Does Stanley Steemer Accept Tips?

Does Stanley Steemer Accept Tips?


Stanley Steemer is an American company based in Dublin. The company is into the business of carpet cleaning, wooden floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. It also provides services for water damage restoration, and also sells a vagary of cleaning products for both households and office settings. Read more Does Stanley Steemer Accept Tips?

The company was founded in 1947, in Dublin, Ohio by Jack Bates and has been in the cleaning business for more than 70 years. Since then, it has grown by leaps and bounds. The company currently has more than 280 corporate-owned and franchised locations in approximately 49 states in the US.

Currently, Stanley Steemer is managed by Jack Bates’ descendants and includes CEO Wesley Bates and President Justin Bates.

Additionally, the company received its Asthma and Allergy Certification for its professional cleaning services in 2013.

What are the prices for cleaning at Stanley Steemer?

The company offers free online cost estimators for the convenience of the customers that gives them an idea of the prices. Furthermore, the approximate cost to clean three bedrooms and a living room or hall are $140. For customers asking specifically for charges per room, it ranges from $15 to $40.

It offers several discounts to its customers. One of the many that are getting a lot of attention is the Stanley Steemer $99 special that includes carpet cleaning only for $99.

Which method does the company use for carpet cleaning?

Stanley Steemer uses the best possible way for carpet cleaning that includes hot water extraction, or, in simple words, is referred to as steam cleaning. The hot water is utilized along with the specially formulated cleaning solution. The solution is said to remove all the dirt particles, stones, and gravels safely and gently.

Furthermore, the company uses its product which includes Stanley Steemer Odor Out Plus for deodorizing the carpets. It uses natural bacterial enzyme action, which astoundingly digests organic odor sources rather than covering it up with fragrances which most of these products do. Additionally, for any odors that come during the action of enzymes, Stanley Steemer also uses a pairing agent to get immediate relief.

Does Stanley Steemer accept tips?

Numerous customers utilizing the services of Stanley Steemer and any other cleaning company are doubtful of giving tips and if the workers or the staff would accept the same. While many inquiries were received on this issue, Stanley Steemer stated that though the professional staff does not require or expect tips, it’s always appreciated. 

In simple words, if a customer thinks that workers have worked hard particularly in moving and/or setting the heavy furniture (for which many companies charge as it is not their responsibility or job to do), then a tip is a gesture towards that person’s hard work.

How much tip to give to a Stanley Steemer guy?

After deciding on whether to give a tip or not, the next question that comes to mind is how much tip is to be given, if one wants to.

It sometimes feels like a necessity when the professional staff has gone out of its way to provide its best services. A tip of $5 per person is more frequently given. However, the tips may range from $5 to $20 depending upon the space to be scrubbed and the area geographically.

Are the services of Stanley Steemer worth it?

After going through the reviews by various customers, it can easily be concluded that the company provides good services at a fair price. The prices of various cleaning companies like Coit range from $180 to $480, and that of Chem Clean ranges from $120 to $400 against that of Stanley Steemer which is approximately $80 to $300 varying on the basis of area and space.

Apart from the reasonable prices and the good cleaning quality that Stanley Steemer possesses, the staff is also said to be extremely punctual working on a strict schedule.


Stanley Steemer is in the business of cleaning for more than 70 years now and provides its services to almost every part of the US. It provides services of carpet cleaning, wooden floor cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, air duct cleaning, and upholstery cleaning. Apart from providing the above services, the company has also started the services for water damage restoration. The company provides excellent cleaning services at extremely affordable prices. It uses the best possible methods and products to give its customers a fulfilling experience so that the customer does not need to look for an alternative. Moreover, the strict adherence to schedule is an add-on advantage which is not usually the case in other companies.

For a person/customer looking for the above-mentioned qualities and services, Stanley Steemer is one of the great options to opt for without giving it any second thought.

Does Stanley Steemer Accept Tips?

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