How to get Free Shipping at Target?

How to get Free Shipping at Target?

“If you are a frequent shopper on, you should be aware that shipping costs can go up if you place many online orders. However, here are some quick tips that can make you strategic and earn free Target shipping…” Many have wondered if has free shipping. While the answer is yes, it does not apply to everything you buy at all times. There are specific regulations that should be followed to enjoy this free shipping experience.

Ways to get free Shipping

To avoid the pesky fees that come with shipping at, here are some ways you can follow to get free shipping

Ensure you hit the free shipping minimum set by Target

The easiest way to bypass the shipping costs at is to spend a minimum of $35 and earn free two-day shipping. In most cases, this will apply to the heavy and bulky items that the online store stocks.

Sign up for the same-day home delivery

You can also get free shipping at Target if you use the same delivery service, which Shipt usually provides. However, this will only apply to online orders which exceed $35. There are also a number of other benefits attached to choosing a same-day delivery service including special coupons that the store provides.

Apply the store’s free in-store online order pickup option

For the items you purchase at, you will get a free in-store pickup. All you need to do is check out the label written “Ready within x hours with pickup” just as you add items to your cart. You will then choose the location and receive the product at zero shipping cost and within the shortest time possible. Once your order is ready, will send you a notification.

Earn free Target shipping through the Target Drive-up

This is the store’s curbside pickup service, which is available in all parts of the country. The service allows you to make your online orders and deliver the items to your car for free. Use the online store’s app to purchase eligible items for Drive Up, and then wait for the notification once your order is ready. It is important to look for the Drive-Up logo when you are shopping to see the eligible items. Your orders will be delivered to your car once you have parked in a designated Drive Up spot. The Target Drive has no cost, so it is one of the ways of avoiding the hefty shipping charges and walking into one of the stores.

Use the Target Red Card to enjoy free shipping

The Target Red card provides a number of advantages, including 5% off all products available. It comes as a debit card or a credit card. In addition to that, it also offers free shipping on nearly all products to all 50 states. A holder of this card’s free shipping advantages applies to two-day shipping for the eligible items, as well as standard shipping on a host of other items. Note that expedited shipping will cost a little bit extra.

Free Target shipping for the holiday season

For a long time, Target has been offering free shipping during the holidays. This holiday generosity is one of the ways in which you can earn free shipping with the online store.

Check out the Target free shipping promo code

Target has a number of promo codes, and one might be lucky to get free shipping specials as well as other target discount codes. Alternatively, you can check out the weekly ad run this online store. It is not easy to find a free shipping coupon code since the retailer offers free shipping for orders above $35.

These are some of the ways in which you can earn free shipping at this online retailer. However, it is important to note that the terms and conditions apply, and the items cost not less than $35. 


Which products are available for free shipping on the site?

Thousands of items come with free, two-day shipping as long as they cost more than $35. The items are marked with a label.

How fast is the free shipping?

You should get your order within two days if you make the order before the cutoff time.

How long do the orders normally take?

The orders are always available within two hours of placing them via the Target app or through the site.

How can one check the status of the free shipping?

This can be done by logging into the retailer’s account via the app or the website. Click on the “orders” to check on their status.

Is it possible to tip the Target delivery?

Tips are not accepted on free two-day shipping orders from the online store. However, it is possible to tip your shopper when you make a same-day home delivery order through Shipt.

How to get Free Shipping at Target?

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