Walmart Vacuum Return Policy

What is Walmart Plus?

Walmart Inc., (formerly known as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.) is an American multinational company that has found its place in the fortune 500. Walmart has been for decades’ consumers’ dearest place to shop for any item whether is it categorized as a necessity or a luxury, Walmart has always been a paramount place to fall upon. Walmart is known for its supercentre (also known as hypermarkets) as the name speaks for itself, it is a retail store whose inventory fulfils every want of a customer under a single roof. Operating in approximately 24 countries in 48 different names, Walmart not only provides standard quality products but at a very slashed price which acts as a prime factor in luring customers for the fulfilment of their day-to-day needs. Read more Walmart Vacuum Return Policy.

Does Walmart accept the return of purchased Vacuum? 

As per the return policy of Walmart, there is a return option for almost every product that Walmart sells, including the vacuum. Walmart has assured its customers that they have the liberty to return the vacuum purchased from the Walmart store. Customers can return the vacuum irrespective of the method via which the purchase was made (i.e. physical purchase or online order). 

Don’t abandon the article if you are curious to find the methods of returning the vacuum, how long to wait before the refund amount is being credited to the bank account, stipulated time of return, and many more.

The vital point here that heeds your attention is that if you have purchased the vacuum from any indirect seller or brand and not directly from Walmart, then returning the vacuum may prove to be a nightmare for you as Walmart has a strict policy of not accepting products that were not originally purchased from Walmart itself.

What is the stipulated time frame to return the vacuum?

Well, the period that the customer has to return the vacuum is 90 days. To be a little bit specific, the period of 90 days begins from the date of purchase, mentioned on the original receipt. After the time frame of 90 days’ lapses, the decision to take back the vacuum is left to the discretion of the respective Store Manager. He will evaluate every factor like the reason for the delay, condition of the vacuum, original documents, and other formalities before concluding as to whether accept the return of the vacuum or not.

Seldom, Walmart offers what they an Extended Holiday Return. Extended Holiday Return as the name speaks for itself, the duration within which you are required to return a product gets extended. Customers may now have more days in their hands to return the product. 

Does Walmart accept the return of faulty or opened vacuums?

After taking home the brand new vacuum to the home you find out that there is some sort of malfunction in the vacuum or even worse, that the vacuum does not meet the objective of cleaning the house. No need to get all stressed up, Walmart does accept the return of faulty or opened vacuums. The customers can get a refund by returning the vacuum within the stipulated time frame (i.e. 90 days) along with the original packing box, accessories received with vacuum, and original receipt. Customers can also request a replacement of the vacuum if they so desire. 

How to return the vacuum to Walmart?

Walmart being a sophisticated retailer offers 3 ways to return a product. You can return the vacuum in the following ways: –

Bring it in – Begin your return in the Walmart app or at Select the items you’d like to return and a reason for the return. Choose “Return to store” to get a return barcode. Review the return refund summary & submit your return. Bring the email confirmation with you to the store along with your item.

Ship it back – In this case, the customer is supposed to look for their order in the Walmart app or at the official site of Walmart ( To print the return label that is to be pasted on the face of the parcel, select the item that you would like to return and select “Return by mail” and you will get a printed label. Once the item is being packed in its original packing box, drop it off at the USPS or FedEx location.

Let us Help – Walmart’s site offers this third alternative to the customers who are not sure as to where to begin the return procedure. Customers can either choose to bring the product to the store or print the return label. Click on the link provided on the website, keep the order number and receipt handy and simply follow the steps mentioned in the link. 


Hence, it must be clear as a crystal that you can return not only a well-packed, unopened vacuum but also a faulty, opened one too. To make your return effort a successful task you need to bear in mind is that adherence to the given time frame is mandatory, furnishing the original receipt should not be missed and lastly, the vacuum should be tidily, flawlessly packed back into its original packing box along with the vacuum accessories.  

Walmart Vacuum Return Policy

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