Sam’s Club Cash Rewards-How It Works?

Sam’s Club Cash Rewards

Sam’s Club is one of the most popular and widely used retail stores of this era. It not only provides quality goods at a cheaper price but also offers excellent customer service, promotional discounts, and cash rewards to make you not regret ever stepping a foot on the floor of the store. Among the many other perks that Sam’s Club offers, one such is the cash rewards and the benefits associated with it. So, if you ever purchase something from Sam’s Club and want to redeem your cash rewards, you have clicked on the right article. Continue reading this article if you want to find out the cash rewards offered by Sam’s Club, how it works, and the redeeming benefits.

Cash Rewards

The cash rewards Sam’s Club offers is: Two percent cash back on orders weighing up to two thousand dollars. The limit of this cashback is five hundred dollars.

Qualifications For the Cash rewards

You will need to be a Sam’s Club Plus member or own a club-level Sam’s Club membership to qualify for the cash rewards.

Items Excluded from The List of Cash Rewards

Certain items excluded from the list of cash rewards; the purchases which do not qualify for it are:

1. Fuel

2. Milk

3. Gift Cards, and it also includes third-party gift cards.

4. Auction

5. Membership

6. Services from the website

7. Photo Centre

8. Taxes and fees

9. Service Contracts

10. Postage Stamps

11. Service Plans

12. Lottery Tickets

13. Pharmacy Prescriptions

14. Services and labor

How Do the Cash Rewards Work?

The two percent cashback reward can be available by you to a limit and on the qualified purchases made by you. The cash rewards earned are added to your account every year.

 The returns, refunds, and discounts are subtracted from your account. The cash rewards will continue to accrue periodically. Accruals made during the year are deliberated to be pending, meaning you can’t use them. You can however use your loaded ones freely.

You can also cash out or roll over your rewards for the next year.

You need to have a membership of Sam’s Club to avail the rewards.

Redemption Of the Cash Rewards

The cash rewards earned are added to your membership every twelve months and they are non-transferrable. You can redeem your earned Sam’s Club cash rewards as a store credit or use it for purchases from Sam’s Club. You can also roll it over the next year. You however need to be a Sam’s Club Plush member for that service.

Benefits of Sam’s Club Plus Membership 

The benefits offered by Sam’s Club for the plus members are as follows:

1. Two percent cash back on qualifying purchases with a limit of two thousand dollars.

2. Extended shopping hours for the in-store members than what is offered to the regular club level Sam’s Club members.

3. Extended pickup hours.

4. Free shipping and delivery on qualifying orders.

5. Twenty percent off on glasses.

6. Fifteen percent off on Pandora music subscription.

7. Discounts on pharmacy-related products.

8. You can add sixteen club-level members and get a reduction in the price rate to just forty dollars each.


Owing the membership card of Sam’s Club is never a waste. The perks and benefits it offers are really useful. However, the cash rewards offered for Sam’s Club Plus members and the Club–level ones differ to a certain extent of a degree. The plus members get some additional perks including the two percent cash back and some more services which the club-level ones don’t receive. You can always upgrade to the Plush level membership to avail the benefits though!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need to be a Sam’s Club Plus member to avail myself of the cash rewards?

Yes, you need to be a Sam’s Club Plus member to avail of the two percent cash reward offered by Sam’s Club. However, you can use the Sam’s Club Mastercard cashback service to get the one percent cashback reward if you are a club-level member of Sam’s Club.

2. How do I check my Sam’s Club cash reward status?

You can log in to your Sam’s Club account after visiting the website ( and adding in your details. Click on the Cash Rewards option on the drop-down menu on your account to check your Sam’s Club Cash Reward status.

You can also visit in-store and check for it on the membership desk of Sam’s Club.

3. Can I redeem my Sam’s Club cash rewards if I renew my Sam’s Club membership?

You can redeem your Sam’s Club cash rewards if you renew your membership within twelve months of the last renewal due date. If you missed the deadline, you would need to call the Unclaimed Properties Headline at 8884996377. The working hours of the Unclaimed Properties differ every day.

Sam’s Club Cash Rewards-How It Works?

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