Do Walmart Sell Fire Sticks?

Do Walmart Sell Fire Sticks?

Steaming apps are getting a lot more popular these days. With these increasing demands, the access of the apps is also increasing and has become easier. Amazon firestick is a device that can help you take your streaming app anywhere with you. If you are looking for some information regarding Walmart, fire sticks, and if they sell them, then you have come to the right place. This article will give you an insight into the topic. Read more Do Walmart Sell Fire Sticks?

Ans: No, Walmart does not sell amazon fire sticks nor does it sell fire TVs. The company stopped selling them in 2017 both in-store and online. One of the reasons behind this is the increasing competition of Walmart with amazon. However, other streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku are still sold on Walmart. 

Firesticks are considered much better than the regular monthly paid subscription. They give you access to a wide range of content to enjoy anywhere. It is said that the main reason behind the sudden removal of fire sticks from the store is competition. But Walmart has never officially stated this through press releases. The competition between the two big companies is increasing drastically and both want to do their best, which is a clear indication regarding the removal of the product.

Apart from this each day more retailers are shifting to the online mode. The main reason is to expand their access area and the ease with which things can be handled. It surely helps a lot in expanding the field. There were rumors that Walmart is trying to bring its fire stick in the market to compete with Amazon, but still, it is a big question mark as no official statement has been given. Walmart has also stopped selling amazon gift cards and kindle apparently for the same reason.

What is Walmart?

Now, if you are new and do not know much about Walmart, then here is a brief introduction to the company.

It is an American multinational retail corporation, which has a huge chain of hypermarkets, grocery stores, and other departments with discounts. The company was founded by Sam Walton back in 1962, it was incorporated under Delaware General Corporation Law. Walmart is said to be one of the largest companies by revenue. The company has expanded internationally through its hard work and innovative ideas. It is providing great customer service to the people helping them shop anything, anywhere, and anytime.

Does Walmart have its streaming device?

Now, back to our topic on fire sticks, as mentioned above the company is trying to bring its fire stick in the market but still hasn’t. Although due to the sudden decline in the DVD market worldwide, Walmart acquired Vudu in 2010. Vudu is a company that releases a digital version of DVDs. But in 2019, similarly, like Netflix and other streaming apps, Vudu shifted to creating its content through subscription. On Roku streaming devices you can access Vudu for free. There is an availability of content from classical to the latest release without the monthly subscription. Another benefit of the Roku streaming app is that unlike Netflix it does not take almost 6 months to release a new film online.

So, after all these changes in Vudu Walmart sold Vudu to Fandango, so that it can be an independent streaming platform. After that, the main focus of Walmart shifted to improving the delivery and customer service by various innovative ideas.

What are the other devices sold by Walmart?

Although the company does not sell fire sticks, it does sell other streaming devices like Google Chromecast along with Google TV. It provides entertainment at 4k HDR. The 3rd generation Chromecast can be bought at around $29.99 and is available both online and offline.


Due to the increasing rivalry with Amazon, Walmart has stopped selling Amazon fire sticks both online and offline. Although other streaming devices can still be found on the app. To match the competition, the company also decided to buy Vudu but in 2019, it was sold because of the shift of market of Vudu from digital DVDs to making its streaming platform like Netflix. I hope this article gave you the best insight possible on the topic. Thank you for reading the article.


  1. What is a 4k firestick?

Ans: It is Amazon’s third crack at 4k HDR, with more clear and crisper pictures and vibrant colors. It has both the features of Dolby Vision and HDR10+

  1. At what cost is Fire Stick available?

Ans: Both the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV stick cost different, which is approximately $99 and $39 respectively.

  1. Where can you buy Amazon Fire sticks?

Ans: The Fire stick can be easily obtained from online retailers If you live in San Francisco, then it can be easily available on kiosks. At Westfield San Francisco Centre.

Do Walmart Sell Fire Sticks?

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