Can you Buy Alcohol with Walmart Gift Card Full Guide?

Walmart is indeed one of the largest retail chains of The United States and thus follows a common marketing mix strategy. Gifts cards are proven to uplift the sales and awareness of the business. They are beneficial not just for consumers but for organizations as well. Read more Can you Buy Alcohol with Walmart Gift Card Full Guide?

The special situation the world has been stuck in has boosted online sales that have resulted in more acceptance among consumers regarding gift cards.

But do you know what exactly you can buy from it? Can it sponsor one of your slumber parties? 

The bais faced by Alcohol, the regulations imposed on the purchase of same has got us all thinking

Can a Walmart gift card buy me alcohol?

A little know-of about Walmart

Walmart has its origin in The United States of America wherein its headquarters are situated in the middle of Bentonville, Ark. The industry to which Walmart expands its vine is General Merchandiser. It is indeed a public company type having backed with the total revenue of $559,151 as of 11th October 2021. With COVID-19 softening, the retailer is attempting to defend market share gains by committing to a $14 billion capital expenditure budget for 2021, which is nearly 40% more than last year’s, despite the fact that such spending reduces profitability. 

The profit margins of the company numerically are $13,510 and an estimated market cap of $382,164. Well, that’s a lot of data to go with. However, it is also an idle way for perfect analysis of the corporation. It provides employment to the vast majority of workers with the boggling data of 2,300,000 employees.

The answer to the question: Can we buy alcohol using gift cards?

When I contacted some users virtually to understand their experience and asked a bunch of questions, this is what I understood.

Walmart allows individuals to buy alcohol-based drinks such as wine, beer, spirits, etc from any store as of the policy of 2021. However, the range of cards isn’t limited to just one. It also sells restricted gift card that has a statement clearly stated on the front of these cards saying, ‘This card may not be used to buy alcohol’

Walmart has assigned names to these cards. It is called Alcohol Prohibited. They physically indicate that it can’t be used to sponsor one of your parties. So, if you are looking to give your nephew or your young kids a gift card and remain on the safe side simultaneously, Alcohol Prohibited cards are a go-to. Can you Buy Alcohol with Walmart Gift Card Full Guide?

The guide to walking you through buying alcohol with ‘Not an Alcohol Prohibited card’ 

Gift cards may seem like an opportunity for ripping off the inner young demon to many teenagers who have been gifted by their noob aunts or uncles. However, life isn’t that easy, kids! Read more Can you Buy Alcohol with Walmart Gift Card Full Guide?

Even if you thought you might end up having what you want there is always something you don’t know off. Well, in this case, it won’t happen to you. The knowledge, the guide is in your hands before making the mistake and experiencing the embarrassment of being laughed upon or whooshed out.

The United States of America follows strict standards on Alcohol consumption and thus pertaining to the law, you ought to be above 21 years of age. These are the basic requirements.

When you step into a shop with a gift card in one hand and sparkling eyes you need to know that without proving yourself above 21 years so are going back home empty-handed. Therefore, cease your stop by the shop only when you have a valid government ID.

In summary, all you need to acknowledge beforehand is that you are 21 years of age and have a valid government ID to prove the same. 

On meeting the criteria you will walk back home satisfied and happy.

Nevertheless, the stores of Canada work with the laws of Canada which clearly state the alcohol-consuming age to be 19 years and thus Walmart stores pertain to Canada laws in states of it.

Hence remember if you are in Canada and have a gift card from Walmart that does not state Alcohol Prohibited, all you need to have is a government ID proving you are 19 years of age.

Query on buying of cigarettes or tobacco products

Well, the same goes without saying for tobacco-based products. Consumers can easily buy any of them if they don’t have restricted cards and that is it! 

You have a card saying, ‘This card cannot be used to purchase tobacco’ then by no chance can you buy the same.


To conclude, take home the following paragraph.

Always have a government ID while having a Non-Alcohol Prohibited Walmart gift card as a word that you are 21 in the United States and 19 in Canada won’t be accepted until you have something to prove the sellers.

If you have these two things with you, any variant of alcohol sitting in the shop can be your friend for the evening without having much of a bustle. 

Can you Buy Alcohol with Walmart Gift Card Full Guide?

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