When Does Best Buy Restock?

When Does Best Buy Restock?

As an American multinational consumer electronics retailer, Best Buy has become quite popular in the US. It’s famous for products like mobile phones, electronics, accessories, and consoles that get sold out pretty fast on a regular basis. Read more When Does Best Buy Restock?

Best Buy restocks its products on Tuesdays every one or two weeks currently. The products restocked are mobile phones, computers, headphones, GPUs, and other important electronics. In case of products like video games or gaming consoles that are either sold too quickly or are low in supply, Best Buy announces their drop dates on its website beforehand.

Restocking In-Store

The in-stores of Best Buy are restocked every one to two weeks. They replenish all the items that are either low in stock or sold out. If customers wish to stay up-to-date they can log in to their Best Buy account for checking the availability of the item that was previously sold out in the local store. They should check before visiting the store in person so that their trip doesn’t go to waste.

Restocking Online

Most of the items of Best Buy get restocked online on Tuesdays. If the customer wants to purchase an item that has been sold out, they should wait until Tuesday morning. 

It is better to use the website for Best Buy in case of online purchases when they restock rather than using their App which would show ‘unavailable’ or ‘sold out’ label even after refreshing several times.

Besides all these, the customer can also log in to their online Best Buy account, ready their credit card, and keep their phone close for notifications while waiting for the item to restock.

How to Know an Item is in Stock

The customer can sign in to their account in BestBuy.com to get the most accurate information regarding the availability of the item they plan to purchase. They should do so before going to the store in person.

They should also be careful while selecting the store location on the website for getting the correct information about the product being in stock or not. The Product selection on the website for Best buys sometimes differs from that in the physical stores.

The main cause for such an issue is due to there being limited quantities of the product available or in case Best buy is testing certain products in selected markets. The items available online have a broader selection since they are shipped directly from the different distribution centers.

Definition of Sold Out

When a customer wants to purchase an item but the item seems to be sold out, it means that the particular product is out of stock at that particular time and can only be bought when they are available after restocking. The customers should not mistake sold out as they would never again be available for purchase.

Restocking of Computers

Computers such as ACR gaming desktops are restocked every one to two weeks in Best Buy stores. If the computer that the customer is looking for is unavailable, they can inquire about their arrival. This would help them enjoy all the hot computer deals without missing out on them. There are even instances when the customers get lucky on refreshing their Best Buy App or website on a Tuesday.

Restocking New Laptops

The new laptops get restocked every one to two weeks in all stores of Best Buy. A customer planning on purchasing a new laptop can ask a sales representative about the dates regarding the restocking of the laptops in case they are unavailable.

If customers are planning on purchasing the laptop online, then they can do frequent checks for the laptop’s availability on the website or App. They can also call up the local store and inquire about its availability.

Frequency of Online Inventory Updates

Best Buy’s online inventories are updated every one to two weeks. They make no announcements or waiting lists except for selected products. In case of items that get sold in no time like Ps5s and other consoles, their dropping dates are announced in advance for the customer’s knowledge on the website or app.

Drop Time for Graphics Cards

The graphics cards are dropped by best buy between 9:00 to 11:30 EST. This completely depends on the date they were supposed to be available as mentioned on the website. A customer looking for an RTX 3070 or RTX 3060 Ti should check its availability online and further wait for its dropping date as provided on the website.


Most products in Best Buy are restocked unannounced every one to two weeks and usually on Tuesdays. But in the case of selected household electronics such as PS5 which are in high demand among the customers and get sold out in no time, the stores announce dropping dates. Browsing different products online on the Best Buy website after logging in to the Best Buy account can help the customers be up to date with the items that are available both in-stores and online.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who founded Best Buy?

Best Buy was founded by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler.

  1. Where is the location of Best Buy’s headquarters?

The headquarters of Best buy is situated in Richfield, Minnesota.

  1. What was Best Buy initially known as?

Best buy as an audio specialty store was initially known as Sound of Music.

When Does Best Buy Restock?

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