How to Cancel an IKEA Order?



IKEA is a multinational conglomerate that has cemented itself as one of the top organizations when it comes to designing and manufacturing ready to assemble furniture, home accessories, kitchen appliance, and other several products and services. IKEA serves its customers across the globe and has become the largest furniture retailer in the world. The modern and innovative designs offered by IKEA help the organization to attract new customers and retain the old ones. The multinational conglomerate aims to provide its customers with a seamless customer experience and after-sale services. IKEA encourages its customers to contact IKEA customer support in case they have any problems or queries related to the purchased products. Read more about How to Cancel an IKEA Order?

This article provides information about how buyers can cancel an IKEA order.

Order cancellation 

Customers may tend to cancel an order due to a multitude of reasons. The returns may be initiated by the customers to exchange the product or get their money back by returning the product to the seller. The seller refunds the amount paid by the customer after the order is canceled. Customers may cancel the product order due to the following reasons – 

  • Customers who have chosen the wrong product may choose to return the product to the seller.
  • Customers identifying a fault with the product may ask for the product to be returned.
  • Customers may also return the product if the actual product does not match their expectations.
  • Customers finding a similar product with a lesser price may return the product to the seller. 

IKEA order cancellation

IKEA provides a smooth mechanism for customers to cancel orders. Customers can cancel an order placed with IKEA if the order is canceled in the specified time frame. Generally, orders cannot be changed if they are paid. 

Customers who wish to reschedule the delivery of the ordered product shall inform IKEA at least 24 hours before the expected date and time of delivery. Individuals who want to cancel the placed order can contact IKEA to ensure the cancellation happens as expected. 

Generally, the order placed with IKEA is eligible to be canceled if the cancellation request is made 2 days before the expected delivery date of the product. The customers looking to cancel their orders can adhere to the following sequence of activities – 

  •  Contacting customer support – Any individual who wants to cancel his or her order needs to contact the customer support of IKEA. Customers can call 1-888- 888-4532 to submit a request for canceling the placed orders. Customers can inform the support staff about their wish to get the order canceled. The support staff executives may ask the customers about the reasons which lead them to cancel the order.
  • Checking the eligibility of the order – IKEA customer support staff after hearing the customer’s reasons for order cancellation will ask the customer to confirm their order number. After giving the order number to the customer support executive, the customer comes to know whether the order placed is eligible to be canceled or not. The order which is already in dispatch is not eligible to be canceled.
  • Initiating refund process – In case the customer’s order is eligible for cancellation, the customer can need to furnish his or her payment details for getting the refund of the canceled order. The customer executive may ask for various details related to the payment details submitted by the customer. After the details of payment and related information are submitted by the customer to the customer support executive, the refund process is initiated.
  • Getting refund – If the refund request is approved, the customer will get their amount refunded in their bank account. In case the refund request is not approved, the IKEA customer support will inform the customer about the reasons which led to the decline of the refund request and what the customer needs to do to get the refund request approved.


All in all, it can be said that the process of canceling an order placed with IKEA is hassle-free provided that the customer places a cancellation request within the specified period. After the cancellation of the order, the amount refund is sent to the customer’s bank account. In case the customer is unable to do so, the customer has to accept the order arriving at the address provided to IKEA for delivery of the product.

Frequently asked questions 

Question 1. What impact do the canceled orders have on the business organization?

Answer 1. Most business organizations strive to reduce the number of cancellation requests made by customers. The increase in the number of order cancellations leads to a significant rise in the operational expenses of the organization. The dissatisfied customers may also tend to give negative reviews on the website of the seller.

Question 2. How much time does IKEA take to refund the amount to the customers?

Answer 2. IKEA provides the refund of canceled orders within 14 days after approving the order cancellation.

How to Cancel an IKEA Order?

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