Does Dollar General Do Cashback?

Does Dollar General Do Cashback?

Dollar General is a most admired and trusted American retailer store chain that has expanded to over 17000 countries. Dollar general is uniquely known for offering a wide variety of items at a low price and standard quality.

Cashback on debit cards has identification on both retailers and consumers. 

For retailers, refunding the money as a reward improves the client experience. Moreover, it uplifts the turnover of the company as customers have to purchase from stores to get cashback. Consumers need not stand or wait in long queues of ATMs to withdraw cash as debit cards offer quick access to their customers. Furthermore, the fee charged at cashback is much lower than ATM withdrawal.

Does Dollar General do cashback? 

Fortunately, Dollar General offers a cashback to a customer spending at least $5. Debit and specific credit card holders (discover cards) can now get a maximum cashback of $40 at all the locations if dollar general. If you want a cashback of more than $40 you need to make more than one transaction at a time. Like other sources, Dollar general charges a fee of $1-$2 per transaction to get cashback. 

Minimum spending: 

The customer needs to buy items of at least $5 to satisfy the criteria for cashback. Any spending below $5 will be eligible for cashback. To get cashback, you need to bring your purchase receipt to the register or at the money center (whichever is closer to your location) and the cashier will guide you through the instructions to be followed. 

Minimum and Maximum limit of cashback at dollar general? 

Dollar general offers their customers a minimum cashback of $10 and a maximum cashback of $ 40 on their spending. 

Dollar General provides cashback options of $10, $20, $30, or $40. You can take the help of customer care service or money center in the store to get cashback. 

Cashback is available if payment is done by cheques? 

No, Dollar General does not provide cash back if the customer uses the cheque as a payment method. Dollar general needs a money service facility on their website to facilitate this service. 

Luckily, dollar general offers a cashback only on regular debit cards and particular credit cards. 

Fee charged by Dollar general for cashback? 

Depending on the store location, Dollar General charges $1-$2 from the customers regardless of the spending. Only customers using Discover credit cards and debit cards for their spending get the cashback facility. 

Can customers get $100 cashback? 

Depending on the store, some offer a cashback of just $10, $20, or $30. However, Kroger, Shoppers Food Warehouse, Save Mart Supermarkets, Ralphs, Safeway, Albertsons, Food Lion, and vons are some stores that offer $100 cashback to their customer. 

Time required to get refunds from dollar general? 

Once the cashback is done at the payment processor bank account automatically processes it to the customer’s account. Depending on bank policy, the bank refunds the amount but mainly average period of 3 days is required to complete the process. 

Do Dollar Generals give cashback with EBT? 

Only the customers having TANF cash benefits (temporary assistance for needy families) can get cashback with an EBT card in the store of dollar general. Contrarily, you can get a cash refund from Dollar general if you use them to make payments online. 

How do obtain cashback by using a debit card? 

Debit cards withdraw cash directly from your bank account. You can get cashback if you are regularly using your debit card for purchases in a store or at an automated teller machine to get cash. 

How to get cashback using a credit card? 

Dollar General offers a refund on a specific credit card. Discover credit card users can request cashiers at the register or money center to get a maximum restriction of $120.

Can you make a payment using a debit or credit card if there is no cash in it? 

Automatically, debit cards get declined to make the payment if you have no cash in them. But if your credit cash is short of money, still credit card works if you have available credit in them. 

ATM withdrawal and cashback are the same things. 

Cashback is given towards the spending done by the customer using the debit card whereas ATM withdrawal provides cash advance using a credit card. Moreover, the limit offered by cashback is much higher than ATM withdrawal. 

Can you get cashback if you use other apps to pay? 

Dollar general provides a cashback if you make a payment using PayPal. But if you make a payment using Apple pay, dollar general does not give any money back. 


Dollar General offers a cashback to its customers. To get cash back from dollar general stores customers must spend at least $5 to get the minimum refund of $10 and maximum refunds of $50. Due to convenient services at stores of the dollar general, customers feel free to pay a fee of $1-$2. 

Does Dollar General Do Cashback?

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