Does Costco take Passport Photos?

Does Costco take Passport Photos?


In 2020, Costco was the world’s fifth-largest retailer. Costco operates a chain of membership-only warehouse stores. There’s one more thing Costco is known for, and it is the photo printing service of Costco. Read more Does Costco take Passport Photos?

While Costco turned down its members by closing its in-store photo centers at the beginning of 2021, the Costco digital photo clicking and printing options are still available. Read the next sections of this article.

Coming to the main question of the article, now Costco doesn’t provide a photo-clicking service at its stores while they still take online photo printing offers. And the photo printing service is very convenient. Just click your picture or get it clicked by someone and send it to Costco, and they’ll print it and keep it ready for pick up within 1 hour.

Printing photos at the Costco store

Costco stores provide photo printing services. And one can use its service by following the below given steps.

Getting passport-size photos printed from a digital format at Costco stores is easy. They cost $0.17 for printing 6 photos of 4*6 size (passport size).

Does Costco provide an online photo printing service?

Yes, online photo printing is also possible at Costco, one can place the order by visiting Costco’s website and picking up the passport photos within one hour of placing the order.

The photo alignment and resolution of Costco photos

Size 2*2

Resolution; 300 dpi

Head height: at 1.29 in

The bottom of the photo to the eye-line: at 1.18 in.

Who can use Costco photo printing services?

Costco’s photo printing service is only for its members. The Costco memberships start at $60/year. Costco members get the benefits of its quality, low-price, and versatile photo services. Besides photo services, Costco also provides a range of products to its members.

Customers are required to fill in their Costco card details while ordering online. One can visit the Costco website or its app to order their photo prints.

What about the quality of Costco photos?

Costco passport photos are high on quality terms, and if the individual has clicked the picture as suggested, then they will get clear and good photos. The Costco passport size photos are accepted in all online form submissions.

Besides this, Costco also guarantees acceptance of its photos, and if the picture is rejected then Costco will refund double the amount that you’ve paid. And individuals can click as many pictures as they wish, and they have to pay only for the picture they like and want to print.

What if there is no photo center near me?

Costco also has a solution for that. Their online passport photo options can help an individual take their photos, as they wish, and then send them to Costco for printing. Individuals can click the pictures in a 4*6 size template. It’ll cost $0.17 to print 6 passport-size photos from the digital photos.

Other photo printing options

Costco provides a range of photo gifting products on its website. These gifting products include wall art, big pictures of different size ranges, photo books, cards and invitations, calendars, posters, collage prints, personalized gifts, banners, ceramic photo mugs, etc.

You can easily design the gifts and decorations that you want to buy by just visiting the website then clicking on the item that you want to create. Then upload the picture or pictures that you want to print on the particular item. One can select photos from different social media accounts or their device. After uploading pictures, one can customize the items with different designs and textures on its website.

Every item has different price tags depending on special features added to the product.

Photo prints at Costco

There are almost 17 size ranges for getting photos printed at Costco. Photo prints can be printed in two finishes, either gloss or matte (Lustre). These orders can be collected from Costco warehouses.

Personalized photo gift options at Costco

Costco offers a range of personalized gift items through its website. One can print photos on, acrylic block, frames, mouse mat, photo mug, photo cushion, water bottles, adult canvas aprons, canvas tote bags, tea towels, etc.


Although Costco closed its in-store photo services, its online photo printing services are still available. Costco not only prints passport-size photos but also prints a variety of gifting and décor photo products.

Costco provides the guarantee of acceptance of its photos and returns your money if they can’t fulfill their promise. Costco passport-size photos cost $0.17. And for other photos, the price may range depending on special features added in the picture. Costco’s photo service is only for its members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1: What is the cost of passport photos at Costco?

A photo of 4* the 6-inch size is 0.17cents at Costco.

Q.2: Do Costco print passport photos? 

Yes, it is possible to get passport photos at Costco stores.

Q.3: What is the cost of 5*5 prints?

Costco charges $0.39 to print 5*5-size pictures.

Q.4: Do Costco print photos?

Yes, an in-store photos service is not available, but one can get prints of their digital picture by uploading them online.

Does Costco take Passport Photos?

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