Costco Furniture Warranty

Costco Furniture Warranty

Costco is America’s favorite retail store. The warehouse chain opened its first store in 1983 in Seattle, and ever since, it has been growing successfully. Costco is a household name for all essential commodities. Read more about Costco Furniture Warranty.

People love Costco for its Beef, organic foods, Pizzeria, and Rotisserie chicken, but Costco is reliable for almost everything, and that includes furniture. Furniture at Costco is not just affordable, but they are of good quality too. Costco has a generous return policy and an equally generous warranty on most of its furniture.

Perks of buying Furniture at Costco

Purchasing Furniture at Costco is way better than buying from traditional furniture stores because:

  • Furniture at Costco is affordable. Traditional stores charge you financing and delivery fees on furniture too, but at Costco, you don’t need to pay any extra charge.
  • Costco does not offer delivery. If you are buying from the store then, you need to arrange your delivery van.
  • Easy returns at Costco. If you are not satisfied with your piece, you can return furniture even after a year with limited exceptions. No hassle and full refund.
  • At Costco, you can purchase furniture online too, and they do provide delivery on online transactions, but the prices can vary. So, go for an offline experience to enjoy perks on Costco furniture.
  • Costco has two annual furniture sales. One after the 4th of July and another before Christmas. Discounts can save a lot of money. So, buy your furniture in the sales season.

Warranty on Costco furniture

Costco offers all the furniture needed, from living room furniture to furniture for an office space. All that you need is available at Costco. Costco offers furniture from brands like Sealy, Lazyboy, and Abbyson, etc. Costco furniture warranty doesn’t depend on its brand but on the Costco warranty policy, which has always been the best.

  • At Costco, you can expect a 90-day warranty on all furniture items. The Costco furniture warranty extends to Couches, desks, tables, mattresses, kids furniture, office furniture, and almost everything except Custom-made items.
  • You can return your furniture at any Costco store or initiate an online return at your convenience.
  • If your furniture is defective or uncomfortable, or if you are not satisfied with your furniture then, you can return without any hassle, and unlike other stores, Costco refunds your amount immediately.
  • One of the best things about Costco’s warranty is that you are not bombarded with questions if something happens to your furniture, and you need to return it.
  • Many people have returned their furniture even after the 90-day warranty period, and Costco has accepted it without any questions asked.

Does Costco offer an extended Warranty on selected Furniture?

  • Unfortunately, there is no extended warranty on most of the Costco Furniture items. Extended warranty is only available on selected Patio and outdoor furniture.
  • Costco does not offer an extended warranty on leather furniture too. Leather can easily get damaged if left in sunlight or due to regular water contact. Hence, there is no extended warranty on leather furniture.

Costco furniture returns

Costco has a generous return policy on every item, including furniture. Many people abuse their membership by returning furniture after the warranty period and even after a few years. But don’t think that Costco is easy to fool. Return policy abuses can lead to membership cancellation. So, beware of the following before you return your furniture.

  • Furniture returned after the 90-day warranty period has to be genuinely defected, if the defect is due to the recklessness of the customer then, Costco can reject your return.
  • Custom-made or rare furniture has a strict warranty of 90 days and those items cannot be returned after 90 days.
  • Abuse of return policy can lead to membership cancellation.

Furniture quality at Costco

Costco offers high-quality furniture at the price you pay. Costco furniture lasts for several years like any other traditional furniture. Costco is known for selling high-quality goods at an affordable price, and this is true for furniture as well.

How to return Costco furniture?

You can return your Costco furniture in three ways.

  • You can directly return at any Costco store.
  • You can return online on the Costco website, under the Orders and return section.
  • Schedule a pick-up of the furniture item.

Remember that you need to provide your receipt for a full refund. Otherwise, Costco might refund you via store credit.

To Conclude:

Costco is a great option to buy furniture. The 90-day warranty period is enough to decide the reliability of furniture. Even if the furniture defects quickly and is no longer comfortable for you then, don’t worry Costco has your back. Go to the store and let the staff know about your furniture defects and initiate a return.

Costco might be unclear about its return policy, but 90-days is the standard warranty on furniture. So, remember to have your receipt all the time at least for a few years.

Frequently asked questions

  1. My Costco furniture is no longer useful, and it’s been only six months since I bought it?

Answer: Yes. Return your furniture even if it’s been a year because we don’t buy furniture every day.

  1. What if there are termites in my Costco furniture?

Answer: Termites are furniture viruses that can infect your whole furniture in the house. So, call Costco and get rid of it as soon as possible.

Costco Furniture Warranty

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