Does Sam’s Club Replace Lost Membership Cards?

Does Sams Club Replace Lost Membership Cards?

Sam’s Club is a multinational chain of membership warehouses. Sam’s Club only allows its members to shop from the warehouse with a valid card given at the time of renewal. There might be some circumstances where the customer loses their card or it gets damaged. Does Sam’s Club Replace Lost Membership Cards? Let’s have a short glimpse.

Does Sam’s Club replace lost membership cards?

Yes, Sam’s Club relapses lost membership cards.

Sam’s Club

A multinational warehouse hub, Sam’s Club is one of the most distinguished membership chain warehouses in America. The retail hub is owned by Walmart and sells a plethora of products at genuine discounts to its members. You can easily find grocery, pet supplies, health, and beauty-related products, electronics, office, and home accessories, jewelry, and sporting goods. At Sam’s Club quality of the product is never hampered and hence you’ll never find a Sam’s Club member disregarding their purchases. 

Membership plans

Sam’s Club offers two different membership plans for its customers. Plus and Club membership at $100 a year and $45 a year respectively. Plus membership has additional services like more cashback, pharmacy, and optical store. 

Lending cards are not allowed at any Sam’s Club warehouse. You might consider having add-ons if needed.

Sam’s Club offers two cards at the time of renewal. One is for the primary customer and the other is denoted to their partners or any member older than 18 years of age. For the rest, add-ons are necessary and are available at $40 per piece. Sam’s Club offers up to 8 add-ons for club membership and 16 for plus membership. 

How to get my Sam’s Club membership card replaced?

There can be many reasons for you to replace your membership card. Either the card is damaged or stolen. In the latter case, you need to first report the loss to the closest Sam’s Club warehouse. 

When you post your concern regarding the loss of your membership card, your account is suspended. This reduces the risk of someone else using your card.

To be eligible to receive the renewed card you must have valid identity proof and have reported for the loss. A driver’s license can be the best option for you. A valid US passport is also accepted.

Where should I report the loss of my membership card?

Before the renewal process, reporting the loss of the membership card is very important. At Sam’s Club, the speed of renewal depends on your report. Therefore, just don’t forget to report your missing card.

To report you may opt from any of the two given situations.

  1. Contacting member care executives 
  2. Directly visiting the warehouse 

Both the options are equally persuasive. Just search for the closest Sam’s Club warehouse and contact the executive. This step will suspend the previous card details and clear your path to receiving the new card.

PS- if the card has a credit attached visit the Credit Services and get the credit transferred to the new account.

Will Sam’s Club replace damaged membership cards?

Yes, Sam’s Club replaces damaged membership cards, the best deal being no additional charges are added to the process. 

To get a new membership card visit any membership desk at any store and follow the details asked by the executive. 

You can get started with the new card post issuing two documents– i) any valid identity proof and ii) old membership card number

On account of being satisfied with the provided documents, Sam’s Club will attach a new membership card to you.


Sam’s Club is a membership-only warehouse situated in the USA and 3 other countries. Sam’s Club is known for attractive discounts and other benefits to its plus members. The two types of membership plans are Club membership and plus membership. The plus membership costs 60% more than the regular club membership but the customer can avail of other benefits too. 

After availing of the membership you are awarded a card. The card is your passport to the store. But, many circumstances pull the customer to replace their membership card due to numerous reasons. 

At Sam’s Club replacement of membership cards is free of cost and available for all its members. All you need to do is to visit the nearest Sam’s Club warehouse and get in touch with the membership desk. 

Frequently Asked Question

  1. Does Sam’s Club ask for additional costs for replacement?

No. Sam’s Club doesn’t ask for additional costs for the replacement of membership cards. You can visit the membership desk to understand the next step.

  1. What are add-ons? How many add-ons can I use as a Club member?

Add-ons are complimentary cards given to both Club and Plus members. Through this, you can add your family members, and is ideal for business holders too. Each add-on card is retailed for $40. 

Does Sam’s Club Replace Lost Membership Cards?

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