How Much Does a Pool Skimmer Cost?

How Much Does a Pool Skimmer Cost?

If you have a pool in your backyard, it sure needs regular cleaning. This is where the skimmer comes in. A pool skimmer is a device that helps you keep your pool clean after the pool skimmer has cleaned all the nasty leaves and debris out, you’re free to enjoy your crystal clear pool any day! Read more about How Much Does a Pool Skimmer Cost?

Since skimmers get  your pool into shape,  the question is

How much does a pool skimmer cost?

 A pool skimmer costs between $7.49 to as high as $600.  This solely depends on the skimmer’s construction, the skimmer’s features, and the type of pool that you have.

If you decide to replace your skimmer, you will need more than $1200 to hire someone for an inground pool and more than $150 for an above-ground pool.

What we will be discussing further.

  1. Factors To Think About Before You Buy Your Pool Skimmer
  2.  The Three Kinds Of Pool Skimmers
  3. Why you should clean the skimmer basket
  4. Why you should regularly skim your pool
  5.  Conclusion
  6.  Frequently Asked Questions

Factors To Think About Before You Buy Your Pool Skimmer

  1. Does it effectively Catch Garbage?

You need to ask yourself whether the pool skimmer that you’re about to purchase will effectively catch the junk that has accumulated over time and floating gunk. After all, isn’t that what a pool skimmer should be good at.

Find out the size of the debris the skimmer can pick up. Some skimmers pick up larger debris like leaves and others pick up smaller junk less than one inch.

  1. How efficient is it to empty?

An efficient skimmer will fill up with debris very fast.  this means you will need to empty your skimmer many times in a day. It is therefore advised to buy a model that has a basket that you can easily dump out.  if you are not keen on how efficient your skimmer empties, you will have a difficult time cleaning your pool not to mention it will be a total waste of your money.

 Cleaning should not be a difficult chore if your skimmer is maintained. It will also last for a longer period.

  1. Is Your Pool Skimmer Durable?

Ensure your skimmer is manufactured from top-quality materials.  if it is stretched and the scorching summer sun it has to have built-in UV protection. If the skimmer is of good quality it will last for several seasons.

The 3 Kinds Of Pool Skimmers

Old fashioned pools have inbuilt concrete skimmers. While other pools have skimmers that hang on the side.

Let’s look at the 3 types of skimmers that are currently being used by most pool owners.

  1. Manual pool skimmers
  2.  Automatic pool skimmers 
  3. Lastly, self-propelled skimmers

Manual Pool Skimmers

The manual pool skimmers are pretty affordable because they basically have a telescoping pole with fine netting mesh mounted on them. The manual skimmers can only capture large litter such as leaves.

 Manual pool skimmers cost as low as $7.49 – $40 for heavy-duty leaf skimmers.

 Automatic pool skimmers

Just as the name suggests, the automatic skimmer cleans the pool by itself. It means you’ll have to pay way more money for your automatic pool skimmer. it has been designed to filter out all the garbage that is above 1/3 inch of your pool water.

 Some automatic skimmers will clean the pool alone while others work with bottom-feeding cleaners to get rid of the litter in the pool.  they can work with a suction pool cleaner or a pressure-side pool cleaner.

 With an automatic skimmer, you spend less time on full maintenance and more time enjoying your pool, especially during the summer!

 Lastly, keep in mind that having one automatic skimmer every 500 square feet of your pool surface will ensure that your pool is always clean.

Robotic Automatic pool skimmers cost as low as $60- $600. You can make your pick depending on your budget and the best option for your pool.

Self-Propelled Skimmers

Self-propelled schemas are devices that float on your water mostly powered by solar energy. They effortlessly move on the water collecting litter and dumping it into a collection canister.

Self-propelled skimmers are very expensive compared to the other skimmers but on the bright side, you still save money on electricity in the long term. Also, the batteries of the skimmers can corrode and it can be a big problem. Another problem is the UV rays from the Sun can cause the plastic in the propellers to break down over time.

Self Propelled Solar Skimmers cost as low as $89.95 to $180 for heavy-duty designs.

Why you should clean the skimmer basket?

It is important to clean the skimmer basket regularly especially if it’s connected to your pool’s pump. If the litter accumulates It might damage the pump.

During the summer the basket should be cleaned on a daily basis. You also need to check on the skimmer basket if your area has recently been wrecked by storms.


Skimming your pool is important because all the litter or detritus that falls in your pool can be dangerous to your health or make swimming an unpleasant experience. It is therefore advised that you skim your pool daily if you are doing it manually. If you are using a machine you can skim your pool once every week. This will go a long way in ensuring you have a clean pool to enjoy as much as you can.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where should I place my pool skimmer?

Place it in the path of circulating water and it’s good to go.

  1. Do I need to leave the skimmer basket in when skimming the pool?

Yes, you do. The skimmer basket allows the skimmer to catch the debris.

  1. Is it okay to leave your skimmer in the pool?

Do not leave your skimmer in the pool 24/7. The chemicals in the pool break down your skimmer and discolor it. 

How Much Does a Pool Skimmer Cost?

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