Amazon Bereavement Policy

The death of a family member could be a very challenging and devastating thing one has to face. The loss and the grief that comes with it are not easy to exist. While deprivation, it’s inevitable. Coping with the death of a family member could require time and space. Your emotional health needs to take […]

A Sample of Resignation Letter with Reasons

People resign from their place of work for a lot of reasons, whether personal reasons or other issues. Resignation letters are official documents written by an employee and addressed to the employer stating reasons one no longer wants to work with the company. It is written to notify the employer of a period after which […]

Good Reasons To Take A Leave Of Absence

Asking for a leave of absence from work either when you need leave for a medical procedure or to mourn a death is surely the most stressful task an employee could ever undergo. For helping your employer prepare for your absence or time-off,  it is important to present the reason for your absence professionally. Here […]

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