Why did Franklin and Bash get Canceled?

Why did Franklin and Bash get Canceled?

If you are a fan of the show Franklin and Bash, which was telecasted on TNT, owned by the sony pictures television then, this might be heartbreaking for you, but the show isn’t returning for its fifth season for good. However, you can still stream the show by paying for it or renting it on Amazon Instant Video for those who don’t know about it. The show cast Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Breckin Meyer, Dana Davis, Malcolm McDowell, Garcelle Beauvais, and a lot of other talented actors. To find out the actual reasons for why the show got canceled, please read forward. Read to find why did Franklin and Bash get Canceled.

The last episode of the show’s fourth season was aired on 22 October 2014. And it has been confirmed that the show is gone for good. Now, for a display to get canceled, there are numerous factors, and this is the article in which you’ll find the elements for which Franklin and bash got canceled.

Why would a show get canceled in the first place? 

As said before, a show might get canceled for a lot of different reasons. For example, financial issues, the show not being a hit, or not reaching a good viewership decreases the ad commercial and subscription revenues which ultimately leads to a low financial budget, there might be some triggering content which a lot of the audience despise to a level where there is no other option but to cancel it. In addition, an actor might withdraw, and the show might get canceled because no other actor could replace the role well; this is a very rare situation though. 

Why was Franklin and Bash canceled?

You might have already sort of figured out why Franklin and Bash got canceled, and the main factor is because of a meager financial budget and the second main factor is because of the drop in the audience watching. As a report states, only 1.25 million people watched the fourth season’s first episode or the opener, which was sixty percent less than the third season’s viewers. The show gained around 900,000 viewers for the fourth season, which affected its revenue and eventually led to its cancelation.

However, when questioned about this the Turner’s broadcasting president say’s “We are going to get edgier, we are going to get louder, and we are going to get more dual (male-female), but we also have an existing audience, we have an existing fan base with a lot of our top-rated show.”

It would not be fair for one to deny the fact that some people still loved the show and wish that there was a proper ending. Still, the ratio between the people who loved it and the people who say it just didn’t hit the mark with just ten episodes a tear is too far apart, which also explains why the show is no more. 

The show was about two unconventional lawyers who get hired for a prestigious law firm because of winning a very high-profiled case and are expected to put up the reputation. With a lot of logic and a slight hint of humor, the show was not many’s favorites, but it went downhill quite quickly with every season.


In conclusion, yes, the show is canceled, or should I say the case is closed for Franklin and Bash. All the reasons do seem very fair. These days every person leans more towards a concept where they can picture themselves in things they can’t normally do. So a show about law firms might not be on their top tier list. TNT took the showdown mainly because of the inconsistency in the storyline, which ultimately led to the decrease in viewership.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Who was the cast of Franklin and Bash?

Breckin Meyer played Jared Franklin, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar played Peter Bash. The show’s latest cast also includes Kumail Nanjiani, who appears as Pindar Singh, Malcolm McDowell, who seems as Stanton Infeld, Toni Trucks, Dana Davis, Heather Locklear, and a lot more. 

  • What shows did Mark-Paul Gosselaar appear in?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar was born in the city of Panorama, California, United States. And has first gained massive fame because of his appearance in the show In Saved by the Bell as Zack Morris. After that, he also appeared in a very long list of shows and films, some of which are Truth be Told, The Passage, Happy endings, CST: Crime Scene Investigation, Pitch, Etc.

  • Who is kumail Nanjiani?

Kumail Najiani is a Pakistani-American actor widely known for Dinesh’s role on the comedy show Silicon Valley on HBO. He also bagged a nomination for the academy award for best original screenplay, was also named one of the most influential (top 100) in the year 2018. Not just acting he was also a co-writer for the romantic comedy film the big sick which came out in 2017.

Why did Franklin and Bash get Canceled?

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