Best Cat Puns- Along with Descriptions

Best Cat Puns


Feline quips are words related to felines to highlight or propose an alternate significance; it resembles playing with feline-related words. To a few, the utilization of plays on words is an indication of being clever and wise jokes are extremely fun yet they can be marmite as in individuals either love them or disdain them. We would all be able to concur that we could all do with somewhat more humor in our lives and quips are an extraordinary method to ease up the temperament in any circumstance. In case you are attempting to welcome a grin all over and they end up being a feline darling, what better and speedier approach to do it than by utilizing feline jokes! Read more to know about Best Cat Puns.

In case you are searching for some murmur fect feline plays on words to consistently remember for your ordinary jargon, you have coincidentally found the right page. Here are probably the best feline plays on words you can imagine remembering for your jargon, be it for some undertaking you may have as a top priority, or just to welcome a grin all over (perhaps irritate them as well, in the overutilization of these jokes)-

Pun With A:

  • A-paw-ling = Appalling (Adjective) 

Triggering shock or dismay for a cat; dreadful. Example: “The cat smelled a-paw-ling after running around the alleyways all night long.”

Puns With C’s:

  • Cat-astrophe = Catastrophe (noun) 

An event producing excessive and often sudden damage or suffering to the feline world; a tragedy. Example- “It was a cat-astrophe for the entire feline civilization when they stopped printing new Garfield comic strips in the Sunday Times.”

  • Cat-atonic = Catatonic (noun) 

Irregularity of movement and conduct arising from a stirred mental state. It might involve repetitive activity. Example- “The kitten entered a cat-atonic state almost immediately after eating the catnip. He’s been sleeping for hours.”

  • Cat-ch = Catch (verb)

 Capture and hold (an animal or toy or anything for that matter, that is flying through the air). Example- “To cat-ch the bird, the cat crawled up to the roof, sprung off, snagged it straight from the sky, and landed safely on the ground.”

  • Cathletic = Athletic (adjective)

 Physically strong, fit, and energetic. Example: “After the cat jumped the fence and ran away, it was apparent that he was much more cathletic than my dog, who tried digging a hole below it.”

  • Cat-titude = Attitude (noun)

 A firm way of thought or sensitivity a cat has, usually one that is mirrored in its behavior. Example- “The cat-titude of Mittens was that of defeat after the neutering operation.” 

  • Claw-ful = Awful (adjective)

 Very bad or hostile; particularly when relating to litter boxes. Example- “The litter box smelled claw-ful after not changing it for three weeks.”

  • Claw-ver = Clever (adjective)

Easy to understand, study, and plan or apply philosophies like a cat can; intelligent. Example- “My cat just taught himself how to flush the toilet. Claw-ver little devil.”

  • Clawsome = Awesome (Adjective)

 Causing awe. Jargon for something that is very striking. Example-  “My cat is clawsome

Puns With F’s:

  • Feline = Feeling (noun)

 A sensitive state or response a cat infuses in its owner. Example- “The way this kitty snuggle is giving me a loving feline!”

  • Fur real = For Real (informal)

 Used to declare that a cat is honest or is actually the case. Example- “I’m not playing games with you, mouse – this is fur real!”

  • Fur-end = Friend (noun) 

A cat who is known to someone and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. Example- “My cat is definitely my best fur-end in the whole wide world.”

  • Fur-ever = Forever (adverb)

 For all of nine lives; for always. Example- “The cat will like you always and love you fur-ever.”

  • Fur-get = Forget (verb)

 Fail to remember, something a cat does not do. Example- “I petted my cat too aggressively back in 2004, now he doesn’t like to be touched. He will never fur-get.”

  • Fur-midable = Formidable (adjective)

Irrational fear or admiration through being remarkably large, authoritative, intense, or capable. Example- “The human was a fur-midable opponent in the famous cuddle battle of last night. I Mittens, however, declare myself the victor.”

  • Fur-miliar = Familiar (adjective)

 Acquainted from long or close memory; cat-pals. Example- “As our relationship grows, my cat has become fur-miliar with the fact that if he rubs up against my leg, he’s getting a treat.”

  • Furry = Very (adverb)

 Used for stress, when a cat is being mostly good. Example- “Who’s a furry good kitty? Is it you? Yeah, I think it’s you!”

