Amazon in Garage Grocery Delivery

Amazon is now enlarging in garage grocery delivery service. Read more about Amazon in Garage Grocery Delivery. Amazon is now attempting to broaden in different areas of the market. As an outcome, it purchased “Whole Food Market ” in 2017 so that it can expand into groceries. And the pandemic (COVID-19) situation is in its […]

Request for Information (RFI) Tutor...
Request for Information (RFI) Tutorial

Is Rita’s Open All Year Round?

Founded on May 7, 1984, Rita’s Italian Ice, also known as Rita’s Water Ice is a quick-service restaurant chain operating predominantly in the Mid-Atlantic United States. With over 540 stores in 31 states and a yearly turnover of $50 million, the chain serves multiple types of frozen treats and specialty creations. Read on to know […]

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