How Long Is Orientation At Popeyes?

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In 1972 New Orleans, Louisiana, United States a taste sensation was born. It began with one small restaurant named Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits. The founder Alvin C. Copeland Sr. had an idea of selling the spicy, New Orleans-style chicken.

The idea turned into a craze that swept the nation and led to the opening of Popeyes first franchise restaurant in Louisiana. By 1984 Popeyes was going global, it expanded to Toronto Canada. The following year (1985), Popeyes had opened over 500 restaurants.  The Popeye brand was now a national competitor and was named the 3rd quick-service chicken chain based on the number of units.

By 1991, Popeyes was expanding its international presence in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. Since 1991 Popeye has tremendously grown and it now goes by Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

How Long Is Orientation At Popeyes?

As of 2020, Popeyes had 3,451 locations.

How long is an orientation at Popeye’s restaurant?

According to former employees who gave their reviews at, Orientation will be between 1 day to 2 weeks. The Orientation process tends to be fast and easy and it is paid.

 However, some employees did not go through orientation.

During orientation, applicants learn the basics associated with the kitchen and customer service. You can carry with you a work permit if you need one but most importantly, bring with you a positive attitude, and a warm smile. 

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  1. What qualifications Does Popeyes Consider on Applicants before getting hired?
  2. What outfit is appropriate on orientation day
  3. Next steps after  orientation
  4. The application process at Popeyes
  5.  5 most common jobs at Popeyes
  6. Frequently asked questions

What qualifications Does Popeyes look for in Applicants before they get hired?

Candidates get hired if they possess good customer service,  good judgment on real-life situations, an evaluation of your work experience, and how you express your strengths and weaknesses. The recruiter will also discuss with you the job description to find out whether you are comfortable performing all of the required duties. Eventually, the recruitment team will hire applicants with qualities and personalities that win them over. 

What To Wear On Orientation Day?

You can wear a smart casual outfit. After orientation, the uniform is usually black work pants, a burnt orange shirt, and non-slip-resistant shoes.

Next Steps After Orientation

The Next step is the training process. Training will take approximately 3 days or more. The training at Popeye is mostly done online and sometimes in person. The training can be really fast if a store is opening soon. The managers are patient and make sure you understand what needs to be done.

The Application Process At Popeyes

You do not need to worry about the Popeyes application process. Learn more about the application process, assessments, and interviews to help you get the job!  

Step 1: Make sure that your resume and cover letter catch the recruiter’s attention because the recruiter only takes a few minutes to go through the application. Ensure that your application goes with the job description. Proofread the application before submitting it to ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or missing information.

Step 2:  The interview process. It will most likely be a one-on-one interview. Dress to impress and keep time. Additionally, if you have some years of experience or a previous job, expect some questions on that. 

Prepare a list of some of your positive attributes such as projects that you spearheaded or goals that you achieved. Additionally, ensure you practice interview questions that are commonly asked.  Practicing interview questions will make you more confident about the interview. During the interview, communicate clearly with complete sentences, the right body language, and a logical thought process.

Some of the Interview topics will relate to good customer service. Also, be comfortable talking about your weaknesses, not just your strengths. 

Lastly, expect to talk about the position and whether you’re comfortable doing all the duties in the job description.

Step 3: You may be required to do an online employment assessment. Many employers nowadays measure candidates’ attitudes and abilities using online assessment tools such as personality tests, verbal and numerical reasoning tests, and situational judgment tests. 

Prepare for any online employment assessment ahead of time. 

Common jobs at Popeyes

Crew member

The crew member must be passionate about providing the best customer service. You are required to follow Popeyes Service Basics, possess great communication skills with both team members and customers. You are also required to be punctual and consistent, be 16 years and above, and have reliable transport. 

The crew member earns an average bi-weekly payment of approximately $800.


You must be passionate about providing the best customer service. Have the ability to work in a fast-paced environment, Possess great communication skills with both team members and customers. You are required to be punctual and consistent, be 16 years and above, and have reliable transport. 

Lastly, you have to be a teammate who is teamwork-oriented, energized, and ready to learn and explore what your career has to offer.

The cashier/store cook earns an average bi-weekly payment of $720.

Restaurant Manager

The Restaurant Manager has to be the total package. You are expected to be a natural leader committed to delivering the best customer experience. You will manage team members and ensure that they perform well. You are also expected to excellently deliver store financials.

Lastly, you will maintain day-to-day operations procedures, manage the company standards and procedures by ensuring they are followed, making room for any improvements.

The restaurant manager will earn an average bi-weekly payment of $1,238.4.


Popeyes has many job opportunities to offer and it comes with a variety of benefits depending on the job positions. To find out more, click here then proceed to We’re Hiring after selecting your location. Good luck with making it to orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Does Popeyes pay weekly or bi-weekly?

Some employees get paid weekly while others get paid bi-weekly. It all depends on the location. Expect payment to be made around Friday.

  1. Does Popeyes do a drug test? 

No, it does not. Unless they feel they need to. Also,  smoking is not allowed around the property. If you are caught smoking you could get fired.

  1.  Does Popeyes do a background check?

 Yes, it does. This applies to all applicants. They also include questions on criminal convictions and you’re expected to answer them with all honesty.

  1.  Does Popeye’s allow phone payment?

 Yes, it does. Popeye offers Google Pay as a payment option in the restaurant! It also offers more phone payment methods such as Apple pay and Samsung pay.

How Long Is Orientation At Popeyes?

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