Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons?

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Dollar General stores have a wide range of products for parties, birthdays, and seasonal celebrations. The Festive section of the store sells various parties or related celebratory items such as Piñatas, balloons, party decorations, gift packages, cake, and cupcake supplies. They fill helium balloons at almost all of their in-store locations. Dollar General offers the best prices for filling helium balloons compared to other stores. Here is everything you need to know about Dollar General Helium balloons’ services. Read more Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons?

What are the options if I want to fill the Jumbo balloons for my friend’s birthday party?

Dollar General offers services for filling latex, mylar, metallic and jumbo balloons with helium. The services are available at your local Dollar General in-store. It is important to know that the balloons are available for purchase from the store itself. They cannot refill balloons purchased outside in the store. 

What are the different prices for the helium balloons available for purchase and refilling in Dollar General?

Latex Balloons cost $0.50 to $1 per balloon.

Jumbo Balloons cost $15 per balloon

Mylar Balloons cost $5 per balloon

There are Multicolor LED balloons with a stand kit available online and in-store, which costs about $5-$7 per balloon.

Are Helium tanks available for purchase in Dollar General?

Helium tanks with 8.9cubic feet of helium mixture are available in their online store and store. This cylinder can fill 30.9 inches latex balloons, 16.11 inches latex balloons, and 16.18 inches Mylar Balloons.

The cost of the helium tank is $32.

 Dollar General does not offer a Helium tank rental service. They will only fill up balloons that customers purchase at the store. They also sell small Balloon Pumps that use helium and air.

Helium tank rental service costs $70-$350, which is considerably costly. The cost varies depending on the cubic meters of the tank and also the price of the helium. The high price can also vary depending on the season and the value of helium at the booking.

What are the options for buying a collection of balloons for non-festive events?

The assorted latex party balloons-arch kit is available for 5 inches, 9 inches, and 12 inches. There are multicolored balloons available, which are best for Halloween parties and there are Gold White, Silver hues best for baby showers, birthday parties and anniversaries. The 5-inch latex balloons comprise a maximum of 15 total balloons, all of them at a cheap price of $5. There are options to buy pre-filled confetti balloons at the same price.

  • Gian Foil Balloons for birthday parties are available for $4. The balloons are available in the online store catalog and stores for $4.

Traditionally, for every festival, people use plastic balloons. Are there environmentally friendly products and other options for filling balloons at Dollar General?

Yes, there are varieties of products, especially balloon collections, which are environmentally friendly. There is a demand for LED Balloons and stand kits, which are available with assorted colors for sale. These balloons are 18 inches, clear reusable balloons with approximately 10 feet of LED string lights. There is also a 15-inch balloon stand and balloon cup available for purchase in online stores and stores. These balloons are on sale for the rate of $1 per balloon. 

What are the options available for customers with affordable birthday party balloons with pastel hues?

There are online-only sales for 321 Balloon arch kits. These balloons are biodegradable, reusable, a popular choice for birthday parties. The pastel balloon-arch kit comprises 5 inches, 9 inches, and 12-inch pastel hues with 40 pieces, for a cheap price of $4. Pre-filled balloons with confetti are available for surprise parties. 321 gold foil party balloon “Happy Birthday” Banner kit available for $8. 

Another good option is Gian Foil balloons, which are also customizable, biodegradable balloons. These balloons are the best option if you want to personalize your birthday party at a specific age or number. Each piece costs $4. 


Dollar general fills helium balloons in all walk-in stores. Balloons are available to purchase from their online and walk-in stores with options to fill the balloon with helium in their stores. The price and the availability of helium depend on the season and availability. It is preferable if you can buy the balloons from the walk-in store and fill them in stores. They do not provide services for outside store-bought balloons. 

Dollar General also sells environmentally friendly balloon brands such as 321 Balloon arch kit, LED balloon. These products are biodegradable and reusable. LED balloons comprise approximately 10 feet of LED lights. These options are available in an affordable price range of $1-$5.

There are online store-only products. In this case, the customers must verify whether helium tank filling services are available. Then there are in-store products available, which guarantees the site helium or air filling services for customers. All the products and services are affordable for the price range of $1-$10.

Does Dollar General Fill Helium Balloons?

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