Does Petsmart Sell Bunnies?

Does Petsmart Sell Bunnies

PetSmart is an American chain of retail stores that sell pet supplies. Their direct competitor is PetCo, while their indirect competitor is Walmart, Target, and Amazon. They mostly sell goods for pets along with small pets and fish. Read more about Does Petsmart Sell Bunnies.

PetSmart does not sell pet bunnies or rabbits at present. Their policy does not allow the sale of rabbits because young rabbits that are purchased as pets are often abandoned soon enough when their owners realized the commitment they need to have for keeping them. Impulse buying is also a reason why they don’t sell rabbits since it may lead to animal neglect or abuse.

Did PetSmart Ever Sell Bunnies?

PetSmart stopped selling bunnies in 2007 not only for ethical reasons but also for business-related matters. They used to sell live bunnies in the past which made the pet lovers visit their stores not only to adopt bunnies but also to buy different goods for them like food or other accessories.

                    The above image is of the official logo of PetSmart

What made PetSmart Stop Selling Bunnies?

The CEO of PetSmart, Phillip Francis showed his concerns regarding the growing numbers of the bunnies that ended up being dumped in animal shelters soon after being purchased when the novelty of the owner’s purchase wore off. So he committed to stop selling rabbits in PetSmart stores.

PETA or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was fully committed to ensuring that the decision was followed through. They also put a lot of direct pressure on the company to make those mere words turn into action. After the protests and thousands of emails, they were successful in 2007 when PetSmart stopped selling live bunnies in all their stores.

How to Adopt Bunnies through PetSmart?

Individuals can’t adopt a bunny from PetSmart but there is a non-profit foundation known as PetSmart charities that can help in facilitating the adoption of the bunny. They have more than two decades of experience in supporting their customers in adopting pets. They help connect the rabbits looking for a new home and family with the potential owners.

An individual looking for a bunny can visit the PetSmart adoption website or adoption page and look for their availability. They can learn about the bunny they are interested in from the ‘my section’ in their ‘profile’ beside the contact details for inquiring about the adoption. There are various breeds of rabbits available like Lop-eared and Lionhead. 

Does Petsmart Sell Bunnies?

                      The above image is of four bunnies enjoying outdoors

Animals that PetSmart Still Sells

Bunnies or other pets are not sold by PetSmart anymore. But they do still have small furry animals in their stores. Though their availability may vary in different stores. Online purchases of these animals are not possible but their information is available online. Some such pets are:

  • Winter White Hamster
  • Long Haired Hamster
  • Chinchilla
  • Roborovski Dwarf Hamster
  • Guinea Pig
  • Fancy Mouse
  • Short Haired Hamster

How to Adopt a Bunny?

If any individual wishes to adopt a bunny then they can check in their local shelters and rescue groups for animals. PetSmart Charities also work along with different rescue groups for giving new homes to unwanted rabbits.

Just like any other pet, bunnies also require their own space, proper housing, and lots of love and attention from their owner. They also have some special needs like space to explore and dig as well as hay and chew toys for their always-growing teeth.

The owner should do extensive research before adopting a bunny regarding their food, toys, grooming, and everything else. They might need to purchase all the necessary rabbit supplies before adopting one.

Cost of Adopting a Bunny through PetSmart

The adoption hub of PetSmart offers a range of $50 to $125 for every bunny for the adoption fees. They have almost all bunny supplies in their stores as well like bedding, food, cage, or chew toys. 

Other Places to get a Bunny from

Besides the PetSmart charities, an individual can look for adopting or buying a bunny from rabbit shelters, smaller pet stores, rabbit breeders, ad listing sites, and organizations similar to PetSmart charities.

But they should be careful while choosing the correct place since it can affect the happiness and health of the bunnies throughout their lifetime. In the case of buying a rabbit from a seller, the individual should ask all the important questions like the breed, living conditions, costs, and other things related to the bunny they wish to adopt.


Bunnies are not sold at any stores or online by PetSmart. They work with adoption centers while supporting the adoption of all kinds of pets including bunnies. If anyone wants to purchase a live pet from PetSmart, then there are small animals available in offline stores. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a dog owner adopt a bunny?

A bunny should be brought home after considering the other animals the individual owns and how they would interact with the bunny.

2. Why do bunnies need hay?

Bunnies need fresh hay to chew on since their teeth grow throughout their lives.

3. Are there any age restrictions for adopting a bunny?

The individual should be 18 years or more and they have to bring their ID proof before taking the bunny home.

Does Petsmart Sell Bunnies?

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