  • Fur-tunate = Fortunate (adjective)

 Preferred by or connecting good luck or wealth for cats. Example- “The cat was fur-tunate to land on its feet after falling out of that tree.”

  • Fur-ward = Forward (adverb)

In the front; in the way that a cat is facing or roaming. Example- “He started up the engine and the sleepy cat moved fur-ward off the tire and out from the wheel hub and wandered down the road to the next parked car.”

Puns With H’s: 

  • Hiss-self = Himself (pronoun)

 Used as the thing of a verb or preposition to denote a male cat formerly mentioned as the focus of the clause. Example- “Did you see Mittens came down with a bad bout of mange? Yeah, he needs to take care of hiss-self.”

  • Hiss-terical = Hysterical (adjective)

 Originating from or affected by a cat with an unrestrained extreme sentiment. Example- “As soon as the cat entered the car to go to the vet, he became hiss-terical.”

  • Hiss-tory = History (noun)

 The study of past chief events, predominantly in feline affairs. Example- “The hiss-tory of Ancient Egypt is littered with instances of cats being held in the highest esteem.”

Pun With I:

  • In-fur-ior = Inferior (adjective)

 Subordinate in rank, status, or value, especially when associating cats to dogs. Example- “Those slobbery, drooling dogs are so much more in-fur-ior to our supreme cat bloodline.”

Pun With K:

  • Kitten me = Kidding me (phrase)

 Used when a cat happens to do something shocking or that looks as if it cannot be solemn or true. Example- “Your cat just leaped from the second story window and ran away. Are you kitten me?”

Puns With L’s: 

  • Litter-ally = Literally (adverb)

 In a precise manner or logic; exactly. Example- “The cat litter-ally flung all of its feces around the basement.”

  • Litter-ate = Literate (adjective)

Cats, able to read and write. Example- “Although my cat Mittens isn’t litter-ate in the traditional sense, I’m pretty sure he can read my mind like a book.”

Puns With M’s:

  • Meow = Now (adverb)

 At the current time or instant; made popular by the 2001 cult-film classic, Super Troopers. Example- “Go refill the food bowl – right meow!”

  • Meta-fur-kitty = Metaphorically (adverb)

 A figure of speech in which a word or a phrase is used to talk of an object or action to which it is not factually applicable; figuratively. Example- “Speaking meta-fur-kitty, my cat fell through a trap door of depression after I took him to the vet.”

  • Mew = You (pronoun)

Commonly used to refer to the owner that the cat is speaking to. Example- “I’m going to break through jump out of the window, hunt around the neighborhood and bring back a dead bird. Mew dig?” 

  • Mew-nimum = Minimum (noun)

 The minimum or smallest amount or amount of cat food is thinkable, attainable, or required. Example- “I require at least three bowls of food per day. Mew-nimum. Otherwise, I will get hangry. You don’t want to see me when I’m hangry.”

  • Mew-sery = Misery (noun)

 A condition or feeling of great distress or discomfort, either in mind or body or both. Example- “My cat’s favorite pastime is capturing mice, playing with them, and then putting them out of their mew-sery.”

  • Mew-sic = Music (noun)
  •  Meowing and mocking sounds (or both) are put together in such a way as to create the beauty of form, harmony, and expression of emotion. Example- “The single female cat howling in the alleyway was like mew-sic to the ears of all the single male cats in the area.” 
  • Meowntain = Mountain” (Noun)

 A huge amount. Example- “What do you call a pile of cats? A Meowntain!”

Puns With P’s:

  • Paw-don me = Pardon me (phrase)

Asking for a polite apology, without certainly caring about a human’s emotional state. Example- “Paw-don me, were you trying sweep the floor? Let me just scratch the broom to death instead, sir.”

  • Paw-er = Power (noun)

 The capability or facility to through or influence the conduct of other cats or the course of proceedings. Example- “The idea that men should have paw-er over cats is preposterous. Come feed me, human.”

  • Paws = Pause (verb)

 Interject action or speech temporarily, usually with a loud scream or hissing sound. Example- “The whole party took paws when the cat started to inexplicably screech, perched on the fireplace mantle.”

