Is Rita’s Open All Year Round?

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Founded on May 7, 1984, Rita’s Italian Ice, also known as Rita’s Water Ice is a quick-service restaurant chain operating predominantly in the Mid-Atlantic United States. With over 540 stores in 31 states and a yearly turnover of $50 million, the chain serves multiple types of frozen treats and specialty creations. Read on to know if Rita’s is open all year round, serving happiness to its loyal fans. Read more Is Rita’s Open All Year Round?

Is Rita’s Open All Year Round?

A majority of Rita’s locations operate between the months of March and September. It is mandatory for the food chain to open by the mid of March and stay open until the end of or until the third Sunday of September. However, Rita’s located in Malls and warmer regions go on to operate all year round. 

How Much Does Employees Working at Rita’s Make?

Rita’s stores operate individually with their own rules and requirements. So, the salaries paid are never uniform and vary from location to location. On average, Rita’s Italian Ice pay is approximately $8 per hour for the vendor and $15.40 per hour for the Store Manager. 

The Store Manager and the Assistant Store Manager earn approximately $83,539 and $25,000 respectively per year, while other employees earn about $30,000 annually. The highest paying job at Rita’s is that of the Franchise Licensing Manager who earns $66,000 annually and the lowest paying job is that of the Cashier, who earns $18,000 annually.

What is The Procedure to be Part of Rita’s Franchise?

Rita’s Italian Ice operates through 540 stores at multiple locations. Rita’s franchises have been in the business for over three decades by committing to engage with the community and serve smiles through their simple and unique frozen desserts. 


Not everyone can be a part of Rita’s franchise. If an individual is aiming to be a part of Rita’s franchise, they need to exhibit a passion for customer service and should be willing to engage with the community. While having a restaurant experience comes as an added benefit while running the store, it is not mandatory to have one.  

Financial Requirements

Apart from the above-mentioned criteria, individuals who want to be a part of the franchise should meet several financial requirements. It is necessary for the candidates to have a minimum of $100,000 as liquid assets and a net worth of at least $300,000. The investment amount is subjected to vary depending on several factors. But, on average, the investment and start-up costs range between $194,863 to $528,061. 

To get detailed information on the start-up costs, one can visit the official website and fill out the form on the page. 


After becoming a qualifying member of Rita’s franchise, an individual will have plenty of options to choose a location nationwide to operate as either a single unit or multi-units. The simple and flexible operations of Rita’s makes it easy for franchisees to choose a location that involves lower real estate costs. 

  • Stand-alone Stores

The stand-alone store is the most common type of Rita’s store. Apart from operating as a standard shop from a particular location, franchisees have an option to expand their business by operating as food trucks or mobile carts and catering. However, the Franchise owners should own at least one standard store to expand their business into mobile units and catering. 

  • Express Units

Rita’s also offers an opportunity for the franchisees to operate as  Express units at unique locations like malls, theme parks, convention centers, etc. However, the menu at these stores is limited compared to the standard store. 

Support From The Brand

The best thing about becoming a part of Rita’s franchise is that the franchisees receive marketing to their business in the form of traditional advertising, digital and social media marketing, etc. The brand offers hands-on support to new franchisees that helps them to stand out from the crowd. 


A significant number of Rita’s locations operate seasonally, i.e., they are open only during a particular season (mostly summer). While the stores located in malls and warmer regions operate all year round, it is always advisable to check with the official website to know the functioning of the stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the operating hours of Rita’s stores?

The operating hours of Rita’s differ from location to location and season to season. Most locations open at 2 PM and close at 8 PM or 9 PM on the weekdays. During the weekends the opening time is 12 and the closing time is 9 PM. The operating hours last longer in warmer regions and hot summer months. 

  • What are the most popular flavors at Rita’s?

Rita’s is best known for its Mango flavor of Italian ice, followed by Cherry Italian ice and Swedish fish. 

  • Can a 14-year-old work at Rita’s?

Rita’s is a franchise of which any person can be part if they meet the given requirements. As each store is owned and operated individually, the requirements and rules of these stores vary by location. A majority of stores hire employees as young as 14 years. 

Is Rita’s Open All Year Round?

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