How do I Start Again On Pottermore Quiz?


‘Wingadium Leviosa’, ‘Accio’, ‘Riddikulas’, these are the few spells that were on the lips of the 1999 kids when we wanted to escape reality. Didn’t you think to be a wizard? Didn’t you want to visit Hogwarts? Ever since “Harry Potter” was introduced to the world, the excitement, the supremacy of fantasy magic exploded in each household. It is not necessary to explain how Harry Potter became an epic children’s literary series. We lived through it, or in it and the characters have grown with us, or vice-versa. Read more about How do I Start Again On Pottermore Quiz?

With time the Harry Potter world evolved with novels, movies and merchandise. And J.K. Rowling, the author of the novel series, doesn’t leave a chance to amaze us. She has tried to enhance the experience of the readers in every way possible. Thus, she founded the official ‘Pottermore’ company in 2012, where anyone from anywhere can register for free on the website ‘the wizarding world’ to find out their Hogwarts house, Patronus, and wand. This offers the feel of having your sorting hat ceremony and the other crucial events in a wizard’s or witch’s life.

Did you take the Pottermore quiz? Were you satisfied? Or you wanted to be in Ravenclaw and got Slytherin? So, many people want to do the Pottermore quiz again. But is it possible on the website?

The Problem With Start Again

The website ‘the wizarding world: The official home of Harry Potter’ offers only one Pottermore quiz for one registered email. So, technically it is not possible to take the Pottermore quiz again and again on the website. But, Alohomora! (The spell to unlock doors), there is an indirect way to take the Pottermore quiz as many times as you want. You need to follow some steps to get your sorting hat ceremony again. And if you have the new wizarding world app, you can do the Pottermore quiz again directly. But you won’t be able to change your house. You have to stick with the house you got first.

The limitation of the Pottermore quiz to only one for each registered user is because one Wizard or Witch gets selected into one house only once in their life. The Pottermore is an interactive platform so, ‘the muggles’ that is the non-magical beings can enjoy the ways of being a wizard or witch.

Now, no further ado and get into steps leading to do the Pottermore quiz again.

Steps For Pottermore Quiz, Again!

On the website, you will need to delete and make your account again. You are re-entering the wizarding world with a new passport.

  • Open your wizarding world account on the website.
  • Go to the menu from my account.
  • At the bottom, below support option. You’ll find the delete my account option. Click on it to delete your account.
  • After that, freshly create a new account with the same email.
  • Now you can take the Pottermore quiz, again.

Follow the steps as many times as you like to take the Pottermore quiz. But it’s too much for just taking a quiz? Well, people enjoy the essence of a story they love. If you only want to take the quiz without changing your house on your account. Then, download the updated wizarding world app, when you retake the quiz for the first time, you can change your house. It asks for permission, whether you want to keep this current result of the quiz or the prior one. After this one time, you can take the quiz as many times as you like but the luxury of changing your house won’t be possible.


Harry Potter is the only children’s literary series that has gained a wide audience. Being a children story, but not limited to just children. If you have read or watched Harry Potter, you know how the story grew. With kids introduced to magic, exploring the magic of the wizarding world in their teenage, and defeating the one who can’t be named by the end of their school. The story is a journey of the boy who lived. From attending Hogwarts as a wizard to proving the honor held by his name. As Harry Potter grew from a kid to a young man in the story, every part of the audience was able to taste a bit of it.

Pottermore providing the essence of the wizarding world is extraordinary. Thus, go and take your quiz now if you haven’t yet. And if you got into a house that you don’t want, you know what to do. As it is known, the sorting hat listens to your heart too when it chooses you for a house. Your choice matters!


1. Can I retake my Patronus as well, like the Pottermore quiz?

If you then follow the same instructions as for the Pottermore quiz, you can retake your Patronus. But on the app, it is not possible to retake your Patronus.

2. Can you retake the wand test on Pottermore?

Yes, by following the steps we mentioned. Deleting your account and opening a new account resets all information. Thus, you can retake all quizzes once you recreate your account after deleting your previous account.

How do I Start Again On Pottermore Quiz?

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