Can You Order Food To A Hotel Room?

Certainly. In some cases, yes, in some cases no. Nowadays, ordering food in a hotel room is quite an easy task. Generally, hotels these days provide the service of ordering food to a hotel room themselves. Sometimes, the hotels which do not have their room services, in such cases it is quite obvious to order it from somewhere else. Usually, if the hotel has its room service or normal dining facilities, then, they do not allow you to order food from outside, it’s against their rules. So, it’s a partial yes and a partial no for ordering food to a hotel room. It’s completely on the hotel to decide whether they would allow ordering food from the outside or else they have their food service at the hotel itself. Generally, hotels allow you to order it from the outside or from the hotel itself. Read more Can You Order Food To A Hotel Room

To order food in your hotel room, you can have several options. Mostly, the high-end hotels allow you to order both ways, ordering from the hotel itself or ordering from somewhere else. If you wish to order your favorite pizza from dominos, you may do so. If you want to order some tasty drinks from somewhere, you can go ahead. If you wish to try the food from the hotel you are staying in, you can do that too. It all depends on you, your wish; feel free to order from wherever you want to. 

People visiting high-end hotels, typically, avoid bringing dishes from the outside and prefer to dine in the hotel itself, or else if they want to eat somewhere else, they take them around to that place. These hotels suggest you dine in the hotel’s restaurant if you wish to or the room service. 

Talking about my experience, some days ago, I went to this famous and well-reputed hotel in the city, as I was recommended by one of my friends. The hotel services were just fine. One night we wanted to have some burgers, first of all, we decided to contact the hotel and ask them for room service. As it was a well-reputed hotel, they had room service and they attended to us immediately. Then, we asked them about the menu whether they had a burger on their menu or not. They did have a burger in their fast food section but since it was late as it was 2 am in the night, they told us that we are out of burgers. Though that was quite disappointing, we were okay with that. Later on, they asked us to wait so that they could arrange burgers from somewhere. Instead of that, we told them that we will order it online, so, it was not an issue with so, they allowed us to order it from elsewhere. So, we just ordered some burgers and believe me, they were too good.

 Room Service Or Ordering Online?

Would you choose room service or order online from some local restaurant? Well, we will help you decide. The room services are for the people who have more money and less time as usually the prices from the hotels are overpriced and food quality remains average or below average because hotels do not put the effort into food services as they already know that guests often order food from the hotel. After all, sometimes, they lack time, sometimes, they are being too lazy to order it from some local restaurant; so, it becomes an asset for the hotels and they do not provide quality food according to the prices. On the other hand, if you order it from some local restaurant nearby, it will be cheaper and food quality will be fine too but it may take time to get delivered to you; therefore, you could have to wait. Unlike the overpriced average food of the hotel, food from the locals will be better in quality and you don’t have to pay that much. 


We can conclude that ordering food in a hotel room depends on the hotel, on their rules. However, room services are overpriced, and ordering from some local restaurants is way cheaper plus the food is even better. Usually, it’s a yes, you can order food in a hotel room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can we take any legal action if the hotel doesn’t allow you to order from a 3rd party?  

Ans. Yes, you can take legal actions if they do not allow you to order from a 3rd party. However, it’s not that big a deal that you would be taking legal actions. 

Q2. Is room service a good option?

Ans. Yes, if you’ve more money and less time; and no, if you do not have money to spend just like that because the prices are too high and services are just average. 

Can You Order Food To A Hotel Room?

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