Does Home Depot Have A Military Veteran Discount?

Does Home Depot Have A Military Veteran Discount?

Home Depot is a home-improvement retailer that was founded in 1978  in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. It Is the world’s largest retailer in supplying tools, construction products, and services. Does Home Depot Have A Military Veteran Discount?

Does Home Depot have a military veteran discount?

Yes, it does! Military veterans who have served for more than 20 years, reservists, active-duty military personnel, retired and disabled veterans, and their immediate families are eligible for a 10% discount every day on in-store purchases for regular-priced merchandise at Home Depot. However, keep in mind that is it is only available in participating stores and not for online purchases.

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What you need to know on the Military Veteran Discount?

The Home Depot military veteran discount is also restricted to purchases of up to $500. This means that you can only get a maximum 10% discount of $50 for any purchase that you make. If your purchase exceeds  $500  you are required to pay a regular price.

The family members, dependents, and spouses are eligible for the 10% discount with a veteran being present. 

Please note that the 10% discount does not apply to full-price items such as special-purpose appliances, installation services, building materials, and all gift cards.

Additionally, for 3 holidays a year Home Depot offers a 10% discount for US veterans as a holiday promotion for in-store purchases. The holidays include Veterans day, Memorial day, 4th of July. 

What you need is an acceptable military ID at checkout in a Home Depot Store. However, on a few occasions veterans have been able to receive the military discount with a driver’s license that indicates veteran’s designation. To avoid any inconveniences military members should have a proper military ID or Veteran ID card. Additionally, the deposit store can vary from location to location.

Exceptions to the military veteran discount

Some items are not eligible for the military veteran discount because of the manufacturer’s limitations. This may be because some of these items may have discounts applied, or they may already be on clearance, or the prices of the supplies do not allow room for any discounts. 

For instance, lumber and drywall are not eligible for discounts because of their minimal profit margin. 

Other exceptions include installation services and freight.

Also, some discounts cannot be combined for instance the military veteran discount and contractor’s discount.

What steps do you take in case you fail to receive discount?

In case you are a military veteran with all the requirements and you are still not able to receive the 10% discount for your shopping at Home Depot, ask to speak to the store manager about what the store discount policy is for the items that you have purchased.

If the discount does not apply to the items that you bought, be understanding. In case you don’t have the right military or veteran ID that runs through the military veteran discount, you will not get the discount. So be sure to remember your ID before you go to the store. 


Home Depot has been at the forefront of supporting military veterans by offering a 10% discount all year-round. The company does this in order to support the military community for their selfless dedication to serving the United States. 

The requirement is a valid military ID and you can redeem the offer. Unfortunately, Home Depot does not offer an online military veteran discount at the moment but they have other offers available for online shopping. To know more about the current discounts and offers at Home Depot check out their website. You can also sign up so that you receive notifications on your email on available discounts and other offers.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is it possible to combine a military veteran discount with other Home Depot discounts?

No, it is not. Home Depot only accepts one depot discount. Choose one of the discounts.

  1. Does Home Depot give discounts for law enforcement?

Yes, it does. It offers a first responder 10% discount for paramedics,  police officers, and firefighters. The first responder discount is redeemable by showing your job ID card or valid proof of your profession. Just as a military veteran discount, the first responder discount is only available in-store. 

  1. Is the DD214 Accepted as military service proof?

Yes, it is, ensure that it is valid and it has no errors.

  1. Is it possible to set up a military account online with Home Depot 

Unfortunately no. The majority of the military veterans, set up their military accounts in the Home Depot store.

Does Home Depot Have A Military Veteran Discount?

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