Where Can I Use My Target Redcard?

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Target is quite a common name when it comes to the retail industry in the country. It is currently the eighth largest retailer on American soil and it is a component of the S&P 500 Index. The retail company has quite been successful ever since its establishment in the market. Today, the company has come up with varieties of features and services for the customers and one of them includes Redcard. Read more Where Can I Use My Target Redcard?

Target-going customers have often asked where they can use RedCard other than using them in Target itself? The RedCard provided by Target can only be used at Target stores and their online website. Other than these, the Target RedCard cannot be used anywhere else. 

But, when it comes to Target Mastercard that becomes slightly different as compared to the RedCard provided by Target. The Mastercard from Target can be used at any merchant shop there is no worry about that. 

Target RedCard

The RedCard provided by Target is simply a credit card that we use in our daily life. It is no different than the standard credit we use in our daily life. The card can only be used in Target’s retail stores on their online platforms such as applications, websites, or social media only. Yes, customers with Target’s RedCard benefit from a lot of offers, discounts, and cashbacks. Other than that, owning a Target RedCard the customer benefits a 5% discount on purchases at Target, no annual fee, and they get extra thirty days for returns and exchanges. 

However, the customer willing or has the Target RedCard, has an interest of over 20%. So, if the customer tends to carry high balances in the RedCard account for multiple months, then the interest charges would empty their savings. 

So, we could say that Target’s RedCard is an idea or suitable for those customers who frequently shop from the brand or their online platform. But, customers who prefer less from Target and still have their RedCard would not have much benefit from using it. 

Customers who use RedCard receive free two-day shipping on many items from Target only. On the other hand, customers with no RedCard have to pay some amount of delivery charges if they make any purchase from the online retailing store. 

But, this is not for all the products sold by Target. There are some specific products where the customers will need to make the delivery fee before the order is shipped. Additionally, even the orders that are delivered by Shipt may require a minimum amount of delivery fee. 

Customers with RedCard also benefit from various exclusive collections from Target. The customers with RedCard can avail of some exclusive special gifts, special items, limited edition products, and other similar offers throughout the year. But, every exclusive offer might not be available to every RedCard holder so that part needs to be taken care of. 

How RedCard Works?

The RedCard provided by Target comes in two forms only and they are Target Credit Card and Target Mastercard. Interestingly, not only credit cards but the retail store company also offers debit cards to the customers who are willing to take. The debit card offered by Target automatically draws from the customer’s checking account which makes the transaction quite easy. 

The cards provided by Target simply work due to the partnership with many financial institutions in the market. The company has partnered with various financial institutions to offer a branded credit card in which both the store and the bank share the interest and fees that are paid by a customer. The cards are issued by TD Bank U.S.A, which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank of Toronto, Canada. 

The same is with Target’s Mastercard as well but in a different way. The Mastercard provided by Target does not charge a high amount of interest as compared to the credit card from the retail store company. 

Other Type of Reward Cards 

The retail store company also provides various other simple reward cards to the customers. One of the famous reward cards provided by the company is the open-loop card. These types of cards can be used anywhere for extra rewards as compared to the store charge card which is the credit card. 

The benefits provided by this card are cashback, hotel rewards, restaurant rewards, online shopping discounts, and airline miles. Interestingly, there are also cashback credit cards provided by the company where the customers get a percentage of the amount they spent using their card. 

The company has also designed a travel card for the customers. Travel cards are specifically designed to offer travel points or offering discounts on airfares, hotels, or any other travel-related forms. Using such discounts and offers allows the customer to build or gather points over time. The company also offers gas credit cards. These cards would highly be suitable for those who travel a lot because they can get a huge discount on gas or oil. 


There are many reward cards provided by other competitors in the market. But, the card provided by Target features some extra offers for the customers who are holding them. They make it quite easy for the customers to have a great discount and great shopping at a cheap budget. There are very few such stores that offer such high benefits for the customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can we use Walmart cards at Target stores?

Answer- The Walmart Rewards cards can only be used at Walmart stores on both online and offline platforms. On the other hand, Target RedCard can only be used at their respective stores only unless it is a Mastercard. 

  1. Can the customers withdraw cash from their Target RedCard?

Answer- Yes, customers holding Target RedCard can withdraw cash from their respective cards. Additionally, by doing that the customer gets an additional of 5% discount. 

  1. What is Target famous for in the market?

Answer- Ever since its introduction in the market the retail store company has always been known for its addictive shopping experience. The shoppers often go to the store for a few purchases but, they mostly end up buying far more. This retail store company uses clever marketing campaigns and other strategies to keep the customers coming back. 

Where Can I Use My Target Redcard?

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