Does Walmart Take Paypal?

Does Walmart Take Paypal

With numerous paying options available in the market, it has become imperative for stores and businesses to integrate them within their payment systems, and Walmart is not an exception. Walmart has made shopping easy and convenient for people living across the US. Read more Does Walmart Take Paypal?

With over 4,755 locations across the country, offering a massive range of products, one is curious to know about the available payment methods at Walmart. Read on to find if Walmart accepts Paypal.

Does Walmart Take Paypal?

The answer to this question is simple. Walmart accepts payments via PayPal, be it in-store, Walmart app, or their website as of 2021. Customers shopping at Walmart can make payment for their shopping through their PayPal account. In addition to this, customers can access and manage their PayPal funds at the Walmart stores. 

How to Pay With PayPal at Walmart?

Now that we know Walmart accepts PayPal let us find how to pay at Walmart by using your PayPal account. The partnership between the two companies allows users to withdraw or deposit funds from their PayPal account at Walmart Service Desks, Store ATMs and Cash Registers by paying a $3 fee. 

Customers can shop easily at any Walmart store using PayPal without having to worry about withdrawing funds or requesting a PayPal cash card. They can make payments for their in-store purchases through PayPal Card. The transaction will be similar to that of a debit or credit transaction, except that the amount is directly deducted from the PayPal account. 

For online purchases from the app or website, customers have to shop as they would and add their items to the cart. During the checkout, the customer should choose to pay by using PayPal under the “More Payments” option. After selecting the PayPal option, the user has to log in to their PayPal account and confirm the payment option and return to Walmart’s app or website to initiate and finalize the transaction. 

Customers should keep in mind that they can’t use multiple payment methods in the same transaction. 

How to Add/Remove a Payment Method?

While shopping online via app or website, users can add, edit or remove a particular payment method. Adding a payment method to the Walmart Account makes checking out faster, easier, and hassle-free. Here are simple steps to add a payment method to your Walmart account.

  • Log in to your Walmart Account
  • Select Wallet
  • Click on add new payment option
  • Select the type of payment you want to add from the displayed options
  • Enter the required details 
  • End by clicking the save card/details option

Edit option enables you to edit billing addresses or make changes to card details and security codes. In case of a card change, the only option is to delete old card details and enter new card details. Users can edit or remove a payment method by

  • Logging into their Walmart Account
  • Clicking on Wallet
  • Selecting the edit option next to the payment method to change the option

Other Payment Methods at Walmart

Walmart offers several payment options for its customers. Here’s a list of all the payment methods accepted at Walmart-

  • Customers can make their payments using all the major credit cards like Visa, American Express, MasterCard, etc. In addition to this, Walmart also offers its own store credit cards- Walmart Credit Card and Walmart MasterCard for regular shoppers.
  • Pin-based ATM and Debit cards 
  • Payment through PayPal
  • Cash
  • Chase Pay
  • Walmart Gift and eGift Cards
  • Affirm Installment Financing
  • Amex Express Checkout
  • EBT Cards(Places like Alaska, Louisiana, and Montana do not support online payment through EBT Cards)

Customers making payments through the Walmart Store Cards receive certain perks that are not accessible to the general public. Regular Shoppers get 5% cashback on the already lower prices if they pay using the Walmart Credit Card.  


Walmart accepts PayPal payments both at the store and online. Users can also deposit or withdraw the money in their PayPal account at any Walmart Store by paying a $3 fee per transaction. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Walmart have a contactless payment method?

Using Walmart Pay, customers can make touch-free/contactless payments for their orders. Customers can checkout instantly by scanning the QR code at the register to pay by using this payment method. 

To use Walmart Pay, users should have themselves registered on the latest Walmart app. After registering on the app, users should select the payment method they want to use with Walmart Pay. Any payment methods saved earlier on the Walmart account will be displayed. If there aren’t any, users should add their credit/debit/gift card details to use Walmart Pay and pay by scanning the QR code. 

Can I use another payment method alongside PayPal on Walmart’s website?

Shoppers can’t use multiple payment options simultaneously for a single transaction on the Walmart app or website. Customers cannot split their shopping cart and their order amount to pay using two different payment methods simultaneously. They will have to complete their entire purchase using either their PayPal account or any other listed payment method.

To use multiple payment options in the same transaction, users have to use a debit or credit card that supports this feature. 

What purchases can I make at Walmart using PayPal?

As of 2021, there aren’t any restrictions or limits on the products one can purchase at Walmart using their PayPal account. Users can shop a wide range of products from the Walmart website or store and pay through PayPal. 

Does Walmart allow its users to make payments using their mobile phones?

Customers can pay for their orders through their mobiles via Walmart Pay. For this, the users have to go to any checkout lane after shopping, get the items scanned, and make payment using their mobile. 

Does Walmart Take Paypal?

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