Does Costco Deliver TVs?

Does Costco Deliver TVs?

Costco is an American Wholesale company, which is also termed a Big-box Store Company. It was founded in 1983 by James Sinegal and Jeffery H. Brotman. The company has been running successfully for a long time and holds a strong position in the American market. It has 824 warehouses worldwide, including American, the United Kingdom, South Korea, and many other markets. The net revenue of the company in 2021 is 62.67 billion dollars. Read more Does Costco Deliver TVs?

Costco is one of the largest companies with many warehouses, where retailers come to purchase the product at wholesale prices. It sells various products ranging from furniture to food, having such a high range of bulky products, as many retailers purchase the products in large quantities, Costco has to provide home delivery services to their customers. Costco has a separate section for electronic items, and Televisions are included in the segment. Televisions, fridges, washing machines, and many more electronics come under the bulky category, as it becomes necessary for Costco to deliver all the items. Costco has its online platform and offline warehouses, where retailers or customers can place their orders and get home delivered their Televisions or TVs.

Delivery Services Used By Costco

Costco being the warehouse of almost every item, has to opt for the delivery system. For the delivery, Costco is not dependent on a single delivery service but many. The primary delivery services used by Costco are UPS, FedEx, and America’s United States Postal Services (USPS). Costco fulfills the demands of its customers by having various delivery options, which includes:

  • Standard Delivery

Standard Delivery takes the usual time to deliver its product to its customer, and the priority is given to various other products. Still, the product at standard delivery is rarely delayed.

  • Delivery with No Scheduled Appointment

The shipment is usually made by air or waterways, with all the conditions similar to standard delivery. The delivery services make the shipment of Costco, and an essential feature is that it doesn’t require any delivery signature.

  • White-Glove Delivery

The ordered shipment will be delivered to its customers as per their desired time and place. The delivery agent unpacks and checks the item and its working conditions after delivering the package.

  • Appliances Delivery

The electronic appliances delivered by Costco come under this category. Television delivery also comes in the category.

Costco delivers the grocery to their customers through various delivery services; also, it uses UberEats to deliver the groceries.

The delivery of TVs depends on the size of the television, availability of the model, the delivery location. Considering every factor, Costco generally takes 5-10 delivery days to deliver the TVs, whereas the maximum time needed by Costco to deliver the Tvs is 20 days.

Factors Affecting TVs Delivery by Costco

  • Variety

Costco has an extensive range of TVs at their stores, including LG, Samsung, Sony, and many more. The TVs ordered by the customer available at the warehouse can take a shorter duration, but if it isn’t available in the inventory of Costco, the delivery of TVs can take more time.

  • Brand Limitation

Costco has many competitors, out of which the biggest ones are Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. These competitors also work in the same manner as Costco but have more variety.

  • Return Policy

In general, for all the other products, Costco takes returns from its customers anytime. But, especially for televisions, the return is accepted for only 90 days after the delivery date. Costco will take the warranties given by the brand/company of the television into consideration.

  • Delivery and Set-Up

Costco sells television, but the delivery services are not free. The buyer has to opt for the services by adding an extra cost.

Delivery and Installation Steps for Television

The option chosen by the buyer at the time of buying the television will dictate how Costco will deliver the TVs to the destination. Suppose the buyer has opted for delivery and installation by paying reasonable charges. In that case, the delivery executives will unpack the item attached to the desired location as per the customer and Connect the power source and antenna. After proper confirmation of the set-up, the delivery agent will hand over the TV to the customer.


Costco is one of the biggest retail stores, which deals with every product at wholesale prices. Costco sells and delivers famous brands of TVs to the homes of its customers. The delivery of TV comes with an optional feature, by paying a reasonable delivery fee by the customers. The customers can add installation features also.

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Is the Delivery option included in the TV purchase price?

The delivery option is not included in the TV price; the customer has to pay a separate charge to opt for the delivery policy.

  1. What is the general delivery fee at Costco?

At Costco, orders over 35 dollars will be charged a delivery fee of 3.99 dollars.

Does Costco Deliver TVs?

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