Amazon Bereavement Policy

Amazon Bereavement Policy

The death of a family member could be a very challenging and devastating thing one has to face. The loss and the grief that comes with it are not easy to exist. While deprivation, it’s inevitable. Coping with the death of a family member could require time and space. Your emotional health needs to take time off of your hectic daily life to grieve and accept. Read more about Amazon Bereavement Policy.

Many companies empathize with their workers and provide bereavement leave. And Amazon is one of them! So if you’re working and you need a break from grief and don’t know how to ask for it, this page will help you guide you through the complete process. 

Amazon Bereavement Leave Policy 

Bereavement policies are different in every company. It means the time the employer allows an employee a paid leave to mourn a family member’s death, which includes the parents, siblings, and grandparents. For example, Amazon provides an entire three-day paid leave at the expiration of the employee’s immediate family member regardless of the employee’s status. Bereavement leave is reasonable, and most companies don’t deny it. 

When Do You Qualify For Bereavement Leave? 

Bereavement leave is a fantastic facility provided for every worker who needs days off to grieve over the death of someone. It’s financial support that a company offers to its workers as “paid days off.” 

Amazon provides bereavement leave only at the death of the employee’s immediate relative. That includes the parents, siblings, grandparents, and the worker’s spouse. 

How Do You Ask For Bereavement Leave? 

Leave of emergencies is granted to every employee by the law. And if your emergency is a death of a family member or a funeral to attend, then policies and permissions are likely not something you would want to go through. 

As much as asking for a leave of bereavement sounds like an uncomfortable and emotional challenge, it’s always ideal. It requires only a spoken request or a letter of understanding at the maximum. 

Is Bereavement Leave Guaranteed? 

Most of the companies sympathize with their workers after learning about the death of their families. But that doesn’t mean they couldn’t disapprove of the bereavement leave, or they can deny it. 

Bereavement leave is still a request, and they don’t guarantee to give it to every employee. 

Does Amazon Ask For Proof Before Granting Bereavement Leave? 

Providing evidence of a family member’s death Could be a tough job. Most companies don’t always ask for proof of death as it’s insensitive and uncaring. 

But sometimes, it might be necessary for a company to grant you a paid leave. So if your manager asks for it, having a death certificate or other proof of death would be beneficial.  

Can You Take Bereavement Leave During The Death Of A Friend? 

The criteria to claiming leave of grief include the death of immediate family members. While A loss of a friend is very devastating, Amazon doesn’t permit paid leave at the demise of someone who doesn’t have a blood relation with you. 

Can You Extend The Bereavement Period? 

Amazon strictly only provides three days of funeral leave to its employees. However, they can make exceptions if the worker requests additional traveling days off. 

Many workers require more than just three days to overcome the death of a family member and fall back into a daily schedule. However, Amazon does make exceptions and will extend a leave of bereavement if requested. 

How Many Times Can You Take Bereavement Leave At Amazon? 

A bereavement leave lasts about three days at Amazon. However, there is no fixed rule of taking minimum bereavement leaves in the Policy at times of multiple deaths. 

An employee can take bereavement leaves if required more than once or twice during a year. So, for example, if you’re going through the death of a family member, but you’ve already taken a bereavement leave, then there are no objections to asking for it again. However, it’s the employer’s decision if he wants to grant it. 


Dealing with the death of someone close is an emotional challenge. Amazon considerately provides a paid leave of bereavement of 3 days. The funeral leave Policy of Amazon agrees to let a full-time/part-time employee have the facility of bereavement leave without many obligations. 

Frequently asked questions 

  1. How many days of bereavement leave can you get at Amazon? 

Amazon provides three days of paid leave at the death of an employee’s immediate family member. 

  1. Can I take a leave of grief at the death of a dog? 

Losing a companion of ages could be very heartbreaking. But Amazon doesn’t allow a leave of grief at the death of your pet. 

  1. Can I ask for a Bereavement leave at the death of my stepfather? 

Amazon permits leave of grief at the death of stepparents as they are also the worker’s immediate family members. 

  1. Can bereavement leave be denied? 

Even while considering all the sympathizing managers, the leave of grief is still not a confirmed amenity. If the company decides against it, it can deny its request for not coming to the office. 

Amazon Bereavement Policy

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