What is Divisive Behavior?

Have you ever sat alone and imagined how people behave differently? What makes them act the way they act in that particular situation? Why do we all do the same work or task but in different ways? Have you ever thought about the job of understanding your behavior or the behavior of others around you? […]

How much does a rental car cost for a week?

Are you planning to hire a car but are unsure about the cost? You will learn how the cost is determined depending on the different variables including pick-up and drop-off locations, time and duration of the journey, and many more. The average weekly rate of a rental car is often determined by the car’s size […]

Realist vs Visionary

What is a realist? Today’s topic- Realist vs Visionary. A person with a real personality type depends on real inputs. They are realistic, logic-driven, and open-minded. These persons judge a situation as it occurs. The situation does not contain sentimental impacts when they represent it on their terms. Since these persons are targeted in the […]

What is Reserved Personality?

You might be in your school, college, workplace, restaurant, cafe, with a group of friends or anywhere else, you must have observed that there is always one person who doesn’t speaks much, who doesn’t involve in the discussion, wants to stay alone, who might also hesitate to ask questions or replies in a quite confused […]

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