Does Safelite charge more to come to you?

Does Safelite charge more to come to you?

If you are also tensed about the repairing of your windshield but have got no time for that, then you can also choose Safelite’s mobile service. The technician will come to you and take the necessary actions to solve your problem. Does Safelite charge more to come to you?

However, Safelite charges an additional cost to come to you. The cost depends on the damage and your location. But before deciding to take their service, the first check who they are and other important things as a customer. 

Who is Safelite?

Safelite provides auto glass repair and replacement services throughout 97% of locations in the US. Safelite was started in a junkyard in Wichita, Kansas. Since its start, i.e., from 1947, Safelite has continued providing the best services in vehicle glass repair. Safelite provides its services via two modes: first, it is in-shop, and the other is mobile repair services. These steps have made Safelite a leader in its industry. Now let’s check what kind of services Safelite offers.

What services does it offer?

As we already discussed, Safelite repairs and replaces the windshield, side window, rear window, and back glass, etc. of the vehicles throughout America.

You can also purchase wiper blades from them. As it is suggested, you should change your wiper blades after every 6 months or 6,000 miles. Not doing so might obstruct your driving, and it can cost you a large amount of money. 

Recalibration of the safety system – the camera attached to the windshield is important for safe driving, and after any damage to the windshield, you are advised to recalibrate the camera attached to your windshield. 

How much do the services cost?

A plus point of using Safelite services is some of the services it provides can be covered under the insurance. So, the repairs can be done for free. 

It depends on the client too. They can choose to claim insurance, or they may not. If you choose to claim insurance for repair or replacement, then Safelite takes care of the procedure. Because Safelite works with most of the insurance companies in America.

When you don’t claim the coverage or if you don’t have the insurance, then you will be charged for the Safelite services. 

The repairing cost will depend upon the extent of damage to your glass. If the damage is very small, then it can get repaired for free (for a customer who is already a user of Safelite services).

The replacement cost depends on the damage location, type of the vehicle, etc. You can get charged for the things that your insurance company doesn’t cover or for the extra amount above the cover.

Safelite mobile service

Safelite comes to you when you can’t reach them. With this pandemic situation and the social distancing norms, Safelite technicians follow all the CDC social distancing guidelines. 

Book an appointment with the mobile technicians via Safelite’s website.

After booking your appointment, an email will be sent to you with the information regarding the technician’s name, photo, and other details.

Safelite will send you details about the time of the appointment.

On the day of the meeting, the technician will call you. He/she will provide you with more accurate detail on their arrival time. 

During social distancing conditions, the technician will avoid contacting you directly.

How much does the Safelite mobile service costs?

When Safelite sends its technician to you, they charge a bit more than the in-shop service charge. The windshield repair price is $19.99 and for replacing the windshield it charges $29.95 when Safelite comes to you. 

Effect on the price

There can be a difference in the replacement or repair cost, according to the following factors 

If there’s any special feature in the windshield. If there is any camera on the windshield, then it will be required to recalibrate. Or the windshield might have rain sensors, which have to be repaired.

Several years of manufacturing. The cost of repair or replacement in a newer car will be less as compared to the cost in an older car. For instance, if you want some repair in a 2005 Chevrolet 1500, then it will cost much more than the repair cost in a 2017 BMW M4. 

The extent of the damage. If it is smaller than 3 inches, then the windshield only needs repair. 

Type of damage, if the damage is repairable or replaceable. Repair costs less, and the replacement cost is high. 

Quality of the material that you want to use. You can get the replacement in the original material or any other material. 

Whether insurance covers the damage or not. Different insurance companies have different policies about covering a certain amount of damage. 


Because of its more than 8,000 mobile repair shops in the US, it is easy for Safelite to reach its customers. Safelite uses high-quality technology and highly trained technicians to provide its services, which helped it to gain recognition from experts in the field. 

Safelite charges to send its technicians to your home, but, if it solves your problem without stepping out of the home, then what’s better than that? 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q.1: Can I purchase wiper blades from Safelite?

Yes, to purchase wiper blades you have two options; either via Safelite or amazon.

Q.2: How much does Safelite charge for a windshield replacement?

RepairPal estimates the windshield replacement cost anywhere between $200 and $401. 

Q.3: Does Safelite repair a rearview windshield?

Yes, Safelite repairs and replaces the rear windshield. It repairs the front windshield, rear and side windows, vent glass, back glass, and the passenger side quarter panel.

Q.4: Can Safelite repair my sunroof?

No, this service is currently unavailable.

Q.5: How do I locate Safelite shops near me?

You can locate any of these shops by checking the Safelite website and entering your location details there. There are 720 Safelite shops across the US and almost 7,900 MobileGlasssShops.

Q.6: Should I wait for washing my car after the windshield installation?

Yes. Safelite advises waiting for 24 hours for windshield installation. And for a high-pressure wash, you should wait for some days.

Does Safelite charge more to come to you?

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