  • Paw-sibility = Possibility (noun)

 Anything that may occur or be the case once a cat is near. Example- “…Did your cat just eat my tuna sandwich? It’s a paw-sibility.”

  • Paw-some = Awesome (adjective)

 Tremendously remarkable; inspiring great respect, trepidation, or fear, especially after consumption of catnip. Example- “Dude… this catnip is paw-some. I’m going to crash for, like, ten hours.”

  • Pur-ceive = Perceive (verb)

To become conscious or cognizant of (something) as a cat; come to comprehend or understand human actions. Example- “As the cat perceived, the tuna sandwich was now in fact his.”

  • Purr-fect = Perfect (adjective)

 Having all the essential or wanted elements, assets, or features; as good as a cat can probably be. Example- “My cat strove to be the purr-fect snuggle buddy.”

  • Purr-haps = Perhaps (adverb)
  •  Used to express doubt or opportunity when a cat is around. Example- “…Did your cat just eat my tuna sandwich? Purr-haps.”
  •  Paw-lease = Please; “Paw-lease top up the cat food bowl. (Adverb). 

To ask graciously You can say this autonomously (with attitude) to stop someone doing or saying something or to get your point across. Example- “Oh, Paw-lease!”

  • Purr-suasive = Persuasive (adjective)

 Good at alluring someone to do or trust something, mainly when it comes to treats. Example- “Look at that purr-suasive look in her eyes!”

  • Purr-ty = Pretty (adjective)

 A good-looking cat; gorgeous or handsome. Example- “I have a purr-ty little kitty with bright white spots and razor-sharp claws.”

Pun With R’s: 

  • Radi-claw = Radical (adjective)

 (Particularly of change or act) involving or upsetting the central nature of something; far-reaching or thorough; Example-  “Did you just see Mittens completely flatten himself and slide through a seam in your wall? Yeah, he’s stuck in the wall now. Radi-claw.”

Pun With T’s: 

  • Tail = Tale (noun)

 A made-up or true story that includes famous felines, especially one that is imaginatively described. Example- “Gather ‘round, children, as I tell you the tail of the incorrigible Cat that wore the Hat.”

Pun With U:

  • Un-fur-tunate = Unfortunate (adjective) 

Having or marked by evil fortune; wretched. Example- “The un-fur-tunate cat developed a skin condition in which its coat started shedding profusely.”

Now, it is time for you to figure out where and when to use these. A bunch of puns, all cat-related, has been given to you; which you can now use in general conversations and create your funny jokes and catchphrases around these or using these. In this section, a lot of your work is done, so if you require some funny feline puns you are in the right place.

For the ardent cat lovers out there who still have not had their fill of cat puns, here are some one-liners and jokes, all revolving around, of course, cats:  

On Happiness And Love-

  • A cat is making an announcement of love to his beloved. “I would die for you!” he tells her. She looks back at him skeptically and replies, “Oh yeah? How many?
  • How do you make a cat happy? Send it to the Canary Islands!
  • How do you make a fashionable cat happy? Give her a new purr coat and she will be feline good.           
  • How does Cat-anova woo girls? He just whiskers away.
  • How is your cat today? He is feline fine!
  • What did that cat say when she didn’t want to commit to a date? “It is a pawsibility that I’ll go.”
  • What did the cat say when he proposed to his girlfriend? Let’s spend furrever together!
  • What’s a tomcat’s ultimate romantic goal? To find a nice girl cat and whisker away.

Ones You Can Include In Random Conversations: 

  • “Your obsession with cats is out of control and I can’t handle it anymore!” “So, you are kicking meeeowt?”
  • I am not a scaredy-cat. But, I must admit, cat puns freak meowt.
  • Wanna hear a bad cat joke? Just kitten!

What Do You Call A Cat:

  • What do you call a cat that gets caught by the police? The purrpatrator!
  • What do you call a cat that gets everything it wants? Purrsuasive!
  • What do you call a cat that’s a beauty influencer?  Glamourpuss.
  •  What do you call a cat with eight legs that like to swim? An octo-puss.
  • What do you call it when a cat paints itself? A self pawtrait.
  • What do you call two cats who love each other? Best furends.
  • What do cats love to do in the morning? Read the mewspaper!
  • What do you call a cat that cannot stop licking itself? Purrr-verted.
  • What do you call a cat who lives in an igloo? An eskimew!
  • What do you call a confused cat? Purr-plexed.
  • What do you call a kitten that cuts her hair short? A bobcat!
  • What do you call it when a swarm of cats slows down your airplane? Purr-bulence.

