Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty

Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty


Walmart Everstart batteries are one of the most sold batteries in the U.S. They are manufactured by Johnson Controls and their costs start from $50. These batteries are widely used in cars, trucks, and other commercial vehicles. Everstart batteries are high in quality and have a longer life as compared to many other battery brands. They are effective and very affordable and work in the coldest weather as well. In case, your battery stops working, you don’t have to worry because Walmart everstart batteries with a warranty period.

Although the batteries come to the market only after a month of testing, still there are chances of it stopping in between. Due to this, Walmart has different warranty periods for different batteries.

Battery types and their warranty periods

1. Value Power– This battery has a warranty of one year, so you can get your battery changed for free if it is not working.

2. Everstart Plus– This battery has a free replacement or warranty of two years.

3. Everstart Maxx– This battery has a warranty period of three years and two years prorated warranty or free replacement periods as well.

Always Remember

1. The battery will be changed after proper inspection only. If your battery starts working after charging or little adjustments, then you can not ask for a replacement.

2. The battery should stop working by itself for a free replacement. No replacement is given if the battery is misused by the owner or damaged by an accident.

3. It is not necessary to carry the receipt of the battery with you but the whole process of replacement will be easier if you have it with you.

Process of claiming the warranty

1. Go to your nearest Walmart auto care center or the best is to visit the same place from where you bought the battery.

2. Carry the receipt or purchase date of battery or any evidence with yourself.

3. Bring your vehicle for a little test at the Walmart auto center so that they can see for themselves that it is actually not working.

4. Once they are satisfied with their test and the battery is not working, they will replace the battery with a new battery of the same value.

5. If the battery only needed a recharge, it might be charged for free but it is not always the case. Check it with your nearest auto care center to know more.

Why is warranty important?

The car batteries do not live a lifetime and need a change every 4-5 years if it stops working. Sometimes the battery might work for longer periods, but it is not necessary.

But when these batteries fail to perform and end up of no use in little to no time then the customers have to bear a lot of cost in its repair. Moreover, there are many possibilities of the battery not working again and thus the additional cost.

Therefore, the companies selling or producing such batteries provide a warranty period to the consumers so that they can get a free replacement if the battery stops working in the decided warranty phase.

This secures the consumer from spending money daily on the battery and saves it for his other needs.

Pros of a Walmart everstart battery

1. Pocket-friendly.

2. Easy Replacement.

3. Warranty period of 1-3 years.

4. Some batteries work for 5+ years which is very ideal.

There are many other pros of a warrantied Walmart everstart battery, but there are a few limitations to it too which include-

1. If you are ordering it online, you might face some issues like delayed delivery, etc.

2. The batteries erode easily and there is no replacement for that.

3. Sometimes the battery keeps dying even after replacing it, so take the risk if you are ready.

4. The warranty is sometimes not honored if the testers find the battery good enough.

5. The procedure of testing and ensuring that the battery is actually bad takes a lot of time.


Walmart Everstart batteries are the best and most affordable batteries in the market with a flexible and easy way of replacing them if they stop working in the warranty period. But it can be delayed too in some situations.

The replacement is available in all the Walmart auto care centers near you and they keep in mind that their customers are always satisfied.

  1. Are Walmart Everstart batteries pocket-friendly?

Ans- Yes, the batteries are very pocket-friendly.

  1. Where can I buy a battery for my car?

Ans- You can buy a battery at the nearest Walmart auto care.

  1. Can the Walmart Everstart batteries be returned?

Ans- Yes, they can be returned within 90 days with their proper seal, and make sure that it has not been used even once.

  1. Do Walmart Everstart batteries that need maintenance?

Ans- Yes, you need to add water to it from time to time to keep it good and working.

Walmart Everstart Battery Warranty

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