Was every witch way Cancelled?

What Is A Cold Open?

Nickelodeon is an American television channel that shows cartoons, movies, sitcoms, etc., and targets the age group of kids to teens. The teen sitcom Every Witch Way was a telenovela adaptation based on Grachi that was a Latin American show under Nickelodeon. It first aired on the first day of 2014. Read more was every witch way Cancelled.

Every Witch Way has a total of four seasons and 80 episodes that were aired. On June 1, 2015, there was an announcement that the fourth season would be its last. The season finale premiered on July 30, 2015. There was a spin-off, WITS Academy that followed its end.

Genre and Backstory

The genres under which Every Witch Way falls are:

  • Drama
  • Comedy
  • Fantasy
  • Romance

It is specifically for the younger audiences as the protagonist herself is fourteen years old. The drama is a remake of the Latin American teen drama Grachi. They were both filmed in Miami and produced there as well. Besides borrowing the actors from GrachiEvery Witch Way also recycled some of their sets.

As expected from any teen drama, there is a lot of twists and turns along with some good friendships, heartbreaks, and rivalry. But what made this show popular was the fantasy or supernatural aspects in it. The protagonist and everyone around her are supernatural characters like witches, wizards, kanays, etc., and live in a world of magic among humans.

The Main Cast

The cast of this sitcom chiefly consists of 7 members portraying the seven main characters. There are of course recurring or supporting characters as well. The main cast is:

  • Emma Alonso the protagonist is played by Paola Nicole Andino. She discovers her new identity as a witch in her new school.
  • Daniel Miller is played by Nick Merico. He is popular in Iridium High for his smartness and athletic ability. She also becomes Emma’s boyfriend.
  • Maddie Van Pelt is played by Paris Smith. She is the most popular girl in school. She was Daniel’s ex and Emma’s rival at the beginning.
  • Andi Cruz is played by Daniela Nieves. She is Emma’s best friend besides being a good swimmer.
  • Jax Novoa is played by Rahart Adams. He gets introduced as a potential love interest of Emma in season 2.
  • Mia is played by Elizabeth Elias. She is kanay and gets introduced in the show’s third season.
  • Diego Rueda is played by Tyler Alvarez. He is kanay and becomes Maddie’s boyfriend in season 2.

Season Summary

Season 1 

The protagonist, Emma moves to Miami with her father, Franciso. She starts attending classes at her new school, Iridium High School. During her first introduction with Andi, who becomes her best friend, and Daniel, her new crush, she discovers the existence of magic. She finds out her identity as a witch and not just any witch, but the “Chose One”. She also meets her rival, Maddie, and her gang, and gets on her bad side. She competes with Maddie soon enough who has also realized her identity as a witch. Meanwhile, the principal, Miss Torres plans to steal her powers during the full moon.

Season 2

Emma and Maddie start being friends. While Maddie has lost her powers, Emma decides to stop using hers. She does so to be in a relationship with her human boyfriend, Daniel without breaking any rule of the Witches’ Council. A witch from the council decides to steal her powers, similar to the previous season. Jax, the new wizard joins Iridium High and develops romantic feelings for Emma, and to get closer to her starts mentoring her.

Season 3

In this season Mia is introduced. She has come to Miami with the primary goal of taking revenge on witches. She is the new antagonist in this season. There is a love triangle between Daniel, Emma, and Jax in this season.

Season 4

Emma tries to time travel to save her mother but gradually gives up. Jax’s family gets introduced in this season with the arrival of his sister, Jessie, and his father, Jake. Initially, they suspect Jake as evil but his mother, Liana turns out to be the villain. The season ends with her getting sucked into Limbo. Andi gets admitted to WITS Academy announcing the spin-off series.


Nickelodeon announced on June 1, 2005, that the show would not have a fifth season. There was no such major reason for such a decision. The directors and producers most probably thought it was the correct time to end. Besides, they also announced the spin-off series, so in a way, the cast changed, but not much of the crew did. The WITS Academy revolves around the character of Andi from Every Witch Way and her friends. The fans bid goodbye to the show with the final episode that aired in July 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who does Emma end up with?

Emma ends up with Jax and not Daniel in season 4.

  1. Which show was Every Witch Way adapted from?

Every Witch Way is an adaptation of the Latin American telenovela, Grachi.

  1. Is Mia a witch?

Mia is not a witch but a kanay, a being who has power over the elements.

  1. Who is the Chosen One?

Emma is the Chosen One as she has powers greater than those in her generation which seems to increase as she gets older.

Was every witch way Cancelled?

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