issues, but sometimes some of those opinions and reviews turn into hate speech.

Social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr have been used as a tool for some people to spread hateful messages such as racism and sexism or just generally offensive comments on issues that they disagree with. But, unfortunately, social media platforms have become more than just a form of communication; it’s now how many people get their news and information–and it’s also how many people get the opportunity to spew hateful messages on others who they are.

Hacks to Deal With Divisive Behavior At your Workplace- 

Behavior change never takes place in seconds. It may take months, years, or even decades to have a change in attitude. So to help you change yourself or the people around you (whoever has this behavior), we are here with some simple and easy-to-practice hacks that will surely give tremendous change in the behavior. Do check them out below.

#TIP 1# Try to hold a better understanding about the actual happenings- 

Yes, a small investigation sometimes can turn out to give magical results. Talk to people around about where you witnessed this divisive behavior. Always feel free to reflect on your problems rather than hiding or choosing not to speak about them.

#TIP 2# Practice Humility and Empathy- 

Always try to understand the pressure or the constraints the other person is going through that resulted in this divisive behavior. Every reaction of the opposite person may not be divisive behavior but instead can be because of the situation they are going through. So before judging anybody, try figuring out the whole scenario, and if then things seem wrong, feel free to discuss and try for the transformation via a positive attitude.

#TIP 3# Fix Yourself and Your Team Foremost- 

A company is not never an individual’s show but rather the whole team’s show. Right? So creating positive transformations at a trim level like starting from oneself will indeed be a significant positive transformation’ close to home’.

#TIP4# Draft Clear Cut Rules for the Game- 

Well defined and clear to all rules must be set up at the workplace to make communication happen effectively and smoothly. These rules undoubtedly can be customized as n when needed according to the ongoing situations, but their formulation should be done.

#TIP 5# Go with A Common Fit To All Language- 

Always establish a common language that the entire team should use to discuss essentials like any ideas, innovations, problems, and many more like this.

#TIP 6# Appreciate The Good Behavior- 

To encourage the circulation of positivity all around the workplace, always appreciate or reward employees depicting the one. This act will inspire others at the workplace to follow the same.


We know that all humans are different, and we accept that they will sometimes have different opinions. But is it excellent for a society to have such divisive behavior? What if they start hating each other because of such differences? It would lead to chaos. Do you also think the same? If not, and you have some thoughts related to this, then do share with us too.

What is Divisive Behavior?

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