Yale Employee Benefits

Yale Employee Benefits


One of the most reputed universities in the US, Yale, has a lot to offer its employers. They have a wide network of academic scholars and researchers who work day and night. The employees at Yale are very focused and goal-oriented with visions and aspirations. Read more about Yale Employee Benefits

Such reputed organizations always have benefits for their employees. It is one of the best organizations where benefits are huge for employees at entry level positions. The benefit portfolio includes health care, child care, pension funds, paid time off, special event compensation and many more.

In addition to great salary and medical benefits, they also have retirement plans for their non-working employees who were once part of this organization.

Let us discuss some notable benefits one by one-

  1. Cobra-

This program continues to provide medical and dental care to Yale members who are no longer employees after serving their time with the company. Depending upon eligibility criteria, the time period for this plan is 18–36 months.

  1. Health expectations program-

Through this program, both employees and their spouses will get health coaches who give personal assistance with any chronic conditions. You can easily track your health progress with the help of a website.

  1. Health insurance for retirees-

Sometimes, retirees and their spouses cannot receive health benefits like other employees because of eligibility criteria. So they can use this opportunity to participate in many other Medicare programs. To be eligible for this benefit, the age of an individual must be greater than 55 years, and the total age and vested service must be greater than 75 years.

  1. Death benefits-

If a regular employee who serves the company for 20+ hours a week dies during his active period, then his one-month salary will be immediately paid. Half the value of unused sick days and the complete value of holiday and recess days that fall under 30 days post-death will be paid.

  1. Accounts for flexible sending-

You can use a flexible spending account to fund your medical, dental, and vision care. Even pre-tax amounts are also included in such assistance. You can create a health care or dependent care expense reimbursement account.

  1. Disability plan-

Eligible staff members with disabilities can take advantage of the base plan, which provides them with 6% of their monthly base salary for approximately 180 days after the first day of disability. At max, 7500 USD minus other payments are received, and monthly benefit is not less than 100 USD.

  1. Extreme life events-

There are some great benefits related to extreme life events, according to section 125 of ERISA. When a job changes from one designation to another, higher designation, then the set of benefits also changes, which you need to consult with the employer. If you have recently become the parent of a newborn or adopted kid, then those kids can also be enrolled in the health and dental coverage program.

  1. A Yale Advantage discount program

Employees of Yale get discounts on many shopping items on a daily basis.

  1. Paid leaves-

Yale provides a large number of paid leaves to its employees. If there is the death of an immediate family member, then 3 days off are provided to them. For extra days, the paid leave is given on management’s consent. Other than this, there is paid leave for celebrating festivals and also for fulfilling military and jury duties.

Yale Signature benefits-

  1. Personal wellness-

The employees of Yale receive up to 6 free confidential problem-solving counseling sessions for 7 days a week. If any employee is suffering from personal stress and depression, then you are provided with a therapist through their Talk space portal.

They have an amazing Savello app that tracks the behavior and mood of their staff. On an everyday basis, simple questions are asked and, according to the answers given by individuals, their stressful behaviors are tracked. Then they are provided with powerful relaxation tools along with a personalized progress program.

  1. Financial wellness-

If you need sudden funds for retirement, your children’s education, or buying a home, then you can avail yourself of Yale financial assistance to secure your funding.

According to Yale’s reimbursement policy, you are eligible to get partial funding for your degree and non-degree programs. Their commuter benefit program allows you to travel for free when the company pays your ticket amount. With the help of a commuter benefit check card, you will get a free ticket in a parking lot.

  1. “Work life balance”

To boost your personal life, Yale offers free educational workshops and webinar sessions. Other than that, they have a flexible work program for their staff members. There are many other benefits, like family wellness support, eldercare plans, disability support, etc., that serve to make your personal life better.

  1. The Yale Health Center

This benefit is one of the best benefits provided by the company. Just stay at home and receive a whole host of health-related services like appointments, home collection of samples, and prescriptions for medicine. They provide patient-centric care to achieve desired health goals. Also, treatment services and Medicare are provided to the patient at zero premiums.

  1. Bright Horizons Care Advantage

In your busy life schedule, you always need to rely on outside support like babysitters or pet care workers. This plan has been activated through 31 December 2021. The aim of this plan is to provide their employees assistance in home care with reimbursement of 100 USD per day.

Moreover, this program also provides back-up care to children and the elderly in your family in hours of crisis if regular care is due to a busy work schedule. It also pays compensation of 25 USD per child per day and 30 USD per family per day.


The benefit portfolio at Yale is vast and never ending. Such a company which takes care of its employees to such an extent must be very reputable. The Yale Company is known for its scholars, vibrant academics, huge facilities, and support for students. It has its own medical facility base with trained experts.

To foster your career along with perfect personal life balance you should definitely try out at Yale.

Yale Employee Benefits

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