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Target has managed to be one of the top retailers in the entire world. Target offers a wide ambit of options for every single product it contains. Customers have such an ample variety to choose from due to which sometimes they found themselves lost in the arena of products. On a similar line, Target dispenses thousands of variety of furniture designs which enables customers to pick the most suitable furniture for their home. Read more Target Furniture Return Policy

This particular article solely addresses the most dreadful nightmare of the customers. Does Target take back furniture once purchased, if yes, then how to return it, is having the original receipt mandatory? Relax, sit back, and binge into the article.

Does Target accept the return of the Furniture once purchased? 

The good news is, yes Target accepts the return of the furniture once customers have made the purchase and stepped out of the store. It goes without saying that Target’s return policy has some terms and conditions regarding the return of furniture.

If you are planning to give back the furniture, keep in mind that it should be disassembled and put in its original packing box. Extra caution should be kept while dismantling the furniture piece as Target have a stringent policy of not accepting damaged, torn, and tampered product.

Nonetheless, accepting the return of the furniture is at the complete discretion of the store (Store Manager) based on the condition of the returning furniture of course.

What if the furniture is assembled and cannot be dismantled?

As mentioned in the above paragraphs, for a furniture to be returned it should be disassembled. Target has an unbending rule of accepting the return of the furniture only when it is disassembled and should be bought in that form which was being sold. Furthermore, refund may be declined if the furniture is damaged, used or worn out by the customer irrespective of whether it occurred in the process of disassembling or while carrying it to the store or whatever reason the customer can quote.

What is the Stipulated Time Frame within which a customer is supposed to return the purchased furniture? 

Generally, Target provides 90 days to its ordinary customers commencing from the date of purchase mentioned on the receipt, in case of an online order from the date of delivery of the product to the customer.

If the furniture purchased is of Target brand itself, in that case, customers have an entire year before they return the product. 

What is the procedure to return a furniture to the Target store?

Now the trouble is how to actually give back the product (furniture) to the Target store. As mentioned above, within 90 or 120 days as the case may be you need to disassemble the furniture, put it in the original packing box, carry the original receipt or any other proof of purchase and show up at any Target store (not mandatory the same store from where the furniture was purchased). 

Once in-store, head to the customer service desk or billing counter and communicate that the furniture needs to be returned. You may be asked to give in a few details like Name, government-issued identity proof, date of purchase, mode of payment made at the time of purchase among many other formalities. 

Once, the return paperwork is in order, you will be entitled to receive a complete cash refund if payment was made in cash during or if payment was initiated via credit/debit card then the refund amount may take a few days to get credited in the bank account. 

Another alternative in the hands of the customers is returning the furniture online. Customers can fire a free mail to Target’s customer care Id and request them to arrange a pickup to get the return done. 


It is crystal clear from the above that Target does take back delivery of the furniture if the conditions are being met. All you have to do is disassemble the entire furniture piece (desk, study table, cupboard, dressing table, chair, bed, kitchen shelf, etc.) and then put it gently and flawlessly into the original packing box. In short, in the end, the furniture should look like the replica of the piece when it was bought. Just a slight hitch that customers can experience is the risk of damaging the furniture piece in the process of dismantling the furniture as Target has a strict directive of not taking back the furniture piece if the furniture for any reason or so has been damaged on the customer’s part, not in proper condition, etc. The customer should strictly adhere to the time limit within which the furniture should be returned to Target. At last, showing the original receipt or return barcode as the case may be should not be taken lightly.

Target Furniture Return Policy

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