How to Cancel Walmart order: Full Guide

How to Cancel Walmart order Full Guide

Canceling orders is the last thing that anyone wants to do because thinking it would bring so much hassle but situations arises where we have no other option left rather than canceling the order. In that situation we are too much worried about how the order will be canceled, will the money be refunded. thinking all these hurdles we just compromise with the wrong or damaged products we have received rather than canceling them. Read more about How to Cancel Walmart order Full Guide?

Walmart has been selling items online since 2007 but at that time the facilities and procedures were different but with time Walmart has given so many facilities and it is so easy to place an order for pickup or delivery days. Walmart is one of the biggest  US retailers. Walmart provides multiple ays to easily cancel or return their Walmart order. Canceling orders for Walmart is quick and simple and a painless process.

Ordered a product from Walmart but now you want to cancel it for some reason but you don’t know-how. You can request your cancellation and your money will be refunded.

Cancel your order

It is not difficult to cancel your order from Walmart you just need to follow some steps and after you cancel your order you will get a confirmation mail and your money will be refunded within a week.

Even if you order something from a guest account, you can cancel your order by calling the Walmart store. And if you cancel your order you can also go to the nearest Walmart store and return it. Thousands of customers want to find a solution to this problem.

Steps to cancel your order:

  1. Visit online
  2. Open your Walmart account
  3. Go to purchase history
  4. Select the order that you want to cancel
  5. Scroll down and Select the request cancellation option, if there is an option available.

And if the option is not available then your order may be in the queue to be packed. In that case, you can call Walmart and call your order and if you can’t cancel your order then you can return the product once you receive it.

How to return your order:

  1. open your account
  2. select account and then select  “your orders”
  3. then select order details and select “start a return”
  4. select the reason and review your product and then select submit.

“cancellation pending” appears in three different cases:

1. when you cancel the order because don’t need it

2. when cancellation happens by mistake

3. when Walmart cancels the order.

Cancellation pending indicates that the request is in the process and the cancellation will be complete soon. Sometimes even if you cancel the product your order is not canceled. You have to wait until you get a confirmation email from Walmart saying your order has been canceled.

How much time does it take to get your money refunded?

It usually takes a week to refund. There is no definitive time in which they will refund the money.

When your order is canceled they issue a refund and it takes 2-3 business days for the money to get transferred to your account. Walmart refunds the money immediately but the bank holds off on putting the money back. And the transfer of money also depends on bank to bank. Some banks transfer it fast while some banks have so many policies because of which it takes longer time to refund your money and in that case, you should contact your respective bank, as only they will tell you the exact time at which the money will be refunded.


You can cancel your order before cutoff time and you can cancel it by going to your account and finding your order and then selecting “request cancellation”. And if the cutoff time is over you can contact Walmart. There are many aspects to Walmart’s return policy and the policies depend upon the type of items. Walmart was accepting returns as normal during COVID -19 except for apparel, they were not accepting the return request on apparel. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to cancel a shipped to store item without a account

Ans: you can call the store near you and ask, but different stores have different policies. Most of the time they say to ignore the order till the expiry date.

2. what if I don’t pick up my Walmart order and miss the pickup window?

Ans: you should contact Walmart in that case by calling them. If you are a few hours late you can also visit your grocery and check if it is still there. They usually keep them in stores for several hours.

3. What is Walmart’s return policy?

Ans: you must return your products on time and they will only be returned if you have the original receipt and the money will be refunded if you have the receipt otherwise you will get a gift card. 

How to Cancel Walmart order: Full Guide

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