Is Walmart Jewelry Real?

What is Walmart Plus?

Anyone looking to buy a cheaper version of precious metals or stones will be wondering with this particular question. Is Walmart jewelry real? 

Is Walmart Jewelry Real?

With the prices of such precious metals going up these days, Walmart offers a range of inexpensive jewelry. If you are wondering whether to buy a fine piece of inexpensive gold jewelry or a diamond ring, you may feel glad to know that Walmart jewelry is real and it may be surprising to know that it is equivalent to the jewelry you get at the mall.

But just knowing the fact that Walmart sells real jewelry is not enough because this information has to be taken with a lot of caution. It is inexpensive jewelry for a reason. And the reason is that Walmart caters to low-quality jewelry and you must not forget the fact that Walmart does not provide third-party certification attesting to quality.

Why it is a piece of low-quality jewelry?

  • The collection that Walmart caters to is real gold as they claim to have in their simply gold collection, but buyers must know that the majority of their gold comes in 10- karat. But the quantity of the gold is not an issue here, what the buyer must know is that it has 40% of actual gold and the remaining 60% is made of other different metals. 
  • Even though one may not have much idea about jewelry, if you have to buy gold or diamond at Walmart, one has to know a little bit about the abbreviation GP, RGP, GEP, etc. This abbreviation indicates that the piece of jewelry is gold-plated. It’s like a metal glazed in gold on top.

There is real gold jewelry as well which comes in 12k to 14k. So one has to do proper research before making the decision.

What about buying diamonds from Walmart?

diamonds maybe every girl’s best friend and you may want to buy your diamond ring from Walmart because you get it at such an unbelievably low price but one has to check its in and outs before taking the plunge or else you may regret it your decision.

  • The diamonds at Walmart are around middle-grade ones. The diamonds at Walmart are real, but it is those that are not resellable so the question of buying the diamonds for investment is out of the question. Walmart also sells artificially made diamonds, those synthetic ones like white topaz, cubic zirconia, etc.
  • Walmart sells diamonds at its online store under the brand name Pompeii3.Pompeii3 sells its diamonds in the rank of S1-S2 – which comes under the next lowest ranking plus the appraisal of the diamonds is done only by a gemologist employed by Pompeii3. The chances of getting lower quality than what they claimed is even higher due to no accountability factor. The diamonds are low grade so the chances of snagging your clothes are high. 
  • Though the jewelry of Walmart may be eye-catching and may catch the fancy of many the unbelievable low prices are justified if one takes into consideration all these things.
  • But one would be glad to know that though it is low grade, you are still getting gold or diamond jewelry that is marked officially with its karat value. The ones marked on the inside of a ring are done only on real gold. But do your research well so that you don’t end up buying gold plated or a synthetic diamond instead.

The choice to buy or not to buy from Walmart is at your discretion. Before you make up your mind whether to buy or not to buy jewelry from Walmart, you may like to know that it is in the top five in the country e-commerce market and its jewelry segment makes up 6.5% of its overall catalog and it has more than 2.7 million products listed there. As you can see, it is well-established. It holds the second number after Amazon and 50% of Amazon’s top thousand jewelry products are featured in Walmart’s top thousand list. So It is not a bad idea to shop for jewelry at Walmart too. 


If you are still considering buying real jewelry from Walmart, it is better to look for it offline rather than online. The jewelry designs and the quality may be different in real life. So to be on the safer side, it is best to shop offline in Walmart, especially for jewelry. But one cannot ignore the fact that you get according to what you pay for.

Lower prices will come with lower karat and diamonds will not be like those sparkling ones. But one good thing to note is that Walmart lets you know about the quality of the jewelry and all those details that come with it to the buyer without any reservation so the chances of you getting duped are minimal. The choice is completely yours.

Is Walmart Jewelry Real?

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