How Much Does an Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Cost?

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A vacuum cleaner is an essential household item that you generally buy. There is a huge cluster of brands with different features. Now you want that which best suits your needs. This is a very important one-time investment, and you need some guidance on it. Read more How Much Does an Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Cost?

One of the most famous brands in the world, Electrolux, must be the right choice for you. They are among the top brands of vacuum cleaners, with an annual peak sales record of 1 million units. There is a big variation in the price of the Electrolux vacuum cleaner.

The cordless variants have a price range of (300-500) USD. Some of the premium variants may go as high as 700 USD.

Before discussing the price of some of the top Electrolux vacuum cleaners, let us understand the different types of vacuum cleaners.

Categories of Electrolux vacuum cleaners-

  1. Right-handed-

This vacuum cleaner has an extension wand which is best suited to cleaning carpeted floors, rugs, stairs, kitchens, and other higher areas. This vacuum will never run out of suction because of its multi-cyclonic system.

  1. Canister-

This type of vacuum fulfils the limitations of an upright vacuum cleaner by reaching into the small corners where the upright cleaner fails to reach. A light-weight and flexible body is an added advantage.

  1. Robots

The hard, compact robotic design and 3D design allow the robot to detect and clean through obstacles. It can climb over small obstacles with the help of Clinforce Drive. The schedule of cleaning can be set and controlled with the help of a smartphone app.

  1. Stick-

Because of its stick-like design, it can enter into every nook and corner. If there is a very small area beneath your cupboard or furniture, just use this vacuum cleaner.

  1. Handheld-

They are one of the best cleaners with a robust and portable design.

Now, here is the list of top models of the Electrolux vacuum cleaner that are the most famous and ultimate choice of people in the market.

  • Electrolux EL4021A Vacuum Cleaner-

The best thing about this vacuum cleaner is its low noise, which allows you to clean even if someone is sleeping in the house. The special high-quality HEPA filters will capture 99.97 percent of the dust particles inside the house. All these cleaners have high suction power, so they can be used on different types of surfaces for cleaning.

Price-$238 USD

The price is a little high, but the return is worthwhile.

  • Electrolux EL4335B Vacuum Cleaner-

It is one of the best choices for cleaning luxurious carpets and floors, which is attributed to its On/Off brush roll switch and 3-tier height adjustment. Adjustable suction helps you to set it for delicate fabrics. The cord length is over 20 feet, which helps you clean the highest areas in your house.

Otter advantages include portability, HEPA filters, warranty, etc.

The cost is 206 USD.

The price is less, but the main problem with this vacuum cleaner is clogging.

  • Electrolux SC684F Vacuum Cleaner-

The classic upright design, 50-foot long cord, and lightweight make it ideal for cleaning the whole house in a single go. The weight is only 18 pounds. Other than this, at such a lightweight, the anatomy of this motor is robust with a very powerful electric motor and extra accessories.

Price-(189-220) USD

One of the best Electrolux vacuum cleaners that provides maximum benefits at a minimum cost is the The only problem is that a person suffering from arthritis finds it hard to control the handle properly.

  • Electrolux Sanitaire 2 Motor Vacuum Cleaner-

One of the best vacuum cleaners used for commercial purposes, this robust and silent cleaner demands a minimum maintenance cost. With long 50-foot cords, you can cover the whole house. Other than this, there are 4 levels of height adjustments.

Price-(360-420) USD

The price is very high, but the results are great. Also, this vacuum cleaner has got its approval from CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute).

  • Electrolux EL3020A Vacuum Cleaner-

With a fast-charging Lithium-ion battery, this vacuum cleaner can be used for 1 hour continuously. The 25.2 V batteries get fully charged within 4 hours. Other than this, special dust tracer LED lights will spot the traces of dust in unreachable places so that you are able to do better cleaning. Other than this, the simple and smooth 180-degree navigation will give you the perfect and quickest cleaning.

  • Electrolux EL7085B Vacuum Cleaner-

The special motor with brush roll clean technology will let your cleaner work smoothly even through the entanglement of the debris. At a single click, the system gets tangled and cleaned. High suction, HEPA filters, and an automatic air flow system make it one of the best premium vacuum cleaners on the market.

Price-580 USD

It may be a very costly affair to purchase this cleaner, but the 7-year warranty is also an added advantage. Remember that motors are susceptible to overheating and their design is a little fragile. So handle it with caution.

  • Electrolux EL7201A Vacuum Cleaner-

This vacuum cleaner is bagless and upright with high quality and performance. The brush rolls are motorized, which caters to the height of any floor. Pivoting nozzles add to its ease of usage. LED lights will help you to trace the dust particles in corner regions.

Price-203 USD

Filters in this vacuum cleaner need to be changed periodically. That is an added cost. Otherwise, they provide good benefits at a reasonable cost.


Electrolux vacuum cleaners are very high-tech and quite easy to use with the least amount of noise. The filters used are HEPA certified and can remove 99.7% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns. Hence, they are a great choice for maintaining the overall hygiene of your house.

Due to their durability, light weight, tremendous suction power, and great ergonomics, these vacuum cleaners are one of the ultimate choices on the market.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)-

  1. How long is the life of an Electrolux vacuum cleaner?

Most of them last for 15-20 years. They come with a warranty of 5 years.

  1. How frequently do we need to replace belts?

Check them at least once in a year. If they are working properly, then it’s time to clean the dust and debris from over the roller.

  1. How many bags can be filled before removing the collected dust?

After getting half filled, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner starts to reduce. So replace it after the bag is half filled.

How Much Does an Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner Cost?

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