What Did The Cat Say: 

  • What did the cat say before he went skydiving? “It’s meow or never!”
  • What did the cat say when he lost all his money? I’m paw!
  • What did the cat say when he saw you approach? You look pawfully familiar!
  • What did the cat say when it was confusing? I’m Purr-plexed!
  • What did the cat say when the mouse got away? You’ve got to be kitten me!
  • What did one cat say to another? Have you heard the mews today?
  • What did the adult cat say to the kitten? “You are infurior to me.”
  • What did the cat say when his friend asked if he was lying? I am not kitten you.

What Is A Cat’s: 

  • What is a cat’s favorite vegetable? As-purr-agus.
  • What is a cat’s favorite kind of show? A Meowsical!
  • What is a cat’s most important trait? It’s purrsonality.
  • What is every cat’s favorite color? Purrrrrrple!
  • What is a cat’s favorite discount? Buy one, get one furry.
  • What is a cat’s favorite magazine? Good Mousekeeping!
  • What was the cat’s favorite subject in school? Hissstory!

Things Cats Do:

  • What did the cat do after her home was broken into? She called claw enforcement.
  • What do cats wear to bed? Pawjamas!
  • What sports do cats play? Hairball!

Christmas Cats: 

  • What do you get if you cross a cat with Father Christmas? Santa Claws!
  • What does Christmas have to do with a cat lost in the desert? They both have sandy claws.
  • Where does a cat go when it loses its tail? The re-tail store!
  • What kind of cats love bowling? Alley cats.
  • Why did the cat join the Red Cross? She wanted to be a first-aid kit!


  • There were four cats on a windowsill and one jumped into the yard. How many were left? None, they were all a bunch of copycats!
  • What did the gym coach say to the cat? Have you paid your annual fleas?
  • What did the senior cat say to the kitten when she saw him slouching? You need to pay more attention to your pawsture.
  • What does the narcissistic cat say as she looks in the mirror? I am pawsitively gorgeous.
  • What kind of car does a cat drive? A Furrari!
  • Which two sodas does a cat like best? Dr. Peppurr and Meowntain Mew.
  • Why did the spotted cat get disqualified from the race? It was a cheetah.
  • Why was the cat sitting on the computer? He was keeping an eye on the mouse!
  • What do you get if you cross a cat with a bottle of vinegar? A sourpuss!
  • What is a British cat’s favorite fantasy book? Hairy Pawter and the Philoso-purr’s Stone.
  • What did the alien say to the cat? Take me to your litter!
  • Why are cats, great singers? Because they are very mewsical!
  • How does a cat sing scales? Do-re-mew!
  • What state has a lot of cats and dogs? Petsylvania!

Our felines give us limitless diversion. Regardless of whether they are running with regards to the house like a neurotic at midnight, whipping our possessions off of counters, or simply being their carefree wicked selves overall. Felines are funny naturally, so it should not shock anyone that there are huge loads of incredible feline jokes out there. With regards to choosing what animal you would decide to be the most entertaining from the collective of animals, felines are not the initial ones that ring a bell. They will in general be somewhat more on the proper and serious side when contrasted with, say, a senseless and fun loving canine. However, in spite of their grand standing, there are huge loads of silly feline plays on words and feline jokes out there, similar to the ones added here, that will have any feline darling irrefutably moving on the floor with giggling. These feline quips are incredible to ship off somebody to light up their miserable day and carry a little grin to their face. What’s more, in the event that you end up having the sort of companion who commends their feline’s birthday, these likewise make incredible good tidings to place in a birthday card. 

Go ahead and utilize these quips and jokes at any get-togethers, web-based media post subtitles, to ease up the state of mind in any circumstance, or just to carry a grin to somebody’s face. Best of luck throwing these a-mewsing plays on words into conversations. It takes a better sort of feline darling than work these into everyday life, except you can do it.

Best Cat Puns- Along with Descriptions

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